January 1st, 2005

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A New Year's Gift from a Lurker

Yes, me, one of those people who lurks constantly. Also a person who only did an actual post on this community once, with a terrible fanfic. But this time, I offer you terrible icons! Weee! (Hurray for being bored at 4 a.m.!) Don't give me any credit at all--I stole the pics anyway. ^.^


Ed: 4
Black Hayate: 2
Total: 6

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Happy 2005!
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partners in crime by beccaplusicons
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Happy New Year, and more on fanfic roundrobin

Happy New Year everyone! May it be filled with lots of Edwards, Als, Hohos, Hughes, Roys, and uh, you get the idea XD;;

Moving on to business, thanks to a suggestion by wabisuke, there's now a community for the roundrobin I suggested Click if you have no clue. It's called fma_robinfics. I have yet to go fix the layout, though XD;; So go and join if you like to write, got drabbles to share, and all that good stuff.

Also, kill_me_faster brought up the good point that since we can't really all seem to agree on a central theme/direction of the roundrobin, it could just be a series of different stories...but linked by a common element of some kind so it won't completely defeat the purpose of a roundrobin?

Map of Amestris

Okay, so I've been making a map of Amestris just so I can figure out just where everything is (also I imagine it would help other people), so here's what I have so far.

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It's been painstakingly traced from the one map we see in the series, though it's too small to read city names off of it. I took what I knew of locations and put on what seemed likely- Although I can't quite figure out whether the lines are meant to be railways or main roads. If anyone has any location information on a city that's not yet there, please help. ^_^

And no, I have no idea why East city is actually in the south. It just is. -_-; EDIT: No, I was wrong, it's not in the south and Funimation's FAQ is stupid. So very full of misinformation. o_o

EDIT: Revised the map a bit with new information (Hey! Now it's more logical! :D)
EDIT EDIT: Revised again. (Thank you, shinraisei!) But now I have no idea where Aquroya is. I've moved the name off to the right for safekeeping.
EDIT EDIT EDIT: Due to request, the surrounding countries, ocean, and Briggs mountain range were added. (And I still don't know what half the cities are called... >_>)
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Hi! *is a newbie* I'm Jam....not that you care or anything. ^^;
I got into FMA when it premeired on Cartoon Network a while ago, and I loved it so much that I got all the episodes. ^_^ I'm up to episode 38, and I <3 Envy! :D But then again....who doesn't? *is shot*
Anywho....I decided to make him a little shrine on the web seeing as there is no room in my closet. xD

Original Sin

I'm not done with i yet...seeing as I just got it up last night. *nervous laugh* Yes well... *ahem*
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I joined up a few days ago, never said hi until now though. So Hi ^_^! Well with that over, I have come here with some sprite edits of mine! Now before you say anything, I rather edit pokemon trainer sprites, seeing as how they're easier to work with then the Sailor moon ones everyone edits. So please don't hate me.....they're behind the cut....

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Default 7 - Kaya

Woo... another lame icon dump! XD

Eight icons. :P "Pop-art"-ed and all in Japanese but Lust's. (X__X);; (Sorry, no Glutters. I'm depressed I didn't find a good one of him....)


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For a different project of mine... Does any one know the heights of the following:

and practically everyone else? (o__o) Um.... Anyone? XDD;;; Also, I do remember the Sins real names being posted up. Anyone have them bookmarked? Arigatou if you do and give it to me! lol *goes back to Revenge of the Homunculi and dwaddles*
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