January 16th, 2005

The Cheat Kinopio

Icon pimpage

I've been waiting for LJ to come back up so I can at least show off my first FMA icon pimpage. Any comments are welcome. The icon didn't turn out too bad for my first time doing this style. If anyone can offer any suggestions on how to make the style better, please let me know.

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Iconses ahoy!

Well, there have been a lot of cool military-centric pictures posted here lately. So, I decided to mess around in Photoshop, and I'm pleased with the results.

A lot of the icons are individual frames from the Military Excellence animation, because they work well on their own. Perhaps better than they do animated. :P

Yon teaser:

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This will be crossposted. I apologize in advance for any friendslist clutter it may or may not cause.
Comment and credit if you're nabbing any.
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Ohayocon 2005

I'm back from spending a lone day at Ohayocon.

I gave Mike McFarland the Havoc pinata I made (who sadly lost his toothpick cigarette somehow) -- Mike apparantly was surprize to find an entire nutrageous bar inside of it which he apparantly ate while working on Kodocha scripts.

Vic Mignogna loved abusing the Roy pinata. I added the accessory of noose, so before I presented it to him, I, in Ed cosplay, was tormenting the Roy pinata myself. Taking my little "dog of the military" for walks down the hallways and such and threatening to stomp on him. Since I gave it to Vic BEFORE the autograph panal really started, he played with it alot, causing MUCH laughter. He had the pinata hit on the girl in charge of the panal "I'll light you fire~!" as well as perch atop Keith Burgess's head who sat next to him. (Keith later found the hole where the candy was stored and shoved his pin up Roy's arse >.> And then lifted Roy and signed a piece of paper.)

THere was much love and fun at the con. I only with I managed to get ALL the FMA cosplayers that were around that day.

And here's my 40 pictures I took (okay, so I had my friend take a couple for me, and Mike tried to take a couple of Vic surrounded by Eds but when I got it back, I saw the flash was off, so I got someone else to re-take the picture--wish it was the one I gave Vic bunnies ears on >.>):


Alternate Fanart

Hi! I'm as new as a newbie could get, but I'be been following this community for sometime now *stalker mode*. Anyways, inspired by an earlier post discussing what Ed and Al would look like as girls and adaneko 's fanart, I decided to do my own little sketch.

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Edo kitty arts

Hallo o0O First post for a long time lurker~ Ah well I owed atherlin a kitty Edo from ages~ ago, so here it is X3

It's not behind a cut because its sort of small, but if anyone wants it behind a cut, just speak up and I will do so n_n So here you are, Atherlin...Sorry it is so simple o0O OMGILOVETEH_HAVOC<333

Opening Ceremony of Amestris Adoption Agency!!!

They're cute...

They're irresistible...

They're Fullmetal Alchemist chibis who need you to adopt them and give them to a good home!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*throws streamers and pictures of Elysia-chan around*

Presenting, the Amestris Adoption Agency (AAA)! Adorable FMA chibis produced by Cerise the ChibiProductionFactory (CPF)! Entirely original, barring the fact that they originated from Arakawa-sensei's amazing brain, and over 40 different chibis for you to choose from! Almost every character of the FMA cast has been chibified for your adopting pleasure! ^___^ From Roy Mustang to Future!Edward, Lust to Lightbulb!Envy, cool to wanky! What are you pondering about? Go and get your very own FMA chibi!


There's a section specially for spoilers of the entire anime so be careful where you tread!

The Amestris Adoption Agency is the result of Cerise the CPF's incredible hard work. I'm merely the person who begged her to do it, help out randomly at the site and occasionally don the hat of Public Relations Officer! ^_^
Do enjoy yourselves and tell us what you think!

EDIT: Gomen nasai! If the site goes down, please do visit it again after an hour or so... We're hosting it at Geocities...um...because we have nowhere to host it... >_< The chibis are worth the wait! Do visit the site again! Thank you!
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Icon help?

Does anyone have, or would be willing to make, some icons of Gracia and Elysia, or just Hughes family related icons in general? I need a Gracia icon and haven't been able to find any. Thanks so much in advance!
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Spread the love!//D.Gray-Man


Alrighty now that i actually know how to post icons, i have one icon to share, its not very good considering its the 1st one i've made, but i'll learn.. ill do request but only some and if u have an image or animation for me to work with... well heres the image and thanks to sirus intergal for helping me actually figure out how to do this...
well heres the icon!

hope you all like it and please remember to comment if you take and credit if you use!!
O and i took the animation from www.fullmetal-alchemist.com
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Strange factoid I didn't know till today

Pardon the perpetual lurker:

I'm not sure if any of you who search through japanese fanart sites have noticed, but they refer to Ed/Win as 503.

This confused me because unlike Saiyuki whos names SOUND like numbers (Sanzo, San, Three.) or Gundam Wing whos names actually ARE numbers (Quatre is four in French), EdWin doesn't seem to have anything to do with numbers, much less 503.

I was wandering around Japander.com today, a site of American stars who do commercials over in Japan to make money. Very amusing. I really recomend checking out the Andy Warhol one. Anyways.

Brad Pitt has done a series of sponsorships with a Jeans company called Edwin. The brand he sponsors specifically? It's called 503.

...aaaaaaaand the connection is made.

If you'd like an example of 503, check out http://lithium.lolipop.jp/mainframe.htm (you can access the FMA fanart by clicking the FA link on the left side)

And the Brad Pitt commercials http://www.japander.com/japander/pitt.htm

Also, credit goes to lightmisa for the Edwin company link. http://www.edwin.co.jp/

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(no subject)

Title: I Might Be Wrong (Part V)
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy/Hughes
Spoilers: through 51
Summary: Roy hasn't learned from other people's mistakes
Previous Parts: Prologue | Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV
Notes: Yeah, I forgot to mention that I gratuitously stole the last few quotes from Marcus Aurelius and Emily Dickenson. With slight modifications. *hidez* Anyway, the next update should be happening soonish. Hopefully.

( Part V )
Mine!  ^_^

Roy(Ai) Ficlets

Hey y'all! So, because I'm an attention whore, and I like these two ficlets, I'm posting them here to share. Spoilers! for 25, with blink and you'll miss it RoyAi. These could in theory be read as a single story... but I personally don't connect them and would not necessarily encourage anyone who reads them to do so. Still, if it makes you happy...? XD

Anyways, In the Rain is chronologically first, but I'd recommend you read Pretend You Don't See first to avoid throwing them together, if possible. Please comment if you enjoy them or have any useful tips for me! XD Especially if my spellcheck missed something. XD Thanks, and Enjoy!!!