January 9th, 2005



I want to show off. Yesterday I finished embroidering the flamel symbol on the back pocket of my second-hand vinyl pants... yeah, yeah, I know I'm not high-class, but I think it's pretty cool, and this is probably the best place to find people who might agree with me. Collapse )

EDIT: let's try this again with the lj cut *working,* shall we?

A Request!

I'm throwing a request out. To anyone that was able to extract the files from the Chapter 43 RAW download that is available, would you be so kind as to upload them to an image server (photobucket or image shack) so thous of us who couldn't get the files to work can see them? I know billypilgrim's group is working on the translations right now, but I'm way too impatient and would love to see the RAW pages now that they are available!

Thanks! ^.^
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I do believe in phosphorylation! I do!

Ch43 Raws

As a a bunch of people have said that they had trouble accessing the files in the zip of the raw scans that got posted becaue of the file names, so I renamed them all and re-zipped them to share. Right now it's on YouSentIt, which will probably die, but I don't know where else I can upload the file that it won't die - suggestions?

The link, for now, is here. Enjoy ^^

(and mods, let me know if I should lock this or anything - I really have no clue ^^;)
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A Homunculus-Sized Homunculus

Greed has moved into my head and forced me to do crafts. It has not been a relaxing Winter vacation.

Yesterday, I finished the plushie I had made of him. Here are some pics:
Detail of Face
Detail of Hand
Array Nodes on Front
Array Nodes on Back

He's about 17" tall. The materials I used were felt, fake fur, fabric paint, polyester stuffing, and wire.

Greed should not be this cuddly...
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log rolls down stairs alone or in pairs~

I finally managed to post up last nights log, which spammed my friends page, but THAT'S OKAY. Goddamn Knoppix... **shakes her fist**

I walked into sexy alchemy. shoulda known that was an omen of crack to come.
In which we debate Lyra's pronounciation.
In which we demand outtakes.
In which teh Fuhrer sings about coconuts.
In which Travis professes his love for root beer floats.
Last one, I promise.

**bows and wanders off**

My apologies for the friends only stuff. -_- this is what happens when I'm rushed through something. anyway, it's fixed. I'll leave it like that for about a week, then move it to my webspace.
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Coulson heroes

Chapter 43 translated by Yebyosh!

Chapter 43 is up at Anime-Source. ^_^ I thought that Yebyosh was no longer translating the manga, but evidently he's waiting until an official announcement from Viz. I didn't expect to find the chapter up when I went there, especially since the raws just came out yesterday... yay. ^__^


(I hope it's okay posting this; let me know if not.)
Funimation Pride! (ushitora_icons)

Other stand-out dub lines?

I mean, we all apparently love the line: "Ah Winry. If only you'd think of my human parts instead of my metal ones now and then."

One cute line was the very first line by Winry: "Come on, hurry up! SQUEEEEE~!" I just loved Winry's SQUEEEE~!

Any other stand-out dub lines besides those two?
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Art Post (photoedit): FMA tarot card

I've been madly in love with the idea of anime tarot cards ever since I first laid eyes on X/1999, but, seeing as it's me we're talking about, I haven't ever gotten around to starting work on a deck until now. Then again, I'll be doing only the trump cards, and I might not even be finishing them. However, since I'm in a mad sort of mood, I took two days and actually finished the first card.


(A fool's Journey. Follow the fake Lj-cut.)
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Chat Logs - 01-08-05

Well, last night was hectic to say the least. Mike, Vic, and Travis graced the FMADub room with their presence, and, well, needless to say, it was full of crack. (:

As usual, the actual screen names of the VAs have been edited, but the content of the chat isn't and blah blah blah if you don't want your screen name on here, e-mail me and tell me and I'll change it. There is a small part of the chat that I'm missing - I learned that it's not a good idea to turn off ones wireless router while on the internet - but as far as I can tell, nothing happened because the subject remained the same when I returned. However, if you have that part of the chat that I'm missing, I would very much appreciate it if you posted it for me. <33

So, enough of me rambling.

Mike, Vic, and Travis chat - 01.08/09.05