December 20th, 2004

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Looking for the Christmas labels post?

A while ago, some one posted the picture of Ed hauling a huge Christmas bag, with Al sticking out of the back of it, as a remade Christmas label. Does anyone know which post that was, and where I could find it again?

I'm desperately trying to make Christmas labels for my presents and I would like to use that label. Thanks! ^.^
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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

3 Photos of FMA Festival

I just checked the FMA festival section on the offical japanese FMA website again and they put up three photos of the first showing of the FMA festival. The first two photo are just people waiting in line outside the building and the third is I think Paku Romi (Ed's Japanese VA) reading her lines on stage while episode 48 (yes I checked) runs in the background. All photos are spoiler-safe. I hope some here would translate the japanese text on the webpage.
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59 + Glasses + Uri = HOT!

Hagaren Aniplex Hour ~

Hi! well i know that Paku Romi and Rie Kugimiya have a radio program where they talk and act like they are Ed and Al and I was wondering,  where can you get some of those programs? If you can please tell me i will be veeery happy TwT  
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Ahiru & Fakir text
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(no subject)

Tonight I was struck with the fic bunny and wrote my first non-drabble FMA fic. It's a one-shot set post episode 25, so the unspoiled want to beat feet and steer clear.

Story: Hands (< link)
Summary: Memories never truly leave you, sometimes it just takes a certain trigger to bring them out. Mustang, Hawkeye, Ishbal, Hughes. A missing scene after episode 25.
Rating: R (but probalby really only PG-13)
Spoilers: episode 25

I must admit, my version of pre-series Roy turned out a little differrent than I expected when I started. This was intended as a Roy/Riza fic when I started, but it's really become a bit more complicated than that, and doesn't really qualify as a romance. The fic is not explicit on that end-- you can make of it what you will, be that romantic or platonic.
cross-posted to fma_fiction, royai

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Aero - nyah


I finally downloaded songs for my StepMania and was playing around with it and trying to find characters and more songs when I became curious....Anybody know if there are any FMA songs for StepMania or DWI?

Also if you know where to get the anime dancers I'll love you forever ^.^ I want Sailor Moon to dance!

Sankyu Sankyu!

And for your time I give you dolls!!! Winry, Izumi, Martel, and Al who does not enjoy being made on a girl base >___<
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PKMN // Togepi Line~

Icon Love <3

I promised myself that I would post some of the LJ Icons I have made over the last few months XD So here they are!

I've split them up into three little groups: One for still icons, one for icons with Mini-Animations and one for a group of icons I nicknamed the "Dub!Love Icons" where I take a picture and a quote I like from the dub version and make an icon out of it. I started that cos I'm always struggling to think of text to put into an icon =p

Anyway most of them should be spoiler free if you follow the dub, although there is one animated icon that's from episode 45 (*I think*) which you might want to stay clear of ^^; Not sure if it's a spoiler but I'm not taking any chances, you've been warned ^^;

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Feel free to use any of them ^^ I'm not too bothered about being credited, although it would be nice :D
Hope you enjoy them!
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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

2005 FMA Calendar Scans

A few days ago, I randomly found large scans of the FMA 2005 Calendar:

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[EDIT 1] I did not scan the calendar, I found them at some japanese image hosting website. The same place I found the "Al's kitty party crashers" picture.

[EDIT 2] Does anyone have scans of the FMA 2005 Manga Calendar? I remember a few weeks ago someone here said that he/she was going to scan all of them?
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More Christmas Drabbles.

I haven’t forgotten about these! I just couldn’t write for a bit. So, without further ado… two Ed/Roy stories for the holidays.

For: nozomi_no_da.

Title: “Twelve Days of Christmas.”
Warnings: Roy/Ed. Implied Al/Winry and implied one-sided Ed/Winry.

Characters: (start of, or going into) Roy/Ed, Al, Winry (maybe tentative Al/Winry?) [Hawkeye, Hughes and Havok optional]
Location: Various residencies and places in Central City.
Premise: Ed is determined to make the Colonel take time out from trying to become Fuhrer and celebrate the Christmas holiday, even if it kills him. Or Roy. Or both of them. Which it most likely will.

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For: paulaikari

Title: “Lust’s Birthday Present” or “Birds In The Bush”
Warnings: Uh… Roy/Ed? Humor. Moofy cameo.

Characters: Ed/Roy, Al, Lust
Location: An old-church/house/park/whatever ((O_o))
Premise: Al is looking for Ed and finds him -with the help of one of Lust's comments- making out with Roy in ((whatever place))

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Next up: Greed-and-posse fic and Hohenheim/Trisha. If they’re not done before Christmas… uh… they’ll be done before New Year. Earlier drabbles here and here.
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Pensive Bones

(no subject)

Hey there everyone! My name is Sam and I'm new here. I think I've posted maybe once as a comment. I just kinda though I should maybe give a little introductory kind of post here. I'm Sam, I live in Missouri, and I enjoy some of the finer things in life, namely: rice, pretzels, anime, and sock monkeys.

I got into Full Metal Alchemist with a couple of my friends when it came on Cartoon Network. It's one of those random things that me and my friend Kat can connect over despite being some odd hundreds of miles away and something that got me my total of Missouri friends: Two. ::happies::

Also, I had a question that I thought maybe someone could answer. I've been trying to find a timeline of all the major events in FMA. Like something that shows the Ishvar War and when Winry's parents die and how long after the war the boys try human transmuation and then into the series...... just stuff like that.

If anyone knows where to find a timeline I'd appreciate it if you'd pass that on. Cheers! ^.^
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to Deviantart people

and anyone else, I suppose ^_^

Is there a Deviantart community/club for Greed and could anyone direct me to it?
And if there isn't I'll gladly make one (he's my favorite Sin afterall. i must show my love :D). If that's the case, would anyone like to help me with it?

Gah, too many questions for one post.. Hope someone can help! ^_^