January 14th, 2005

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Pinatas! Roy and Havoc

I made a couple more pinatas! (insert squiggle over the 'n')

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I made a crappy Envy one once (cuz I was too impatient to let it dry between layers properly, not to let it dry ALL the way through before painting. Doint two at once actually made it easier to be patient--while one was starting to dry (either paint or paper mache--insert accent on 'e'), I could start on the 2nd one! That, and I propped them in front of a heat vent at night during the paper layering stage to be sure they dried properly between layers.
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Hi, I have a question for people who have done an Envy Cosplay... Or people really good with suggestions on cosplays..:\

Im making an Envy cosplay for febuary. But theres one thing I am confused about how to make work; the Red lines on his back that run off onto his shoulders. I'm pretty positive it sticks to his skin; not the material, but I dont know how to make it due that without glueing it to my skin or taping it, and I didnt wanna tape it incase the tape wrecks my material after some time.

So.. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make that work or what they did, I'd really appreciate it. :\

And if this dosnt belong here, just tell me and Ill get rid of it.

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Hohenheim Fanfiction and Community Plug.

And new-member post. Nice to meet you all!

The community I'm plugging is the one this ficlet was originally written for: chain_of_fics. It's a trans-fandom writing community with a purpose! Or at least a condition: every fic posted must begin with the last line of the previous fic. These aren't round-robins or continuations--these are complete independent ficlets of 100-1000 words each, all fandoms, in one continuous "chain." If this sounds good to you, please check us out! The first post or user info should give a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about. There are also a few excellent FMA ficlets not written by me in the community memories.

And fanfiction!
Title: It's a Start
Author: sub_divided
Wordcount: 685
Rating: PG for language
Summary: Ed and Hohenheim shmaltz. Er. Set post-anime with SPOILERS for same.

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FMA fandom intimidates me. But other than that, great to be here!

Okay...So seeing the fan art and post of Ed as a girl....I just had to do this!

Make up names for a full blown Alternate universe Story, not just drabbles, or one or two characters. Feel free to give your ideas, Add to the list, or whatever. Here's the names I have so far:

Alyssa = Al
Edna = Ed (???)
Tomas = Trisha (???)
Rina = Mustang (???)
Rizzo = Hawkeye
May = Hughes (???)
Alexa Lois = Armstrong (???)

Yeah...As always I'm bored....Need things to keep me occupied....And besides I need to send my school something for writing. And I don't think they would go for my Alternate universe Cowboy bebop -_- .....
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Delurking with icons!

Hello! I'm not a newbie... Just an oldbie lurker who randomly comments here and there. I really do love this community with the constant updates of new FMA info, generous scans/screencaps/translation/everything sharing, all the crack, fanart, fanfic and sometimes, even the wank!

Anyways, a long, long time ago, I made some icons... I wasn't, and still am not, very good at making icons. ^_^ A silly example being this:

I'm sure many of you have made icons of this already... ^_^; Who could resist sparkly Armstrong?

I kept meaning to put them up but I never did for some reason or other... Anyhow, now that I'm making icons again, I've decided to finally put them here. There're three new icons from Episode 51, the last one being SPOILERY!!!
If you want, take and credit please!

Link to Icons back at my LJ: one SPOILERY icon of Ep 51!!!

Another two reasons why I'm posting is to say that I'm currently writing FMA fanfic, one partially serious, the other I lovingly call Crack!fic... To be honest, writing is what I like to do best while icon-making is when I'm really free and am stress-relieving. The Crack!fic is an AU, an after Ep 51 what-if series (as if we don't have enough of those around already... ^_^). If I gather enough courage, I'll post it up.

Second reason is I'm pimping Cerise's ART-LJ over HERE! Because not only is her fanart of FMA teh hawt, and her CG teh gorgeous, and her production frighteningly constant, she's also wonderfully accepting requests from me and drawing+CGing them out for me! ^___^ She's done some pretty evil requests for me already, some which spawned into much crack...the Ed in gothic skirt with Roy, for one... *nosebleeds at memory* Much, much love to her! You must go look at her stash of art and love her too! Enjoy! ^_~
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