January 4th, 2005

Mine!  ^_^

Post Series Fic

Title: Touch the Stars
Beta: lithele
Spoilers: The Whole Series
Pairings: Depends on what you want to read into it. ^.~
Word Count: 3846
Author's Commentary: I started this with no idea where it was going, and have been pleasantly surprised by it over all. Amusingly enough, the title directed the fic rather than the other way around. Usually, the title comes to me last, but on this one, the title was suddenly there. It came as *quite* the shock to me when I finally figured out where my little problem child was headed and how the title fit into it all. XD Enjoy!

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Icons + FMA Broken Angel voices?

Hmm, hmm, the first of the Fullmetal Alchemist games is releasing in the US this month on the 18th. How many people are interested in it? I really want to buy it when it comes out since it appears like you'd be "playing the anime" so to speak, but I was wondering if anyone has heard any news at all about the language tracks on the game. I thought I ran across a post relating to that a while back, but I can't seem to find the post anymore. But perhaps someone has heard some more news since then. I'm hoping for dual tracks since the English track will be the primary one for sure. Eee. e_e;

And to kill two birds with one stone, I posted some icons yesterday that include 26 or so FMA icons which can be found on this post at my icon journal.

... Edward. :D

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FMA doujin!

Alright, so I've seen more than a few people asking about this doujin (and you can see it referred to at this post). I happen to have the doujin (scanlated by Obsession) so I thought I'd share the luff. <33 Because Ed and Roy are simply too sexy in it. Just some background info on the doujin, it is by the (I would say famous) group Zaougumi who have published various (very sexy) doujinshis on series such as Death Note, Gundam Seed and of course FMA. It is YAOI and it is naughty, so download at your on risk. ^_^ Follow the cut for the cover and download link. Enjoy!

Just a note on FMA doujins - if you go for some RoyEd loving (or even if you don't!) you simply have to check out two doujins by the name of 'Blue Flame' and 'Sinful Contact', both scanlated by Beautiful Soup. Superb stuff.

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We Have Guns.

In Which Everything Is Small.

This morning I checked animaxis.com to see how my goods were doing. You'd never guess what it said.
"Your goods have left our ANCHORAGE, AK office, Januray 03"
All day I was like, "Goods, goods, goods." And people looked at me like I was retarded (not like that's anything new).
And loe and behold, I was rewarded with goods!
What's in the box?
Inquiring minds want to know...
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I come bearing art....be afraid...

Hiya everyone! Just joined the comm yesterday actually, so sorry for the rather late New Year's tidings! :D

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I've been on an FMA art spree for the last few days and the Kribbster has been harassing me to join the comm and share... >_> I'll be posting the backlog of pics over the next few days...but if anyone can't wait (or would like to perv at Ed-in-skirt..O_o), the more recent are at my artLJ. :D Hope you all like!
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