January 18th, 2005

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Okay. Made my fic journal, and posted a fic up there. From now on, if someone under the name of devils_devotion starts posting on the comms, don't panic. That's just me, under my fic journal name. XD

I've posted my only finished FMA fic up there, it's a shounen-ai RoyXEd (*yawns* yes I know) and it rounded up on FF.net with around 70 reviews. Check out my fic journal(it opens in a new window, so what's stopping j00???) to see a summary and all 7 chapters posted.

x-posted to fma_yaoi and my own journal.

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Icon post?! *GASP*

Well, I don't really do icon posts a lot, but hey, I'm a new member, long-time stalker, and I figured I couldn't get away with not posting forever. Also remembered that I have an avi version of the Fullmetal Alchemist Complete Best, so that means a lot of... uh, well, icon-worthy shots? Yeeah, I'll stick with that. So I made a bunch of icons. I'm not bothering with teasers, because there aren't really that many icons. So yeah.

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*blushes and runs away*

#2 is fixed. Sorry about that =X
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Hello everyone! ^^ I just whipped up an icon for one of my favourite scenes in FMA. XD Just *love* it. Also, there's a bunch of older ones I made. Anywayz, if you take any, please comment and credit! <3 That is all.


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