December 14th, 2004

arashi aiba pretty.

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Heya! No Studies (as in, those little crack picture-drawing-things I've been doing) for a while, since I have tests this whole week, and I do most of them at school. ;)

Instead... I have random sketches. *coughcough* Enjoy. Warning on first one for Munich!Ed. *g*

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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

December 2004 Animage Scan

Someone on the forum has posted up a scan from the Dec issue of Animage:

Al's cats crashing the party...
[EDIT] cut and past this the URL below and add a 'h' in the front:

It seems the website doesn't like direct linking.
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Hagaren keychains

The capsule machines here in Japan have brand-spanking-new Hagaren keychains. The six characters available are Ed, the cutest Al ever created, Roy, Envy, Armstrong (he finally gets keychain love!), and Winry. I currently have Ed, Al and Roy. Sorry for the craptacular picture, it's hard to get a close up pic of small objects

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Manga licenced in US

The FMA manga has been licenced in the US by Viz.

By Arakawa Hiromu
A long awaited 4-volume manga series that tells the story of young brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric who attempt to use the science of alchemy to bring their mother back to life, with life changing and action packed results. (June)

See this link:,9565,956125,00.html
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super serious arting

icon offering

Just three icons, really. All of which made from the doujinshi that has been shared on elricest. :3

If you want to use them, comment & credit. Love your icon makers and we'll love you back.

01. 02. 03.

If your are interest ing the rest of the icons I just posted (some Jecht and Daredevil icons), you can go here to see them
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