December 28th, 2004

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Professor Elric? / Ed Fanart & Silliness

I drew Ed at work on my print out of song lyrics (FMA song lyrics at that--I can now sing all of Ready Steady Go, half of Tobira no Mukou e, and NEARLY all of Motherland, and chunks of I Will without looking at the lyrics due to this habit of taking them to work).

I think the first drawing was inspired by my first doodle of Ed in glasses I did sometime ago now, with a bit of influence from Negima. (Well, Negima DID influence the glasses I chose for Ed in the first doodle...) And then I short comic came to mind that I HAD to draw out! XD!

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FMA game OST ?

Hello i'm new here ^______^ but I read this community since few month yet.
I wanted to know if someone know where I could find the game OST ?? I lost the one I had this summer T_T and I try to do a (french) site and I need it :(
Please ^_____^ !
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FMA... in Canada!

I found these at a Canadian bookstore called Chapters. Who would have thought they'd carry these?

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I have NO IDEA which figurine series they are, let alone which company who made them. Any one seen these before?

You should have seen me when I saw these in the manga section of the store. XD;; I was shaking the boxes to see if I could get the ones I wanted. I didn't get Ed or Hughes in the end. ;_; The heaviest one was obviously Al. XD

I'm really, really surprised to see those there, seeing that FMA doesn't air here. None of the boxes where sold until I bought 2 of them. ^^; I hope they keep those in stock because I want to try to get more.

Closeup of the front.
Closeup of the back.
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Sims skins!

Hey! I figure someone's probably asked about this in the past, so i hope you'll all bear with me as I ask again.

I recently bought The Sims, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good FMA skins, and tell me where to find them? That would be awesome. Any and all characters welcome. Thanks in advance!
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I come bearing a crack song and a very badly done crack edit!

About...oh, I'm not sure how long ago, but not that long, I started whistling 'Frosty the Snowman' for some very odd reason. Then, for an even odder one, I decided to sing it. What came out, however, was not 'Frosty' it was 'Envy'. >333 No, I don't get it either, but I decided to pervert Frosty's song to the side of Envy!Crack. And because I was bored, I tried to make Snowman!Envy. You can definitely tell I was bored, though. Not to mention I'm not all that good with photo-editing programs in the first place. :D FEAR, good citizens!

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Please don't hurt me too badly despite the suckiness, crack, and FEAR of it all. :D
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More on the Fanfic Roundrobin

Hiyoz, everyone! Hope you guys are all enjoying the holidays and got lots of FMA goodies ^__^ *throws Edo cakes*

Ahem, anyway, remember the fanfic roundrobin idea I suggested about a week ago? Click if you don't remember
Well, we have 18 writers participating so far...

Oh, and first story due in 3 weeks, and each story after would be due two weeks after the prev. fanfic =D. That should be enough time...
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If you are not on the list, but want to participate, post here with a number from 1 to 25, and I'll reply to tell you your title and update the list :).

Also, what kind of story do you guys want? I was thinking of just letting the first writer determine the mood, tone, direction of the story as a whole, and then each writer work from there. But, if you want the story to take a specific route...Here's a poll:

What type of fanfic do you want?

Drama (woot! angstfest XD;;)
Pairings and stuff related to pairings...
All genres mixed in
No genre - work with what the previous writers did
PS. For the comedy/crack option, that's more referring to the fanfic as a whole being light, happy and humorous, not total crack like "omgzthenhavocxarmstrongtheend!!!!111!" ^^;;
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