January 25th, 2005

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Does anyone know the number of DVDs that will be released? I know there are 51 episodes. But I'm not sure how many episodes will be on a disk. So does anyone know how many dvds there will be?
Esp - Sheep

[pic] [recasted!Sins] "Lusty", "Envy of Pride", "Greedy"

Hmm, I wonder if anybody remember my recasted! series. Anyway, I suddenly got struck with another urge to draw, so here is another Lust.

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So yeah, apparently my hand won't stop. And Envy/Pride, anyone? I shall not jinx myself by saying that this is the last Elricest-esque pic I'll ever draw.

...I just did, didn't I. >_>;;;

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...I'm an idiot who needs sleep. There.

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After-Series fic. PLEASE DON'T SPORK ME ;_; constructive criticism is nice, but sporks hurt and make me bleedy. All characters that aren't mentioned in the FMA series are either scientists or random extras. No Mary-Sues here, put away your nooses :D.

(Fake El Jay cut)
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I lent my calculator to a friend who had forgotten hers. She gave it back to me and thanked me. I turned it on to use it later and died laughing. Here's why:

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If anyone thinks this is spam, I will apologize and delete it.
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Girls Suck!


Hi Everyone... I have a problem. I want a full metal alchemist Friends Only Banner.....BUt I cant Find any!
Grrrrr.... So since were all "friends" here (thehehehehe) can you help me. maybe link or post some in the comments area. I would really appreciate it.
Thanks Everyone
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Tasukete kudasai

So I finally got around to watching FMA and I'm mad that I waited so long. It's one of the best animes EVER! It fits all my criteria and now runs in the bigs leagues with Naruto, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Outlaw Star. I had a question, considering I've only watched up to 26, I've noticed that the Homonculus introduced all have names of the 7 deadly sins: Greed, Lust, Envy, and Gluttony. That plays critical to the plot, as I can predict that there will be 3 more enemies with names of the same origin. There's so much symbolism in this that it's insane, so I'll probably create a post dedicated particularly to symbolism when I'm done with it. I'm Don, btw, and I'm 17 and a freshman in college at Eastern Michigan University. Tell me what you guys think.
FMA Dancing -- by mahoubunnybell

Writer's Groups For This Fandom?

If a relative newbie to this fandom may ask . . . are there any communities, MLs, boards etc. for writers in this fandom to bounce ideas off each other, get feedback, etc? I have a semi-formed idea for a story in this fandom, but I really would like to toss it around with other people with more experience writing for FMA to see if I can make it *work*. (It's an AU that is set at the end of and immediately after the series). Thanks tons!
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