January 10th, 2005

Employee Ed

Just thought I'd share... (from an IM with Vic XD)

So I saw Vic was online earlier today, and randomly decided to message him. What ensued was a very random (albiet a bit short) conversation ranging from total silliness to halfway serious character analysis. Since people seem to enjoy hearing what the VAs have to say about their characters and such, I figured I'd post a little of it.

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...this has been brought to you by random stalking of my buddylist for "interesting" people to talk to. XD
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PKMN // Togepi Line~

Dub!Love Icons (*Episodes 8 and 9*)

I was gonna wait until tomorrow to post these but since I'm on now I might as well post them before I crawl off to bed XD

Some of you may remember my collection of LJ icons I posted a little while ago, a bunch of them being part of a collection I'm making called the "Dub!Love" icons. Since I promised I'd post more when I made them I'm posting my most recent ones from episodes 8 and 9 (*They're not as good as the last batch and I know a few of the dub quotes have already been put into icons by other people here but my collection didn't feel right without them XD*)


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brand-spanking new release for FMA fans everywhere. I Book/figure box set featuring Ed and Al. The book has an original comic by Arakawa-sensei in the back. I really really wish I had a scanner because the comic is really cute. I'll do my best to translate it anyway. As far as the box tells me, there is going to be three different sets: red, blue and black. If I remember correctly, the blue set will feature Roy and Riza. I don't know about the black set, probably the sins. Anywho, pictures below:

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  • armaina

my first batch of FMA Lj icons

Okie, so I tried my hand at some FMA icons.. I hardly do Icons (mostly, they're just for me) so I'm surprised at how motivated I was to make these
(EDIT: AGAIN! I Completely forgot one!)
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Also, if any of you could get me a caption of when Ed is writing a letter to Winrey, that'd be so great o_o (I have an idea, you see..)
Edit: Oh yeah, and also some shots of Hughes on the phone, and Roy looking annoyed on the phone (and or disgusted) I have another icon in mind.. but ANIMATED...
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{STOCK}✿ sunflowers!

Mandatory "N00B" post! :D

Hey All, Everybody~ [/end obscure TV jokes]

Katu Fushigi here, just taping the mandatory "Lookit me, everybody, I'm a NEWBIE" sign on my forehead and the "kick me" one on my back. :D

I've been a fan of Hagaren since about a little while after it's release in Japan. I mean, I wasn't like, OMGONTOPOFIT, but I was pretty close. I regrettably say I had never seen the anime until it had been released on Adult Swim. But I had been reading every single scanlation I could get my hand on at least five to six months before that.

If there is a subbed-versus-dubbed debate, I stand smack-dab in the middle of it. I hate almost all of Funimation's work, buuuuut....they did pretty good. And the little I did hear of the original, it was wonderful. O_O (But honestly, people. What is funnier than HIEI playing SHOU TUCKER?...Well, Richard Cox speaking in general, but hey, what can ya do?)

Anyway, I'm one of those frequent posters, so....LOOKOUT. X3
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Not sure where else to ask ^_^

I havent actually found anyone else who collects/plays the FMA card games (Alchemic card battle, GanGan versus) so I figured Id ask if anyone on here plays them/collects the cards and might have extras to trade around ^_^ I'm looking for a couple to complete my sets and have a crap-load of doubles of others, including some of the special foil cards w/the limited artwork. So um...yeah if you do lemme know please ^_^ Thankies!
Unoa moan

More dancing-ness

Because my dancing Envy icon just wasn't enough. Next I'll be making Roy. And then Wrath, as my froend Aya requested it... ^_^ Aren't they sexy?

Yes, you may use them. Credit me!

((>_> the naked slaveboy one features no real "nude" bits, so I figure it would be okay to post. Tell me if I'm wrong.
mah face


I'll delete this as soon as I get the answers ;D~ (I couldn't find anything regarding this in the memories D: )

So I am looking for the FMA pocket watch, like everyone else. However, I'm eyeing the silver Official one that appears on the animate store site. XD Yes, the 21,000 yen one. After a horrible escapade to find the fake HongKong version, I decided to splurge my 3 month's savings on the official one. Crazy, I know. Or at least, the other original one

So here's the question! Someone has posted the link to an online store (besides the animate shop) that was taking preorders for the silver watch. Does anyone still have the link? :O Pretty please with Edo plushies on top? XD
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Lj therapy

Collecting fic recs

Some of you may already be familiar with Touka Koukan. We're a fanfiction archive for Fullmetal Alchemist fics. We used to be a yaoi archive but now we're looking to expand and open het, yuri and gen sections as well to make everybody happy(fics can be sorted by pairing to find what you want quickly). This fandom has gotten bigger lately and we can't keep track of everybody. So please, if you could rec het/gen/yuri authors for us to look into in order to fill our new sections, we'd really appreciate it. Go on, name everybody you love/worship/stalk. Please. <3

Old (yaoi version) archive. New archive that so needs love. (clicking on the above banner brings you there.)

Be quick or else I'll have to do homework instead! Don't let me do that. ;_;
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