November 28th, 2004



I'm selling things in an attempt to raise money to get a pair of dolls I've fallen in love with, and as I've got a few FMA-related things up (the Flame Alchemist candle, a file, and a pencilboard) so I figured I might as well post a link here. Plus, I need all the exposure I can get. So please, help a girl out and go check out the stuff for sale (link is to my journal).

Thanks ahead of time! ♥
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Okay, I read the FAQ, and I know it says that the manga isn't licenced in America yet, but yesterday I went into Waldenbooks and asked if they had any copies of Full Metal Alchemist. The lady at the desk said that they didn't yet, but they should be getting some -next week-. Is this true? :O Or was she on crack or something and getting my hopes up for no reason? :| Nonetheless, next time I go in, I think I better take the offer to reserve a copy <<;

I didn't see any post topics relating to this in the memories, so hopefully I'm not spamming ^^;
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Hokay, chat logs from last night. Travis' screen name has been changed as usual. I'm missing the log of Travis' second go in fmadub, unfortunitally, because I accidentaly closed out the window. -hits self- I'm also missing part of his second go in fmacrack and the first go in crackfma, because my AIM was being stupid. Other than that, though, there shouldn't be anything else missing. Enjoy~

First Appearences

Second Appearences

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Anime Expo - Bean Army, Hell-con and Miniskirt Harem Army

Hi all! If you've been to one of the chats, you'll know me as sephy sirius, the psycho Gackt fan FMA fan who's making the banners to be debuted at AX 05. Two of them have been completed, and I'm very very sorry for no pictures - you can shoot me if you want (I'll take some when I go home from college during Xmas...when I find that stupid cable for the camera). But anyway, for the "Bean Army" one, it's shaped like Ed's chibi head...Collapse )
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I'm really sorry to spam like this, but I looked in the memories and it is IMPOSSIBLE to go back more than 40 entries with our current layout so I had to resort to this...

Can anybody give me the link to the post with all the Japanese cosplayers sites? I'll love you forever! ^__^

I have a strange sense of Deja-vu... :\

Thanks in advance! <33
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My future technology pairing


I have a little issue inviting myself to the chat because I'm using iChat and it has...special needs.

could someone invite me into the chat at some point?

my SN is merchanttuna

thanks a bunch.

sorry for the random spam.

[Fic] Namida chapter 2

Title: Namida (Tear) 2/?
Pairing: Envy x Ed
Archive: ^^ Ask me first.
Summary: A week has gone by since his last dreaded encounter with Envy. He had even began to believe that all that remained of the event were the dreams that haunted him... Unfortunately, for him, things could never be so easy.
Notes: Work-safe, unlike the last chapter. ^^; Less angsty, too, and more amusing. And no, this was not supposed to have been a multi-part fic. I'm easily convinced.

Collapse )

Be gentle, throwing bricks is not allowed. ^^;

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For my birthday my parents got me the latest issue of Newtype (sidenote- they're also allowing me to get a tattoo... most likely going to be FMA or anime related XD). And what do I find? RIE!! Alphonse's sexy voice actress!! O___O

So I decided to be nice and share the love.

(sorry it's all on DA- I need to find a good, free place to host my pictures someday...) (the one picture where she's hugging Alphonse made me squee out loud. >.>;; )

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