January 17th, 2005


Fanart ho!

I finally was able to get these things scanned and uploaded onto my computer thanks to my friend Max! There's are my very first FMA arts, so I hop you guys approve ^^().

First there's Hughes showing off pictures to Roy, which was done in December '04. It was just a quick pencil sketch but I like how it turned out. (And I love Maes' grin ^^ )

The next one was the first work of art of 2005 and it's a Angsty Ed. I drew it after an argument with my Ma. I think in relation to the FMA universe this could be a look at what would happen if Ed ever lost Al. Done with ballpoint pen.

Hope you like!
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So, the other day I was on crack* and got to thinking about tarot cards. I've toyed with the idea of putting together a fannish tarot deck for years, but I've never been in a fandom quite so suited for it: a strong storyline, a clear protagonist, and veritable crowds of important secondary characters. Also, because I have the source material as .avi fansubs, I can get any screencap I want in minutes. Throw in LJ downtime and a weekend of being home sick, and the temptation was irresistible....

Most of the major arcana threw itself together, and I'm already considering minor arcana. I'm stuck on a few points, though. The chief card I've been agonizing over is 18: The Moon. There's a perfect shot for it in the season one end credits -- I'm sure you know the one I mean -- but it's blurry. I've been playing around with various ways to use it anyway, but if anyone has either a clearer shot of this pose or a suggestion for another image that could work, I'd be tremendously grateful!

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Here are a few other card rough drafts that I'm working on, for comparison. None contain images past episode 7.

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All of these screencaps are from the AKeep-ABNU fansubs.

* ...And by "crack", I mean eBay. Understand, I'm coming in from Western TV media fandoms -- I've never been in a fandom with so much swag marketed toward adults. Apparently there are Chinese-language Fullmetal Alchemist tarot decks out there; there should be one heading my way right now, in fact (I collect tarot decks and just couldn't resist). Sadly, the images shown on eBay make it look like most of the major arcana is just Ed in various poses -- I'll scan some images when I get the deck if people are interested.
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Where'd that Lightbulb Go?

I've been spending the last 45 minutes trying to find the original source of Lightbulb Envy, to show to someone who doesn't get it.

Did anybody happen to bookmark Lightbulb!Envy?

(Incidentally, who else thinks that the Memories needs a section for "CRACK!"?)
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FMA--The Phantom Thief

So um...since LJ was down and everything this weekend, does that mean we can't have any reaction posts to Sat's episode? Come on, the dialogue in that one begs for reaction. Some of the things that came out of little Ed's mouth...
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This is somewhat OT, but still... >_>;

Does anyone know of any good programs that convert .AVIs to .MPEG2s? I've been trying to get my FMA episodes on DVD, but I can't find any good ones. I tried Google, but uh...yeah. ^^;
Jam's Luck = *dead*

I was going to buy the series off eBay, but I learned my lesson with InuYasha, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Gravitaion. *cough "Huh, you dead pie." cough*

If my post is "omgz lyk deleet it u l0zr!!1!!oneone!1!", I'll delete it. ^_^; Just though that someone here might know. ~<3
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Con pictures!!

Well I finally woke up and got around to opening a photobucket account!
Unfortunately, I didn't quite figure out how to take pictures with just my left hand (I was wearing automail on my right and couldn't really move my hand) so most of what I took were blurry. But here are the pics that I got that turned out more or less for the better. If you want more just do a search on google because there are already quite a few up.

fake lj cut to pictures yay!

I am GIR (giant green dog suit) and one of many Edward Elrics, but I had shoes on my knees such that I could kneel and have feet (for I am much too tall to really be Ed) I tried walking around on my knees for a bit but I couldn't really get the shoes attached very well, that and ow.
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Yeah, I just got around to joining, though I've repeatedly checked this comm for a few months. I'm Cryssi, or 321stars-- I headed up the FMA photoshoot at Ohayocon this past weekend, and I'll definitely post up a link to some pictures once my friend gets our film developed and I manage to scan everything.

I'll also be bringing my Ed costume to Katsucon next month... hopefully I'll be able to have actual automail by then, and a better beltthing. Stupid beltthing. Grr. ><;;
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I'm new to the comm. I feel bad about this. I'd wanted to see FMA since last May, but didn't get my first taste til Nov 6, but now I've seen the entire series. I loved it.

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And also, would anyone happen to know where I could get some of the music? I have Kesenai Tsumi, but I'd really like Undo and the fourth opening. Just wondering.


I must say... um... episode 10 was rather... interesting <.<;;

One question though...

What is that wierd black book with all the little tabs that Ed tends to read... I'm just wondering...
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Yo. *dramatic pose* I am Cephied Variable, and I am new to this fandom!

Sort of.

I'm really bad at introducing myself to communities, so in order to distract attention from myself, I come BEARING AVATARS! ... alot of avatars. So, erm, enjoy and stuff.


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- Cephied Variable
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crime scene

I'm in a forensics class at Purdue and for our first lab we had to make up a crime scene. Mostly for the purpose of filling out the paperwork (fun!) but he also wanted pictures. The teacher suggested a mocking up a robbery or having your roommate play dead. Well I decided to have my new friend plushie!roy help me out with my assignment.

So now Roy!plushie and __kat__ are proud to present!Roy and the Ramune bottles!

I ment to stage something in the hotel at Ohayocon but by the time we all got back to the room it was 3 or something and we just crashed, oh well. It would have been fun to have "killed" someone with my automail. Crap! and I was rooming with Vash, Princess Mononoke, and Riku too! *imagines what could have been....*
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