December 29th, 2004


More Monty Python / Hagaren stuff~

Met: ......
Sporky: holy shit, it's an addiction
Met: oh shit, I had the best thought
Sporky: I'm addicted to buying Hagaren merchandise
Sporky: it's my drug
Met: who here has heard the "lovely bunch of coconuts" song from Monty Python?
Sporky: I have~
Met: okay
Met: take the singer out
Met: replace him with teh Fuhrer
Sporky: OMFG
Sporky: *dies in a million ways*
Met: I'm posting this in the community

for your downloading pleasure (Monty Python version): Coconuts!
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Movie trailer update!

I can't believe no one posted this yet.

Notes: Hoho-papa isn't obscured in photo of the op-sequence. Ed is wearing old shirt with the clasp (the shirt he wore for most the series). Red coat is back! Automail is ULTRA shiny metal looking in still shot of it, and has highlights when animated that weren't there during series animation. Automail doesn't have the 3 peices layer thing going on. (But I've seen inconsistancies in official art in regards to the layering thing, as well as with the elbow joint, so as long as it's pretty, I'm happy.)

My summary: WTF? Did we go back in time or something? Bones likes making us go WTF way too much.

*compulsively watches trailer repeatedly*

There are problems viewing the large version of the trailer with Windows Media Player. Thought I'd warn you.

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so, I decided to try my hand at making a RagnarokOnline skin last night, because I'm bloody addicted to the game. And of course, anyone who knows me knows I adore FMA so I figured, why not combine the two, and NOT make it look tacky? *dislikes image skins in RO.* So here it is!

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