December 4th, 2004

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AS: Vic Mignogna Coming to Ushicon! :D

Vic Mignogna, who plays Edward in the dub, is coming to a convention I'm going to. ^_^ And I was wondering who's in the area (It's in Austin, Texas. :B) so we can go stalk him. Even after 5 or so episodes, I want to stalk, especially Al's VA. xD But that's just one person from FMA that I know of. They need to update it more often. ^_^

If this is just a stupid post by an Adult Swim fan, ignore~ >_>;; I apologize :D;;
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Was just wondering.. hope it doesn't bother anyone.

A while back, somebody posted links to a Japanese page with Sims skins for some FMA charas.

However, I went back to earlier entries, but I get all the entries mixing up all together after a few 'go earlier's, so I'm forced to ask.

Please help if you can D: