January 22nd, 2005


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This might sound pretty useless, but... this is an offer from an artistic-dead lj user to all those wonderful icon-makers out there: I found a way to get FMA raws (on DC++). So, if you need any particular non-subbed scene from the anime for your icons, you can leave a comment (possibly w/ the number of the episode as well) and I'll get it and crop it for you (I won't be sending screencaps, but rather the scene itself).
If you're DC++ users, I can give you the hub address and the name of the user.
Knowing my luck (or lack thereof), the user who has the raws will probably delete all of them overnight, but you can try >.<

*bows to icon-makers, geniuses she still has to figure out and probably never will*


/EDIT: I'll be going back to college on Feb.10th, so try to make all of your requests by then. Later than that I'll only be able to get my hands on the raws (hopefully) on weekends.
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Hello all! I just want to share my fan art with you....

Roy & Ed, if you were wondering...

Don't bite my head of if you think it sucks... the scanning and computer clean-up was rushed...

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allen . ♥♥

Hagaren comin' to France?

This was found out by nusuth (the wonderful Roy I didn't see at Japan Expo '04!), but since she didn't seem to post about it, I did so for her :( (net problems?).


Hagaren has been bought by Dybex, which is a society that takes care of a few European countries (France , Italy, Netherlands, If I'm correct...) and the site says it'll be coming to the french (CABLE T_T.) channel Canal + starting from the 8th of Feb. Damn. Oh well *throws flowers*.
And a big hug to nusuth for findin' out about this because she rocks everybody's little socks..or at least mine.
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arashi aiba pretty.

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Hey! I bring here to you... a message, from the lovely-amazing-ass-kicking-really-pretty-and-gorgeous-cuddly-snurfling Edward Elric himself. I think we caught him in a bad moment, but I'm sure he'll be fine tomorrow. *nod*

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This was requested by my friend Ent. XD All blame goes on her-her-her... and don't take it seriously. Ed's horribly pretty and we all luff him to bits. *hides from wrath... Moofy?!*

I drew this at 3AM. x.x I'm amazed he doesn't have a finger stuck on his head instead of that spike. Errr. >->
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Roy and Ed Fan art....

First time Poster.....hope you all enjoy.

I come bearing Fan Art - hopefully in the category of GOOD fanart. :)

Roy and Ed - no worries folks, DEFINITLY work safe.
I LOOOOOVE this show....


anyway, its not actually done. The finished FINISHED copy WILL be in color.
When it is, i'll post another link for you all :)
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Icons <3

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I'm not that experienced at making these things, but I'm getting better. ^^; Special thanks to </a></b></a>nigaishin, and everyone else who gave me ideas or helped me out when I needed it. :)

Oh, and </a></b></a>patosan, that drabble's coming along... Too tired to write at the moment. ^^;

Edit: Err, kinda forgot to mention this earlier, about crediting? It's not a must. You can if you want to, I don't really care. Just don't claim ownership of them :)
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FMA Fan Character

Hmmm though this is a fan character, I though I'd share it with the rest of the community *nods*
I've been VERY happy about the way this character has turned out (I've grown quite attachted to her)

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*hops* fan characters are fun to make ^^

To Clarify
SHE is NOT intended to by any sort of love interest to the elric brothers in any way. NOR is she intented to somehow be some sort of siginificant help to the brothers. She was simply a character creted on the base of the idea 'could a scar of a Transmuation circle be used like a regular transmutation circle.
I personally, cannot stand character made for the sole perpose of 'getting together' with another character in the show
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