December 13th, 2004

For Sooyun...

These two are for atherlin. Collapse )
Also, does anybody happen to know the dubb's VA for Tucker (sewing-life alchemist)? doesn't have anything of fma and I haven't seen anything on the other sites. Edit: Never mind. I really need to learn to read. Happy it's who I thought it was, though.

another fic offering?

title: "Much ado about apples"
author: Manda (that's ME) at daringu_filter
spoilers: up to the very end of the anime, ¡con manzanas! (the apple thing will also make NO sense if you haven't seen the anime and specific episodes, such as 25 and 51. And yes, Hughes brings an apple pie in 25.)
charas: mustang + hughes, mustang + hawkeye, with roy/liza at the end.

I've had writers' block and this is the first thing I've written in a while, so I hope it's okay. (So why am I writing during finals week again?) It's also kind of long.

Your trivia for the day: ringo is Japanese for apple.
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Rufus: Little Bit of Nerve

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My third installment of my Christmas drabble responses has cometh. Sanity is that way.

The first is an slightly crackish fic for treesock that's about a very special present underneath the tree for her...

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My second piece for tonight is a drabble for maboroshi_hime  featuring Havoc and Edward with the oh-so-wonderful words: "That doesn't go in your mouth."

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Another FMA community!

(I wasn't sure if we're allowed to plug our Hagaren LJ comms here, but the rules say nothing against it, and i've seen others do it before, so I assume that it's permitted. >.>; <.<;)

It's actually almost pushing a week old now, but we've started an LJ community for everyone's favorite chuu-i, 1st Lt. Riza Hawkeye, because *gasp* no one else had. There are already tons of Roy communities out there- no offense to any of them, and all are awesome, by the way- but none to his most (?) loyal subordinate. So, we started one. Yay. Because, well, she rocks.

So, if it would please any of you to check it out- we've already broken 25 members! *cheers*- the community is _rizahawkeye_ and we'd appreciate members, fangirls/boys, fanart, fanfics, submissions of any kind- graphics help and admin help hurts not, also. Come and join the insanity! Firearms are allowed! X3
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