January 23rd, 2005

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Audio clips of the Dub

I have audio clips! In nifty zip files!

But I only have episode 6, 10, and 11. About 5 clips per episode.

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The links won't work forever, so get them while you can if you want them.

The purpose of my making clips is mainly for sharing what new voices sound like--and because some things are just funny.

I have clips from episode 7 and I think 8 as well, but not on this particular computer. I'll share them another time.

(PS: And I do take requests, but I can't garauntee anothing. Cuz I'm lazy like that.)
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people disappoint me. :/

Somebody was nice enough to leave me a note at my ijournal iconfused about icon-theft, and quite a few of them were FMA icons that I'm pretty sure I've seen over here. So, just a quick note – iconmakers might want to check out her xanga.

Goodness, as if it wasn't enough to steal my icons, she had me running over to the site that crashes my computer every other visit. ><

And to keep this post relevant (^^;) two quick icons:

Ah, and I almost forgot! ^^;
Here's a FMA mood theme you can pick up too.
I swear I'll get the images zipped someday... >___>;;; but for the time being, I'm gonna have to ask you to either save them individually and upload them onto your own server or leave a comment and I'll let you hotlink... provided that not too many people are doing that. x___x ^^;


The post was deleted!
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raiel upsidedown
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More Dub audio clips

I switch computers and put the rest of the dub audio clips I have into one zip file.

It has some episode 7, and one all purpose clip from ep 9 (Youswell). I need to make some Bary and Winry clips I think.

It's about 6-7MBs in size. There's 9 files in it. Featuring "Congradulations you're a dog of the military" from Roy, some bits of Scar monologue-ing to himself, Havoc stopping the car to breifly lecture Ed, Basque Gran being, well, himself, Scheshka's first appearance, and Lyra/Yoki/others in that loan Youswell clip. And maybe another Hughes clip--starts when Gracia takes Elysia out of his hands.
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(no subject)

As a little hello, I made a whole bunch of icons! Enjoy, even though I'm not great at them yet ^.^;;
Credit, as always. AND as pointed out, a bit of a spoiler warning (thanks :D)
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Even hearing any of the theme songs after seeing the end yesterday chokes me up ;-;
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5 new icons!--make that 6!

Yeah...got bored >.> Made new icons along with my sis ^.^" No, Chaos, I haven't done the Pervy!Hughes one. Will do it soon though...>.> Anyway, here they are:


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Sis decided to try to break you brains more. See below:

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natsume- yep!

Cosplay Request

Alright, I've had it with Google so I'm coming to you all.

I'm looking for an Edward Elric coat. Let's say that money is no object (this is almost never the case, really, but for sake of discussion I'm willing to keep my options wide open). Let's say that I'm looking for something custom-tailored, made of superior material, and nicely detailed. Let's reiterate that I am willing to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on this damn thing if I have to.

Do any of you have any leads on reputable suppliers for cosplay outfits? I am at wit's end.
super serious arting

icon offering

Dia dhuit. I have 13 icons to offer from a doujinshi found off of fma_scans. Enjoy.

Rules? Comment if you like/take/whatever. Credit isn't required, but love your icon makers and we'll love you back.


The rest are here.
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Kagene Rui

Art, Scans, and Maps

So...remember the map people wanted? After reading through several paragraphs, I figured out that one of the sections I scanned was basically saying what Ed did where. Which I'm sure you can figure out by watching the episodes. Anyway, here's the map, but the closeup is of the SouthEast -_-" Also, Ed's town doesn't have an official spelling, so the city without an English label is his hometown.

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Also, Collapse ) mentions something that looks like Mt. Fuji on the map. It doesn't really say, where, though o.O"

And, so, because I feel kind of guilty for not putting up the map sooner and for providing so little information anyway, I scanned some crack for you! Yay for wierd little comic things...hail my craptacular translation skills...

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Collapse )
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Okay, enough crack. I drew stuff, too...

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I swear, Roy hates me. He REFUSES to be drawn. >.

Okay. That is all ^__^


i've actually got more of the little comic strips and funny pictures, so if you want 'em, just ask ^^

btw...i just got the doujinshi "Too Little Too Late." It's in full color and very wonderful artwork, and it's got angst and a bit of edxroy. (i don't ship them, but i fell in love with the art ^^") does anyone want scans of it?
No pants

[fic update] Operation: M-Chapter 2

It's been a while since I contributed anything. I think I originally told this group when I published the first chapter but if I didn't go to http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1952648/1/ .

Chapter 2 is merely the finale of the story. Spoilers mostly include just the military and main cast characters. There is a slight Hawkeye/Roy leaning but nothing drastic.

The genre is pointless comedy and Ed spazzing. If that's your cup of tea then go to http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1952648/2/ .

Leave me a review here or on FFnet, if you please. It might motivate me to post my other really pointless FMA stuff. (I do have this one amusing one involving Psiren and Ed. )

Thank you.
Azalea - Standart

*trows in some art*

I come bearing some Fanart @ dA...

I did the lineart a while ago, but recolored it yesterday. Has a bunch of mistakes I couldn't correct anymore, but at least the colo is better than the last time I worked on this piece _'_
Ed's proportions are horribly messed up >_>" (I listed up the rest of the mistakes in the artist comment)

beware of Anime-End Spoiler

And, since I don't know wether I already posted it or not, I'm showing this one too...:

(Guess who I'm cosplaying this summer ^.^)

That's all... oO"

(Should so my homework now oO")
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Question about Roy

I'm pondering writing a fic, and I'm sure this has come up before here, but I just wanted to know - is there a consensus on what color Roy's eyes are? I've asked people and gotten conflicting answers. Thanks for the help.
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My friend and I were at a mall out here yesterday night, and happened into a small toy store. I found a Full Metal Alchemist wallscroll there that I've never seen before and I thought I'd share it with you guys. Maybe you've seen it before. Anyway, it's happily hanging on my wall along with my other few wallscrolls. Here's the pictures...

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It's so purty~ ^_^
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