December 23rd, 2004

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I have just finished the whole series. It is cut for t3h spoilerage, throughout the series, counting 51.

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Also, if someone could tell me what the games and the movie are about, and when and if the games are coming to America, it'd be appreciated. <3

The song I was trying to remember was The Moon Song (or something like that) from XD ZEPPELINS~

Also, Roy and Riza should have a Christmas album. XD
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FMA Festival Program Book Cover and Badge

I was browsing Yahoo!Japan action and found a few people selling FMA Festival stuff such as the program book and badge thingy:

Program Book (Ed in the Front Cover, Roy in the Back Cover):

Badge Thingy:

[Edit] I looked at other 'Roy' Badges on sell on Yahoo!Japan Action, it appears the other side of the badge is the pic of Ed,Al, Roy and Hawkeye that you find the homepage of the offical FMA japanese website. I'm sure most of you have seen it before.

*Hint* Gee, I sure hope the people who were going will buy at least the program book and share with us. *Hint*
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Envy Cosplay Instructions

Envy was so easy for me to make that I decide to share how I made the costume--minus the "Skort" part though. I'll let people get their own biker-style shorts and throw a wrap skirt around it.

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And here's a photo edit of my own Envy cosplay--edited so my hair would be green, and thus ending the fun of the HojuxEnvy fangirls... ;.; Sad, I know.. (And who came up with the name Hoju anyways?)
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Looking for Hagane no

Hey all! After deciding with my imoto that Roy needs to sing a duet with Ed while listening to the Mustang Song Files, I realized that I have no Hagane no songs on my computer. T_T

Does anyone one have Edward songs that they would be willing to share? I would be deeply indebted/worshipping of you!
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Manga scanlation continuing?

:\ well I didn't see a topic about this, so...

Just like many other members here, I have been following the recent chapters of the FMA Manga. It's great and all that it's been licensed, since I can't wait to own translated volumes, but I was wondering what the probability is that someone will pick up the translation of the newest chapters. I know places like TW and anime-source will not be translating anymore, but I suppose a new group could emerge to pick up where they left off (like with the groups that do Naruto, Bleach, etc)

...I am strong, but I'm not sure if I'm strong enough to live through over a year without knowing what happens to everybody(considering just waiting a month is tough enough)... ;_;
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Does anyone know of any sites where you can adopt little Fullmetal Alchemist characters? I just thought my LJ info page looked a bit boring and wanted to liven it up with some stuff. So any help would be good. ^^ Thanks!! <3 <3
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Yay for P-chat!

I bring p-chat doodles and sketchies and the like! All of these were done in a couple of paintchats by me and a couple others, I don't have all the ones that were done but I've got the ones I did and a few others behind the cut!

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country road

What did everyone think of the 2nd OST?

Now that everyone has downloaded (or bought) the 2nd soundtrack, I wanted to know what everyone thought. I don't think I saw any "reaction" threads, just threads with links and everybody all excited and stuff. ^_^

Well, I am SUCH a loser. I uh…actually wrote a track-by-track review of the 2nd Soundtrack. I know everyone’s listened to it, so I’m really just posting it to see what YOU thought. Oh and, sorry if I got any instrument identification wrong, I’ll just look like an idiot.

There’s just one HUGE spoiler for episode 25 included (when the BGM plays and all, so people not up to that point should just skip it)

General thoughts are, it was (of course) excellent, filled with angsty and depressing music. Another tidbit is that this soundtrack was done by the Moscow International Symphonic Orchestra ^_^

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Yeah…WHY did I write that review? It took me an hour per day for two days, and everyone’s already listened to it before >_> But uh….share your thoughts, everyone!

Scar/Al Community (and other stuff)

Um... I've created a Scar/Al community for those who are interested. :DDD Marvel at my skills at making graphics with a touchpad!!


And here's some more of my crack because I can't make an entry without any. It's just WRONG.

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Also, I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but... Etude Opus 10 Number 3... Uh, yeah, I don't know what point I'm trying to make... ignore me.
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Just some Christmas-ing...

Since I've been gone in France, I had noticed a lack of egg nog there... And, today, a friend of mine brought up an interesting concept...

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Sorry if it's been done.... or not. XDDD You might just want to thwack me...
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yet another comm...

I figured I should probably start telling people about my new comm if I want any members, instead of relying on the old "build it, and they will come" motto. Plus, all the recent comm ads made me want to jump on the bandwagon.

Anyway, the new community is hated_guardian. It's for everyone who likes the relationship between Roy and Ed (and Al), but sees it in a non romantic or sexual way. Yes, platonic can be fun and interesting! Wherever I go I feel like I'm one of the few who feel Roy makes a great, albeit enigmatic, parental figure for Ed and Al, and, well, there's got to be more people who think this way, right?

So, if this sounds at all interesting, feel free to join up, or at least look around, and please beware the tumbleweeds. ^^
Mine!  ^_^

Key of E?

Hey y'all! So, a little while back, someone asked for a transcription of the depressing harmonica song that's in the background of the Roy flashbacks. I noticed while I was doing it that it was in E flat minor, but didn't really think much of it at the time. Now, listening to the OST 2, I'm fairly certain (as certain as I can be without trying to plunk it out and I'm really not very good at that) that most of the songs are written in assorted keys of E. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, aside from saying that it's interesting that most of the songs would be written in E... when the protagonist is Edward Elric. ^.~ Make of it what you will, ne?
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FMA Trading Cards, Random Pics and Stickers! Oh My!

For a while now, I have been collecting pics of FMA stuff from Yahoo!Japan Auctions. So, I've compiled all of the pics of FMA trading cards and group them together. However, I don't think I found all of the cards. Also, a lot of cards have original/new art, not screencaps of the series. Also, please note that even though the pics are large, most of them are low quality. But, I think they are good enough to make icons or something. :)

FMA Battle Cards:

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Pimping a new community

Guess what, I made a new comm, dedicated to Coeur d'Acier (those who doesn't know who I'm talking about look here. kaitou_marina and have been spending a few hours indulging into fangirling and plotting for its first album, so I thought it would be better for us to avoid spamming people's LJ by creating coeur_dacier. Feel free to join up! ^_^

BTW, just FYI, I've uploaded the CD cover there. ^_~
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Elricest fanart--"Sleeping With Ghosts"

I'm done with a pic that I've been planning for a long time but didn't have time to really colour until now.

So here's the pic, pieces of it, before I cropped it, the whole nine yards.

-ELRICEST (if you don't know what that is, don't click it)

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