December 11th, 2004


Another VA chat log!

Last night, in a sudden burst of random spontaneity, we invited Vic Mignogna (Ed's American dub voice actor) into the FMA dub chatroom on AIM. We had a fairly pleasant (in other words, we didn't crack him to death O.o) Q-and-A session. As his admin/chat mod, I'm posting it here. Enjoy!

Per standard procedure, Vic's SN has been removed and replaced with just plain Vic. Do NOT bombard any of the people you see here asking for his screenname, and please refrain from stalking him or any other person listed here.

Also, note this: If you were in this chat last night and wish to have your screenname removed and replaced with an alias for whatever reason, comment here, e-mail me at celira(at), or IM me at Celira of Wind.

(Click the fake LJ-cut!)
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Translation Request

I was wondering if anyone here has the Elric Brother's Stew Bowl.
If so, there's a recipe for that stew that comes with it.

I was wondering if anyone can scan this so I can force kindly ask my friend to translate and/or if it has been translated anywhere/ you can translated it.

Thank you. ^^
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Singing Edward X3

Ok guys, I took down the Radioshows like I said I would and now here are the vocal tracks on the Ed character single. Once again these will be up for a week and then i'll take them down off my server. And I once again ask that you please please please do not direct link to these. You can save them if you'ld like. Just no Direct linking. K enjoy! ^-^

01 Asu e no Basho
02 Returnable Memories
03 Hagane no Kokoro This last one is actually Ed, Al, and Winry singing. If you listen close, you can hear that they echoed Al's voice ^-^.

Heavy Rain

I have a question...

I'm sorry if this post is completely stupid, but I was wondering something about the dubbed episodes....

I've downloaded the first four eps dubbed in english just because I could ((I cannot watch them on TV...)), and I've already seen the subs... From what I could see they used the second opening (Ready Steady Go) instead of the first one (Melissa). In the first three that I downloaded they used the opening with its respective video clip... but in the fourth episode they used the video clip for Melissa. My questions are...

1) What video clip are they really using as opening for the series??.

2) Are they gonna use the song Ready Steady GO! for ALL of the episodes??

Asking for some help, please :)

Hi everyone

I was wondering (hoping, praying) that I could ask you all for some help. I'm going to start work on a rather industrious beading project and I need the perfect picture to work off of. I'd like to do a group picture with all the characters (or just the major ones). I've seen some great pics posted here, so ... if there's any way you guys could help me out, I would definitely post a pic of it when I'm done! :)

Thanks in advance!
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Lightbulb!Envy colorbar!

I don't know how this came about, but while a friend and I were talking... it suddenly dawned on me that, out of all the colorbars I've seen, I haven't seen a Lightbulb!Envy one yet. So (and I believe it being the middle of the night helped this along a bit) a few days ago, I made one. :D

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Employee Ed

I'm Hawkeye! XD

So, I'd recently dug out some older photos of myself to show people online, and I realized that I kinda looked like Hawkeye in one. Except for the fact that my hair was done, and such things. But I was not doing my homework bored today, and thus decided to do a little photo editing...

Here is the result.

(and for those curious, the original photo is here)

(no subject)

Because chapter 42 rocks beyond all the words in this world (how Arakawa can fit so much plot and characterization in so little space never fails to astound me) made a script translation. Of course, I'm not that good to begin with, but I've tried to mark the places where I wasn't so sure about.

I have an exam in a week. I'm so dead. And so happy. It's just. That. Good.

EDIT : 12th December (local)
I have NO excuse, really. I forgot to translate one of Hoho-papa's best lines on page 5. Forgive me. *shweeps*

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New Scansjournal advertisement !

Hello there, this is niwakaame =)! I'm not bearing any craptcaularly long pictural posts today, but instead (shamelessly) advertising for mai new scans journal. yep, just a journal where I post scans and only scans, and righteo now, only Hagaren, though I hope to extend the database in the future.
Ah, I feel a bit bad with advertising for myself like that ^^;. I'd just thought it'd be easier for a-people who searched for scans, b-for myself too.

Ah, yes, my work of the day includes having scanned a better version of the graduation pics xD;. Rock on.
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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Claus von Stauffenberg (FMA-related I swear!!!)

A couple weeks ago I watched a show on the Discovery Channel called "Virtual History: The Secret Plot to Kill Hitler." It was about the failed attempt to kill Adolf Hitler in July 20th, 1944. The July 20 plot was led by Claus von Stauffenberg. Well, there are certain attibutes that remind of a certain FMA character...

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Rufus: Little Bit of Nerve

If I Eat Anymore Cabbage, I'll End Up Like Ed

My second installment of my drabble requests, this time of tatooine's and </span>saya_aensland's requests.

tatooine's request was for a romantic drabble containing Izumi and Seig called "By the End of the Day".</span></span>

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saya_aensland's request was for a dramatic piece revolving around Roy wishing to protect Ed, but how he cannot. </span>

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