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27 December 2004 @ 12:08 am

I know, I recently posted this link already. I know that if I edit my original post, no one will notice, thus the repost. This link is the FIRST of several pages. (There're "next" buttons on the pages! =D)

People misunderstood my request. It wasn't to translate just this one particular page, I meant for ALL of the pictures/pages on this little gallery. n_n;;; I need to learn to be more clear in what I'm asking.

Most of them make perfect sense without knowing Japanese, like this first one. But there's ones like Roy doing needlepoint, or the one with Falman/Farman/whatever talking on and on and on with Breda saying something as well, and it ending with a bunch of the military guys going "Kakkoi~" about something, those kind I WANT to understand better and not just smile at the cute pictures. ;_;

And I'm curious as to what Fury and Ed say to one another before Ed joins Fury dangling from the bar. (But I know it's an attempt to stretch themselves taller, I just know it! XD Fury is only BARELY taller than Ed after all!)
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27 December 2004 @ 02:04 am
I know this is a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone have or planning to record the anime cut scenes or clips of the FMA PS2 games (1st RPG, 2nd RPG and Dream Carnival) and put them on-line?

I'm aware that the first FMA RPG game is coming out in North American on January 18th, but I would like to hear the japanese versions because I highly doubt that there will be a japanese audio track on the US version .
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lurker now
27 December 2004 @ 04:19 am
Hi. I previously wrote FMA, but since I've been on hiatus for close to a year anything especially jarring about the charas must prease to be forgiven. I apologise in advance for any extreme abstraction; this is actually based on a friend's fanart, links provided in the post below.

So. This is really not intended to be RoyEdAi; take Roy being a wanker any way you want.

27 December 2004 @ 11:55 am
Well, you wanted it, so here it is. My description of the Hagaren festival.
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From fulllmetal-alchemist.com:
鋼の錬金術師, (Fullmetal Alchemist) Premiere Tour opens spring 2005, Universal Studios Japan (Osaka), from 19th March 2005 - 8th May 2005

According to the USJ website, this premiere tour will take audiences on a ride through the magnificent world this popular anime is based in. This attraction will feature a specially animated movie clip never seen anywhere else before. You can also take pictures with the Elric brothers there.

Limited-edition originally designed passes to the Fullmetal Alchemist Premiere Tour attraction will start being sold on the 27th of December 2004.

FMA Premiere Tour Japanese Website (includes tv commerical):
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it is always 1895
27 December 2004 @ 05:51 pm
I made an Envy t-shirt: [link]

Please excuse the slightly blurry image. I had to take the photo quickly before my friend, for whom I made the shirt, snatched it away and began indecently embracing it.

I'm thinking of making (mostly FMA-themed) t-shirts to sell at AnimeBoston in April. I just need to see if there is a real demand for them. Anyone interested?
27 December 2004 @ 08:45 pm
Hope this isn't spammage. I've seen other people pimp clubs here so I thought I would too ^_^; Earlier in the month I asked if there was a Greed fanclub on Deviantart. Didn't find one, so I made my own!

DA fanclub dedicated to those at Devil's Nest! aka characters like Greed, Dorochet, Martel, Roah, Kimbley and any others I might have forgotten. So if you adore Greed any of those characters, please take a look! And if you can, join!