December 7th, 2004

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kinda conducting a market survey...

(if this is not allowed, then please feel free to delete it^^;)

I was just wondering, since doujin calendars are so popular (and I work in a calendar kiosk XD;)...

Would anyone buy a 2006 FMA doujin calendar if I made one and sold it at Otakon next year? If so, then what should be in it? Should it be

-Elric brothers only (no yaoi)
-Elricest only
-Roy only
-Female characters only
-all character
-one character only (for instance, Hughes only, Roy only, etc...)
-yaoi pairings only
-minor pairings only (such as crack pairings...HojuEn, EnEd, etc...)
-Sins only
-military only (I can't believe I forgot this one...)

...or one of each? (though I think I will die a horrible, painful death doing it.)

And where can I find a program/publisher to produce these things for me?

Thanks a bunch!
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More Holiday Request Fic!

Here’s a second batch of holiday request fic – just in time for Hanukkah. (First batch here.)

For: winter_ruins.
Characters: Envy and Ed. Or Envy X Ed. Or anything with Envy in it.
Location: England or Germany or something.
Premise: Whatever you want? Envy gets confused and disoriented near the end of December~!

Title: “At The End Of The World.”
Warnings: Spoilers through the end of the anime. Angst. Sort of implied Envy/Ed, if you want it to be there, but mostly it’s just angsty Ed and Hoju!Envy.

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For: treesock.
Characters: Maes Hughes and me. (Note: It actually came out as “Hughes and anyone you want to stick in.”)
Location: It's up to you.
Premise: “In all honesty, there was only one thing in the world that she desired. And that one thing just happened to be something she probably would never have a chance at... until now.”

Title: “Firelight Dreams.”
Warnings: Dreams. Episode 25. Surrealism up the whazoo.

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More coming soon, I think/hope.
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Random Musing on.. Smell...

So, after reading tatooine's short fic for treesock, I found myself wondering what it was, exactly, that the characters actually smelled like. And for some reason (I think it's the stress of finals week and lack of sleep) figuring this out became very, very important... ^_^ So, with a bit of help from sketchyheart, this is the list we've come up with, and I figured it would be fun to see what everyone else thinks.

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