January 13th, 2005

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Videogame Question

I don't believe this has been asked before, so here goes:

How spoiler-laden is the videogame set to be released next Tuesday? (Squee!! So soon!! ^_^) Can the Adult Swim newbies play it, or will they be horribly spoiled for the rest of the series? :O

Any info would be appreciated. I'm pretty sure it's a spoiler-free game, as it was made so long ago, but a friend of mine is really concerned and hopefully this info can help some other people too.

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Warning: Some images contain spoilers from episode #51!

First, Happy new year to all the community!! I'm here to bring you some FMA images :D Hmmm... Do you remember this TV artbook?

*_______________* surely i do...

I couldn't avoid it, i swear it was not my fault, It was just my xmas self-present... ehem... xD and WOW loved it! and i want to share with you a few scans. :D *wants to spread the love*

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Since the scaner was already on, i scaned my new FMA pillow (OMG so obsessed xD) 'cause it has a human!Al picture and a patch!Roy one too, so maybe someone'd enjoy them >D (anyway i'm not sure if any of you have seen this images before or not, so sorry if they are not really interesting ^_^U) And scaned a picture of Aru doing the second thing he loves the most, which is spend the time with lovely kitties  (the first thing is spend the time with his lovely brother. :P) I got the image from a little towel (xmas present as well  *cof*obsessed*cof*)

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And to finish the post a few FMA after episode #51 images which i've altered a bit with photoshop... :D

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ENJOY!!!! <3
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State Uniform Character Designs for Cosplay Ref?

Hi, new comm member with a quick question. Does anyone have an image of character designs for the state military uniforms? I am thinking here of the nice linework model sheets with front, back, detail closeup, etc., the sorts of things that infest the ends of artbooks and those middle pages of Newtype. I need to go pattern shopping this weekend, and I get enough awkward looks buying 400 yards of blue trigger cotton without carrying 17 different pieces of reference, up to and including the calendar and the Roy beanie plushie, just to figure out exactly how the hell the little butt-cape attaches to the belt and just how far the braid wiggles up on the cuffs. I'd much rather have one nice neat little printout.

I've got three uniforms to make and I am freakishly anal about things like trim width, so if anybody can help me with some good images, I'd appreciate it. Google search does not avail me, and I didn't see anything in the cosplay memories or recent posts. If something is already up, let me know and I'll squirrel this entry out of the way.

Thanks everybody!

(channel_force)   Yahoo!

Shameless ebay FMA pimpage


Hey everybody :3

It breaks my heart, but I'm selling a few of my personal shitajiki (aka pencil boards) to pay my bills ;_; I'm letting you guys here at the FMA LJ hub get the first dibs on my FMA shitajiki. I did my best to price fairly. I ship quick and want to thank you guys for always being there when I have a burning yet painfully R-tarded question to ask ^^;

Well then, see ya!

Erm...need some screencapping help...

Not quite on topic, but I needed to ask somewhere, and I figured someone here might know, or know someone who knows, etc.

Anyway, been trying to get screencaps from the FMA video files I've got (for icon-making purposes), but the only thing that works is turning off the overlays in WMP and using print screen, and when I do that, the quality suffers.

If I try to use print screen normally and paste to Paint or Photoshop, the image only stays there until I close the media player or save it, then all I get is a blank screen.

I've also tried using the screen capture option in BSPlayer, but when I do that, all I get is noise. Not sure if that's cause I have the free version or not.

Also tried using Bulent's Screen Recorder, but again, all I got was a blank screen once the player was closed.

So, if you have any ideas on how I can make this work...please help? ^_^;
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Oh noes !!! Fanart o_O

ahak.. i was bored last night and so try to do some more fanart nyaa ~~

and its aru bleagh +_+

not a spoiler ?? i guess...

and im trying a different cging style this time.. soft shading... cant say im good at that one :X
look like a water color portrait meh >_>
i prefer cel shading but oh well here it is..

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(no subject)

Squeeee, i'm back with new scans!!! :D Yesterday you requested the Military poster from the TV artbook, so here it's! And since there's another poster on the same artbook, i scaned that one too. (It has 3 posters, the sins one, the military one and this last one...) Enjoy!! *__*

Click the images and you'll find a bigger version of the photo. ^^

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And i moved my lazy ass and scaned teh pillow, this time with Roy and Riza too. *too much loff* <3

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*spreads the love* :D
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Tasukete, kudasai!

Okay, so I'll be starting an FMA AU fanfic in a couple of weeks, and I was wondering if there'd be anybody on this comm who would be willing to help me out. Basically, I'm in need of two groups of people.

1.)Er, for lack of better word, I'll call them 'informants'. Namely, somebody(or someBODIES, I could use a couple) who's pretty well-versed in both the FMA manga and the anime. You'd be the person I'd come to when I have a completely random question, such as "What is Rose's last name, if she even HAS one???" and things like that. I've seen the entire show, yes, but I don't commit those small details to memory. I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with this.

2.)Second, I'm really looking for beta-readers. I've never had a fic of mine beta-ed before; I usually consider myself pretty intellegent when it comes to spelling and grammar and whatnot, but I really want this project to be free of errors, so I'm asking for anyone interested in beta reading for me.

Even if you're not interested in answering my questions or beta-ing for me, if there's something else you think you'd be able to help me with, like giving me ideas or just plain motivating me to get off my lazy ass and work, any help would be appreciated.

Here's my E-mail: <mailto:tiger_of_the_wind_07@hotmail.com> for those who care enough to help me. XD I'll credit you in my fic, and I'll also be posting the thing here as I update it, assuming I can figure out how to work the LJ-cut feature by then(someone else to inform me HOW THE HELL THAT WORKS would also be nice ^.^;;), but I'll be more likely to update faster on FF.net, sorry.


And also, x-posted to my own journal because I'm a fucktard and forgot to use the drop-down menu to post this in the comm.
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What if Ed was a girl?

Today something came to my mind; what would FMA have been like if Ed and Al were girls? I was having an AIM chat with a fan and they came up with interesting things. I decided to talk about the query here. I hope this is appropriate for the community, but then there's crack to come out of this XD

Don't yell at me :x
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FMA on Adult Swim News

Taken from Anime News Network

--Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) News--

Animated series Fullmetal Alchemist returns with a new season beginning Saturday, Feb. 12, at 11:30 p.m. (ET, PT). The 30-minute action-adventure series from Japan tells the story of two brothers who have mastered the art of alchemy, though at considerable personal cost. Edward lost his leg, and Alphonse lost his entire body. But Edward is able to enclose Alphonse’s soul inside a suit of armor but at the cost of his right arm. Equipped with a replacement mechanical arm and leg, and a near mastery of alchemy, the brothers set forth on an adventurous quest to find the fabled Philosopher’s Stone to restore their bodies to their natural state.
a soldier who comes marching home again

assorted flavors

Two fanart offerings: Ed, and also Ed X Roy. The first is fanservicey but not pr0n, the second a bit on the gay side but certainly not enough to make you burn your clothes and go sob in the shower.

well, not for content, anyway.

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Also, instead of throwing a zillion links at you, I will give you one: Bishonenink::The Laboratory which has assorted fic by me and my partner llamajoy. Some Al introspective, some elricesty Ed!wank, some RoyxHawkeye post game, and one silly insane other little thing that we both deny any involvment with. I don't know anything about the peaches.

More forthcoming.

/shameless self-promotion
some content previously posted to my Tenshi no Korin journal.
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(no subject)

Found on http://www.fullmetal-alchemist.com/

What's the theme of the movie
Producer Minami: "Simple, pure love"
Paku Romi: "Al has some love-love scenes"
Director Mizushima: "A chance meeting and paradise..?" <-- ???????
Producer Minami: "And it's not with Ed..."
Paku Romi: "Of course, I think it's the brotherly love between Ed and Al.... right..???"
Producer Minami: "... unfortunately...." <-- I really don't know WHAT to make of what he said here... -_-;

OMFGWTF*DIES*!! o_________o;;

Go to the page to read the whole interview. There is a new clip on the FMA official movie and stuff *excited* :D

Jet Black Alchemist?

Watching a recent episode of Cowboy Bebop, and then re-watching Episode 9 of FMA, I have a question:

Does the face of one of the coal mine workers look a lot like Jet?

Watch the rebroadcast (if you want) and tell me! :)
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Looking for a screenshot

Hey all you crazy FMA fans that take screenshots of every- single- second- of the anime ^^;
Anyone have a shot of the inside of Ed's watch?

Or instead of that, could some one tell me exactly what it says on the inside? Thanks so much (in advance)!!
Plushies: Plushie love

[fanart] :D

*comes out of lurkdom* I come with fanart <3 Haven't drawn FMA stuff for a while though. :x No warnings - all pics featuring Edo-kun, and all painted with acrylic paints. ^__^

[LINKED] to my creative comm word_games. <3
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Ed's belt

How did you make your Ed Belt? I can't buy one with the money I've got. And I'm sure some of the Ed cosplayers made their own belts. I'm sure I'm not the only one...so I hope >.>

So, any of you have any tips? Any help? Help is much loved.

Thanks in advance!

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