December 12th, 2004


Hagren Celebrity Jeopardy

I seriously couldnt get any work done until I got this out of my head...

After billypilgrim mentioned Roy and Bradley on Celebrity Jeopardy I totally had to do this XD
The thumbnail is censored for a spoiler in the first panel, if you full view it it'll get rid of the pixelation so please, if you havent watched the whole show DONT full view it.
Argh, its 5 am! I SO should have been working!!!
Well...I hope someone other than me finds this amusing XD

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To those people that read the translation of chapter 42....
I forgot a line in ch. 5. And in case you can't see the edit, I'm self-centered enough to make a new post about it. *dodges tomatoes*
I'm sorrrrrrryyyy!!!

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I started loving Mr. Spoilers because of this line, so....

New fan bringing sketches...

*waves* Uh, hello everyone - just another newbie mad about FMA reporting with fanart. I finished the series last week, am reading the manga, and naturally, I am drawing fanart like there´s no tomorrow (even though I should be working on original stuff!)

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I'm sorry if this has been talked about before, but I just wanted to point everyone to a beautiful FMA doujinshi scanlated by Neutral over at Possible Soup, entitled Sinful Contact. It's Roy x Ed, and NC-17. If you're interested, you can download it here. There's also another entitled Blue Flame, which is also Roy x Ed. Enjoy! :)
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Apparently I have no life today and was rewatching episode 6, pausing around where everyone was throwing a huge hissy fit about *GASP* THE EDIT.

I am not here to complain or whatever (I actually don't care too much either way), but to give an easy-to-follow comparison.
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I am done. =D

EDIT 2daidoujisan has confirmed it! The culprit is BONES! FUNi and Adult're free to go. For now.
Very mad world

Fanart and link

1) I bring crap!art. :D

First is a rushed picture done for somebody's birthday so it's like woah!mistakes and kinda messy. XD;;
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Second is a RoyEd shounen-ai pic, nothing too serious.
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Both were done on Painter Classic and neither of the lj-cuts are fake or link to DA. I have no clue where the idea for the first one came from. Winry's kinda slapping Ed on the back and Al's nudging Ed..sort of. Poor humiliated Ed. XD

Anybody want to give captions? o_O

2) I have no clue if somebody posted the links yet, but episodes 4-6 dubbed are up (which is a good thing for people who live outside the US =_=;) I don't think anybody's mentioned them yet, shoot me if they were or if we're not allowed to post the links. x_x
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more FMA Christmas carols

I know this post here: , got the 12 Days of Christmas here before I did so I decided to butcher another beloved Christmas carol to post here instead! (Plus: my 12 Hagaren Days of Christmas had Elricest and some spoliers in it. XD Shibbyfangirl did a much better job then I.)

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Now I have this stupid idea of lame Christmas-themed fics like "FullMetal Saves Christmas" or "A Amestris Christmas Carol" (Roy can be Scrooge with Alphonse, Edward and Hughes as the three ghosts!). *ded* XDD

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celeste ;; i lost it all

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I was wondering if anyone has a link to that one entry that had the HILARIOUS comedy doujin putting a highly mocking Elricest spin on the ending. I`ve been looking EVERYWHERE, I wish I had added it to my memories, but didn`t ... you know, the one with Count Chocula. ^^;;

Sorry to be a bother.
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FMA TV Artbook 2

Hi all!

... I've found that like some other people stuff in the comm doesn't always show up for me, so I'm hoping no one has made this post already.

anyways, I didn't see anyone post about the 2nd TV artbook coming out - so I think I'll do those honours and share the cover...

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arty hedgehogs

Character Survey(s?)!

Well, I was bored... And I thought it may be fun...


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Feel free to do it (and of course post it!) for your favorite characters!

EDIT: I don't know why some lines showed up blue... I'm too lazy to edit all the HTML >.
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Another Envy/Hoju pic.

(should I stop doing this pairing? XD; it seems so crack.)

This time, it's coloured cuz I finally got around to colouring this one Envy/Hoju pic. This one was pre-commission, which means Envy's face doesn't show up. But I did a lot of special effects and stuff with this, and used a good 20-some layers in colouring alone (I use a technique where first I add in the shading using grays, and that took some odd 2-3 hours with 6-9 layers). So all in all, this thing nearly took me the entire day, but I'm pretty happy about how it turned out^^/ please check it out^^

But as usual...

Plus the image is huge, cuz there was just wayyy too much detail.

( Follow da fake LJ-cut! )
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