January 19th, 2005


More Requested Drabbles!

This time we have yet another het pairing drabble followed by two little snippets of utter crack. Do we see a pattern here? I think I can write serious for one drabble and then I'm suddenly in crack mode...

Title: Lips (for malika)
Rating: PG-13+
Genre: Humor/Romance
Word Count: 875
Challenge: HavocxHawkeye (vodka)
Warnings: Sap, somewhat OOC Riza, crappy attempt at writing alcohol induced people despite having no real knowledge of alcohol's effects, perverted thoughts from Havoc at the end, pathetic attempt at plot in a drabble to make this pairing seem reasonable (I do it with everything, get used to it, there has to be logic or I just have to make it crack.)


Title: Dial Tones (Omake to unwritten drabble for kyoryokunazo)
Rating: R (For implications, oh, and insanity, this is brain breakage material.)
Genre: Humor/Crack/Parody, mostly crack though.
Word Count: 185 in all
Challenge: RoyxHughes phone sex. (It's really not the traditional drabble, unless it's traditional from me. XD)

Dial Tones, Omake 1 and 2
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Contrasts in Anime and Manga

I saw the end of the FMA anime after I read the manga up to chapter 43, and was struck by how many differences there are in what they've shown and done in the manga and what they do in the anime. This isn't all the differences--this is just some rough character analysis on anime/manga Mustang and Envy. I use the word Rough--this is not an exact science! But it's been bothering me, so I thought I'd talk about it.

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FMA Alt. Universe Planing stage II

Names I have settled on since last post:
Alyssa = Al
Eduarda = Ed
Nigel = Nina
Rae = Mustang
Rizzo = Hawkeye
Alexandra Louise Armstrong
Kate Fury
Jeanie = Havoc
May = Hughes
Valerie Farman
Scar = Scar
Ron = Rose
Rachel Tringham = Russell
Florance Tringham = Fletcher

Still need male names for Trisha and Winry and female names for Hohenheim and King Bradly before I even start. Also before I start I kind of need transcripts. It's hard to do this by memory.

Also I need discriptions on the sins. What do you think the male Lust and Sloth will look like, what about the female Envy and Gluttony....what about the other sins? I mean Seeing as how they'll have a gender change too.

You know....this is the most planing I have ever taken with a Fan fic O_O ....
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The saga of the FMA DVD, Amazon, HMV and me

And I ask a question I fear no one can answer...

Here's how things are going- I wanted to get the FMA DVD1 starter set from HMV with my gift certificate. However, HMV's site is a division of amazon and HMV won't let you use gift certificates online. I don't have a credit card and so can't order it off amazon... And I still have the gift certificate.

So, my point (and question) is thus: Does anyone know if HMV will be stocking the starter set so I can go in and buy it on Feb. 8? Do they sell the starter sets beyond pre-order? Or am I doomed to lack FMA? :(

Drabble for swirling_chaos!

Her request:

1. Roy and Ed
2. Stuck in a cabin
3. Only one blanket

XDDDD! I had fun with this one! >.> A little too much fun...^.^" Anyway, here's the stuff:

Title: How to Keep Warm...
Rating: PG-13
Crack!Pairing (?): RoyEd


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...um, yeah...you can question my sanity now ^.^"
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What bad noodles can cause...

Him: I'm not hungry, I had Jack-In-The-Box
Me: And that's why you're pudgy *pokes him in the belly*
Him: *attempts to flex*
Me: *pokes him in the pecs*
Him: Did you know you can flex fat? So, yeah. Armstrong is really fat.
Me: So he's really Gluttony?
Him: Can't you picture him following Lust around going "Lusto, Lusto!"? They're never in the same scene together O__O
Me: O__O

So there you have it. Armstrong is really Gluttony in disguise.
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Picture Edit = Tarot: The magician

At long, long last, the second card of the Fullmetal Alchemist tarot deck is done. It took me a week of cutting, erasing, painting, screencapping and pasting, but it is finally over with. ^^ Thanks so much to all to you who gave me your encouragement by telling me you'll watch out for the second installment...I really appreciate it, and this is for all of you.


(The Strength Of Magic: Follow the fake Lj-cut, please. ^^)
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