January 8th, 2005

summer sucks

japanese cosplay pics

i lost my old links to a really awesome page of fma cosplayers. i'll try to be as descriptive as possible.

there was edward, winry, roy and i 4get who else. riza. i think they were in a church...
if anyone can hook me up i will be most greatul. thanks.

my descriptions suck! ><;;
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Photoedits: a.k.a. What happens when a crack!sin has (a) spare time and (b) Paint Shop Pro.

Now, keep in mind throughout this whole post that I HAVE PAINT SHOP PRO 4. Therefore, these graphics are of t3h sux0rs. *sweatdrop*

Anyway, I come bearing photoedits and icons!

NOTE: Photoedits are pretty large.
NOTE 2: If you take an icon, please credit. :3
NOTE 3: Much of the icon material came from momijizukamori's post of screencaps on miniskirt_army. Thanks. ^^

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As for the icons (yes, they're not singularly great), here's the first one as a sample:

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w00t! *dies from being shot so many times*

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Doodlings // Russell Tringham

If I haven't broken your brains by now, I'm surprised.

ATTACK OF THE DOODLES. FEATURING A CERTAIN BLOND WHO WEARS SUSPENDERS. (If you're from mugenjou_high, you've seen these and it will all make sense.

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I swear that I'll stop doing these and get to updating The Photoshop War after I get access to my dorm computer. That's where all the more recent ones are. So if you made any since around November and posted them here, e-mail them to me (sv_chan AT yahoo DOT com) or something with your lj name if you want them on the site. (Just in case I didn't get them because I've been uber flaky from leftover senioritis that surfaced during college.)

EDIT: one more picture
Wall-E &amp; Eve [1]
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Urgent need of something!

Does anyone have any pictures of the Arakawa cow?

It's the cow image that she uses for herself since she doesn't want the public to know who she is.

Post them please! Thank you so much!
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Community pimpage.

i_hate_periods. 'Nuff said. Go join the war against the female population's worst enemy.

(Crossposted everywhere. If the mod hates it, just delete it.)

Sorry for the spam, but really, I'm just attempting to offer a place for females who feel like bitching away during the "week of hell" to complain there. They won't have to suffer by having people mock them for whining over their discomfort. It's natural for them to want to complain. I myself accept that having periods is unavoidable, but there are times where women just want to let everything out, yet not get bashed in the process. To the males, this may be some stupid idea, but I do believe that it means a lot to many females out there.
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亀井絵里 ; Crown

(no subject)

I just thought I'd give everyone a heads up here. Sam Goody stores have the Hagaren/FMA figurines on sale. I mean, they have the Edward, Alphonse, Winry and Roy ones that are usually sold at conventions for about 10 dollars. I got the very last Edward at the King of Prussia Sam Goody here in Philly and it was only 6 dollars.

The figures are about 4 inches tall, and come with a little stand.

I know I've seen them at conventions before. Because I bought two of them at Otakon last year and ended up getting Alphonse and Armstrong. You didn't really have a choice as to which you were getting at Otakon.

I just thought I'd tell everyone here, just in case someone was looking for them at a reasonable price. :D
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Unoa moan

Hagaren RPG

Hmm... It feels odd to be posting on LJ, as I usually prefer Greatestjournal, but due to the lack of FMA fans there I'm forced to post here. Nice to meet you all! My name is Sera, and I just KNOW we'll be great friends.

Anyway, onto my reason for posting: Me and my friend Pen over at GJ are plotting to start up a Hagaren RPG taking place pre-episode 25, and we are looking for people that may be intrested in joining us! Allow me to list the know facts of the rpg so far:

  • It will take place before episode 25
  • The RPG will feature a Roy/Ed pairing, as me and Pen are notorious yaoi fangirls
  • We have no idea where we'll go wit this RPG as far as the anime and manga are concerned. Most likely the RPG will produce it's own Hagaren story.
  • Yes, the homuculous will be available to RP.
  • The only taken characters are Roy (me) and Ed (Pen) so far.
  • The RPG will include character journals and a community over at GJ, but most RPing will take place over AIM.

Anyway, you can contact me via AIM at MahouBunnyBell for more information and to join in the fun. I'm hoping that we get some members. We still have a lot of roles to fill...

And I'll include two of my masterpeices as a little bonus. Doll bases by Pupazzoso



Newbie here. :)

Hi everyone! I'm new to the community, nice to meet you all!

I'm a big fan of FMA, but now that it's over, could you guys recommend to me any animes similar to it (or just an anime someone who likes FMA would like) that I could start watching? Thankyou in advance! ^^
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wow: kattyl

(no subject)

I was wondering if anyone knew of/had any good/big Riza pictures.
I = t3h suck at searching, so....yeah. ^^;;
Oh! And if anyone has Roy's character song things, I would love you forever. ^_^

And, as some strange pitiful token of my gratitude for you guys....
I come with icons!

(Fake Cuts Are Fun For The Whole Family!)
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Morning person
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Desperate for manga scans

Hello everybody!

I've been lurking around for a little while now and I was wondering if any of you could help me.

I finished watching the series a while back and I'm now going through the manga. Until recently, the English Full Metal Alchemist site was hosting the manga chapters as links you could download or as files you could view online. I don't know exactly when it changed (but it must have been sometime in the last month), but now you can only read the manga online.

Whilst I really appreciate the fact that at least I can read it that way, it takes a long time to load, and saving each image into HD one by one is a painstakingly slow task. If I have to carry on doing what I'm doing at the moment in order to read it, then I will; but if any of you know where I can download (please don't say IRC >_<) scanlations of chapters 30 and upwards, I'd really appreciate it. Or if someone has the zip files and could send them to me somehow that'd be really good as well. I have a gmail account so I can accept really big attachments, although yousendit works fine for me as well, or AIM.

I know the site is currently hosting up to chapter 34, and I don't know where to get the ones released after that (35 -41). I did download chapter 42 when a link to it was posted in this community as soon as it was released, so I need chapters 30 - 41 ideally.

Thanks a lot for reading! Please share the love :D
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