January 11th, 2005

Girls Suck!

I so wanna Die....

You guys will not belive how I feel right now.....
Im on episode 41 and my friend just told me the series ends at 52. I thought they were making more peisodes like naruto. OMFG>...I wanna die. I don't care if I seem obssesed and Im O.D. Ing thats only cause I am. I Love this show, and Im gonna be so fucking pissed. I am Pissed. Life has no meaning anymore!
DAmn you world!
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Hiro from Heroes

(no subject)

I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, so if it has sorry :)

i just got februrary 05 issue of GMR, and it has a picture of ed and al on the calender page (nothing new there), an ad for the PS2 game (broken angel) and a review of the game (they gave it a 6 out of 10)

thats all i really wanted to say.
shou rainbowsred


I'm going to be at Ohoyocon this weekend (I actually live in New Jersey, but one of my best friends is on the Ohoyocon staff, so I'll be visiting him and his wife and attending the con). Any FMA cosplayers I should be on the lookout for?
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Maa-maa, chibi-san~~

.. though this post has nothing to do with Envy, that's a good subject line, mm? Not too long ago, firemasterskye posted her chibi FMA figures, and I was part of kidnapping Edwardo for her. Mind you, I have yet to recieve my payment for participating in the conspiracy. But that's going off topic. In the gift exchange, I got Roy, Riza, and originally Armstrong (*weeps*) whom I traded in for Izumi-san. Though later I switched Izumi with Ed for Skye. Also, I recieved a State Alchemist watch and Flamel necklace.

Enough of my babbling, here are the pictures! They're kind of big, and hopefully not bad pictures. My flash is bright enough to give people seizures, I've been told.

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mah face



It actually goes "miaow!", can it be infused with anymore crack?

Note: If you can't see the webpage, I don't know what's wrong? My home computer can't, but office computer can. So..?
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Letters to Winry

Bwahaha! This is why I wanted some shots of the scene where Ed is writing to a letter Winry
I first was just going to make my own icon, but then decided it would be fun to get as many people as I could in on this, because I KNOW you guys could probably come up with some great ideas. Wheee! Community Project!
Basically, write a letter to Winry, and make it as rediculous as possible. (and short...)
Here's mine:
1. 2.
Just whatever came to my head at the moment. I may add more later, when I think of things.
So here are some blank icons you can work on

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Bonus 'points' if you mention anything haveing to do with Winry thinking about Ed's 'human parts' ~_^
Just post your icons in reply. And if you don't know how to make the icons, but have an idea for one, post it here too. I'm sure one of us 'iconist' would be more than happy to whip it up for you ^-^
After I get a rather large amount, I'll post the collective (along with the names of the respective 'iconists' or writers), so that everyone can see them all in one place. (I will also keep them archived on my server)
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go ed go!

(no subject)

Title: Walk On
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: None
Summary: "In order to create, you first need to destroy." Ed and Al, afterward.
Notes: Unbetaed. I really suck at titles. On a completely unrelated note, it's snowing. w00t.

( Walk On )
Unoa moan

Now you all can watch the ongoing wonderfulness!

Everyone remembers my post awhile back about the RPG that I was starting? Well, it has begun, and you can all now visit it and have a look at the journals and RP logs (including the journal of Black Hayate, if you need a laugh). It's like a big interactive fanfic!

Go and check it out~!

Also, I appear to have lost the conact info of both our Fuery and Envy, but I know they were recruited from here, so if they could make their character journals at join the community over at GJ it would be appreciated.

We still need several characters, including Armstrong, all the sins but Envy, and various other minor characters. If anyone still wants to join IM me at MahouBunnyBell on AIM.


On behalf of fma_farewell and the circle SHIKURAKU- we present to you FMA FAREWELL


by the circle members: : chupachup saucydish slaponthecheek kurarisa fruru_devilette dumplingyum

Our circle is taking preorders for this doujinshi now and may be showing more previews (?!)


title: farewell

circle: shikuraku

size: B5

page: 48p (no colour pages, exclude cover)

channel: fullmetal alchemist (anime, manga)

main character: ed, all characters

main couple: royed, edal, many more

price: $

For more information (prices, mailorder) and PREORDERS---- please mail to shikuraku@yahoo.com!!


Icon crack

Okay, so there's just the one, but a big thank you to armaina for the base. XD Take and credit if you like.

Wow, I've regressed to lurker-hood for quite a while. O_o I used to be so active here.

I'm usually a better artist than this, but we all know how bad Ed is at drawing. XD Nina's better than him, and she's four! And draws with her eyes shut!
Yuri Demon

Completed Movie Edward costume

I completed my Alter!World version of Ed cosplay this afternoon. I'll be wearing it to Katsucon in February. ^^ Picture is behind the cut.

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Note: The picture on the right was when I realized that I left the top set of pockets off and went back to add them. ^^()

Still a few alterations to be made and one or two things left to be done, but overall I'm pleased with the result. ^_^ Feedback is welcome <33
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Amusing look-alikes

Was browsing Google today in art class for refrence images with a friend; she was looking for pictures of sword hilts. Needless to say, she came across something that caught my eye.


Now, it's supposed to be a lion, but it reminds me of Alexander. XD
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Bullrider Liu

Official website update + more!

Funimation's official Fullmetal Alchemist website has just been totally redone, now featuring a very pretty new layout and lots of content. It even has sections for fanart and cosplay photos!

Also, under the 'merchandise' link there's a link designated as 'manga'.... does this mean it's actually liscenced, or will they just be commenting on the fact that there is manga in Japanese there? Hm...

Only flaw is that right now it's taking forever to load, hopefully that'll be a temporary problem. But oh well, it's pretty and much, much better than the old one, actually worth linking people new to the series to now. ^_^


*sniffles* Just...downloaded and watched...episode 25! *bursts into tears* NOOOOOO! SO SAD! *continues to cry*

*calms down a bit* Sorry...but I just couldn't keep from saying anything, really. It was truly an awful and tragic thing to watch. (Will not spoil it here for people who don't know what happens. If you do not wish to know, turn back now.)

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Pocket watch

Okay, this may be a stupid question, but does anyone have pictures of the official anime watch (not the small one, the one with the insane retail price of $300) so I'll at least know it if I see it? I've searched and come up dry, and I'd like a reference if I see one for sale somewhere.
Bullrider Liu

Help with fixing the official site... XD

Okay, so quite a few of you reported problems accessing Funimation's FMA site on my previous post regarding it. I just messaged a contact I know with Funimation, and he said he can pass along the information to the appropriate people.

SO, if you had or are having problems with the site, (other than it loading slowly, *everyone* has that problem right now), please post them here! And be sure to include what browser and version you're using, so they have a better idea of what the problems are they need to look for. And I'll check back here later and pass on that info, and we'll see about getting it fixed. ^_^

Oh yeah, and if anyone finds any more errors like the "Riza Hughes" thing, mention that too.
(channel_force)   Yahoo!

Official FMA watch? Where R they Now?

Hello there. Just the FMA oldbie asking a newbie question ^^;

I'm actually interested in tracking down the whereabouts of an official FMA watch. I see the listings on ebay- but I don't trust them; last time I checked that watch was at an insane price; in excess of $300 O_O

Sooo-- anybody know where I can find the official FMA pocket watches?

Elements of a human body

Was skimming through episode 3 to take some screenshots for a friend, and nabbed this quote. Thought you guys would like it. ^__^

"Water, 35 liters. Carbon, 20 kilograms. Ammonia, 4 liters. Lime, 1.5 kilograms. Phosphorus, 800 grams. Salt, 250 grams. Niter, 100 grams. Flourine, 7.5 grams. Iron, 5 grams. Silicon, 3 grams. These are the elements that make up one adult human body."

OMFG, two posts in one evening! D: I should be shot.
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Title: Gender Supremacy
Rating: Uh. PG for suggestion and some mild cursing?
Pairing: Uh. A SECRET pairing. Not really.
Crossposted: fma_het
Notes: Doesn't explain at all about how the pairing could get set up to work. Eheh. That explanation will come later, when I feel up to writing a BOOK. Doesn't precisely make a lot of practical sense, either, unless you assume a couple things; but the last line popped into my head and amused me so much I wrote the rest of it anyway.

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