November 30th, 2004

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A little(lot) of crack if you loathe Roze and many a pictars.

Being taken by exams and my very own laziness, I hadn't had one crack/pictures post in a long time. So here goes :D.

The first thing is the Poke the Roze game, which really is gratuiteously evil and Roze-hating, extremely puerile and was born due a day of utter boredom and bitchiness.

Then comes a heckload of Hagaren,Naruto and Clamp pictures. Okay,not really a heckload,but it seemed like a heckload to me :). See at your own risk.

I'm a fake LJ-cut. Really, I am.
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Elricest Fic Pimping

I threatened to do this.

Last night anax posted the epilogue to his story "By Sightless Lightning" in the elricest community. The story is now complete.

For those of you who do not know what elricest is (and who have not been in various fandoms long enough simply to guess), it is a slash pairing involving the brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric. Does the idea of that gross you out? That's okay, it totally squicks me out too. But that doesn't make "By Sightless Lightning" anything less then a phenomenally interesting, heartrending read.

What would happen if Ed was able to return Al to a human body? Will Ed ever be able to return Al to his body? These are questions that ought to have "SPOILER" stamped all over them, but fortunately I can sidestep this issue. anax started writing "By Sightless Lightning" well before the answers to these questions could even be adequately guessed at, and therefore the fic seems to be mostly safe for people to read (although there is a certain significant event that happens sometime after 20 or 30 episodes have been released that is obliquely referenced in the last full chapter). True spoiler purists are advised to wait until they've seen the full series, but I'd rate this story as pretty "safe," even for a newbie.

Although the story may be "safe" from a plot-spoiler POV, "By Sightless Lightning" is completely explicit. I'd easily give it an NC-17 rating for sex, sexual situations, language, adult themes, adult situations, and general squirminess. anax has never been one to write comfortable, easy stories.

So what happens? That would be telling, of course. But if you want to see a speculative response to the questions raised a couple paragraphs up, this is your story. If you have always felt that Ed and Al have had a complex, emotionally intricate relationship, this is your story. If you are a champion of Ed just as himself, this is your story. If you adore angst, this is your story. But if you think Elricest is disgusting and all FMA fanfic to be questionable bastardizations of an already complete story that doesn't need any fan "help" to be better then it is... well, this may also be your story, too. anax is a writer, and a damn fine one at that. If character, suspense, and plot are your bag.... definitely give this story a try.

If you'd like to read "By Sightless Lightning," go to the last chapter here. All of the previous chapters are linked in that post. After you've done that you can finish up with the epilogue, which is posted here. This is a complete story, and as far as I know there is no sequel planned. anax will, of course, continue to write FMA fanfic.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'll mention that anax is a very good friend, and that I've worked to beta this fic from the beginning. But I wouldn't bother pimping this story if I didn't think it surpassed even his usual standards of storytelling. Others who have read the fic are welcome to refute or support my recommendation... this is an open post, and I will not be freezing or deleting any comments, regardless of what is said. I feel quite strongly that people who love FMA should give this story are try, not for my sake or for anax's ego, but because it is really, truly good. See for yourself.

Sequel to crack RP transcripts...oh, and I have an antennae.

It's true! I just dampened my hair this morning and brushed it and stuff...and then I curled up and slept in a chair for about half an hour...then I got back up and went to school (where I am now) and I stare at the computer screen and my semi-reflection and whoa...-Pokes hair- I have a little antennae....^^; Typically I would make it go away, but it makes me happy right now. I didn't even use any gel or anything...I am proud of my hair now, it makes its own antennae without me even having to try! ^_____^

Here, have some more crack.

( "The Proper way to Zeppelin," now get "The Proper Uses of SND" FREE with your order! )

( In which there is randomly induced HavocxEd semi-smut! )

( And thus, the Lust!Roy muse is born! )

( The transformation of Nanashi into Lust!Roy, a bit more permanent change... )

That's all folks! All the transcripts I've got at this computer, but keep in mind, that's ONLY for the crack room. I haven't even BEGUN to try and sift through the dub room crack, and the side rooms...o.<; Next update will be with the logs from when Travis came to chat, both weeks, and I'll update the links each time there's more, check back weekly. ^^;
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Transcripts: VA chat session logs part 1!

Before the transcripts, I’m going to just go ahead and tell you, I DO have transcripts from the other two rooms from during the episode 3 airing, as well as from the other two rooms for the episode 4 airing, from the first AND second sessions, and they WILL be posted.  Just not yet.  I’m working ONLY with the secret third room right now.  The ORIGINAL secret room, however I don’t have the complete log for the mistakenly created SECOND secret room which got to speak to Travis BEFORE the original secret room due to confusion, because I wasn’t aware that this other chat existed at the time.  I did get a lot of it, but if anybody has the log of what went on before I came in, I’d be grateful if you’d share it with me so I can correct this mistake.  ^^;

A second side note: Do NOT ask me for Travis’ screenname, for I shall not tell you.  Do NOT ask me for Vic’s screenname, for I also shall not tell you.  Do not ask me for candy, either, because I don’t have any.  The logs are, for the most part, unedited (aside from Travis’ screenname), but for the sake of cutting things that don’t matter, there will be some parts sectioned off.  QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS will be in BOLD and NUMBERED CORRESPONDINGLY.  Make good use of the find tool. (Ctrl+F)  Travis’ name will be bolded, and amusing snippets of conversation will be in italics.  Most memorable/quoteable lines will be marked with **asterisks**.

IMPORTANT: If your screenname is listed in this chat, and you would prefer that it was NOT…PLEASE TELL ME THIS SO I CAN APPROPRIATELY EDIT YOUR NAME OUT.

Due to the character limit for LiveJournal, it is possible that an entire session will not fit in one post.  If this is the case, the rest of the session will be linked at the bottom of the entry, and the cutoff will be made at a logical breaking point in the chat to avoid confusion.  That said, sit back, squeal and enjoy!  Oh, and don’t forget your drool buckets…I don’t want to have to mop up the floor when you’re done reading.  ^^


( Secret Room Session 1: Episode 3 Airing )

( Secret Room Session 2: Episode 3 Airing )

( Secret Room Session 3: Episode 3 Airing )


( Secret Room Session 4: Episode 4 Airing )


That's all for now, I'll update THIS POST when I get the next logs up.  I'll put a link to this post in an update post so you won't have to go searching for it again, though.  ^^;  I'll update weekly, as stated before, I'll also have the transcripts from the other rooms, as stated as well, but I don't have them up yet or at my fingertips right now, they're on the other computer.  ^^; 

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FMA Calendar

>o< I've got the FMA calendar in my hands! The manga version one, that is. I'll be trying to scan the images in and stuff for you guys! :D For those of you who haven't bought it, it's worth every cent. *drools over the pics* There's even this free letter set that came along with it! :o

*goes to scan*
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Title: I Might Be Wrong (Prologue)
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy/Hughes
Spoilers: through 51
Summary: Roy hasn't learned from other people's mistakes
Notes: Once again, thanks to tatooine for picking up all my stupid mistakes. So yeah, this is a multi-part post-25 AU. I apologize for the short chapter, but more should be coming soon.

( Prologue )
FFIX - Freya
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I drew a happy Christmas Ed. I'm going to color it and make it into an ornament for my small Christmas tree. :3 More then likely I'll be making an Al one too. And probably Envy and Gluttony, just 'cause I like to draw them. I draw weird stuff when I get bored...

Happy Christmas Ed
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Meg light
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Looking for pics.

Does anyone know where I can find pictures of Martel (from the anime)?

Also, does anyone know where there are pics/screencaps of Roy and Riza in civilian clothes in episode 48?
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