January 20th, 2005

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My strangest habit of posting up pics and fics at the strangest times...

My fic "Goodnight, Moon" is one chapter from the end, so I figured I'd post up chapter 11, as well as the directory for the previous chapters here right now for anyone who wants to read it.^^

"Goodnight, Moon"
Author: YoukoFujima
Pairing: Ed/Al<--Roy
Rating: PG-13/R in one chapter


Chapter Eleven

Previous Chapters
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More Ed fanart

PLEASE make sure you read the image description before commenting. I know where I messed up. I'd really appreciate it if you didn't remind me. It's scrap fanart. Scrap=not the best, used as practice for future stuff. Please remember that if you comment.
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Doujinshi help?

Stuck at home today because I'm terribly sick. *sneezes* I want to make a new wallpaper for my computer, but I don't really have the right picture. Would you guys mind giving me some links/e-mailing/pointing me in a general direction of any FMA doujinshi? I'm particularly looking for "Blue Flame" and "Traumerei"

My e-mail is aisha765@yahoo.com, put something like "FMA doujin" in the subject line so I know it's from you guys. (My account can currently handle about 95-100 megs, so space isn't a big concern) I'm willing to do drabble or icon making/compressing requests if you want something in return, but keep in mind if I get 40 people asking for these, I don't know if I can handle it. XD Thanks.

Edit: Okay, scratch that, sorry. XD One of my AIM buddies pointed me towards the fma_yaoi community, and I found a ton there. Still, if anyone can find me "Blue Flame" or "Traumerei", I'll make an icon/do a drabble request for you.
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[Pic] Streaming Sunlight

Well, I finally got off my ass and colored that RoyxHavoc drawing I did back in november...mostly because the_whetstone promised me smut in exchange. <3 Hope you like, baby!

Worksafe, colored with Prismas and fiddled with in Photoshop.

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Comments/criticisms/bribes welcome!

x-posted to the usual communities, and miss_arel.
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I come bearing crack!

Ok, before I post this, there's a little story behind it... See, in my french class, we got an assignment to write a simple children's story and illustrate it, etc. I know I'm not the only one who can't get through the day without doing something FMA-crack related... ^^;;; Anyway, I got it back today, and I HAD to translate and post it here! XD Keep in mind that the translation is akward in some places and the images were done in two days flat and are therefore quite sucky. Still, I loff it so. <3

Summary: Ed and Al star in a very twisted version of Beauty and the Beast. Elricest, crossdressing, and yaoi hints abound! Rated PG.

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Comments/ConCrit welcome!

[Crossposted 'cause I'm a whore]
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partners in crime by beccaplusicons
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FMA roundrobin fics

Remember this little roundrobin?? Sorry, but I've been slightly busy with school and other stuff, so I kind of neglected this ;_; Gomen to all writers~~~

We're still doing the fanfic robin, right?? There's a community for it at fma_robinfics. I think having the first story due, say, in about two weeks would be a good idea? (since I forgot to post a reminder; otherwise, I think we would've started by now...) The list of writers is here, along with other information ^__^. Let me know if anyone still wants to join and all that good stuff.

Also, since we, er, can't seem to decide on one theme (a lot of people wanted "crack/comedy", but many have pointed out that given the titles, it doesn't seem to work well that way), maybe we should just have the first writer start off however they would like, and writers thereafter expand/explore what previous writers have written, and so on??? Any other suggestions????