November 24th, 2004


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Hi all! I've been wanting to try my hand at making icons for some time now. I'm nowhere *near* as good as some of the others that have posted their work here, but hey. My kids were sleeping and I was feeling creative and brave. Again, these are the first icons I have ever made in my life (there are only two). They are both of Ed :)


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Al Picture Request!

So I'm in need of Al(non armour)pictures with various emotions, sad, excited, happy, melancholy... anything you can give me would be appreciated! It’s just going through half the series looking for shots is some what maddening. O_o
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Ed/Winry One-shot, "Martingale"

Another Ed/Winry one-shot. This was one of the most difficult of my fics to write, it gave me a hell of a time. Citrusy.


But she did not even need to wonder anymore if Edward would submit – she knew he would. He was too used to the bridle holding his head down; even when it was off he still bowed to it, a ghost hand on his neck.

Linked to my journal.
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When you know Ed is really small..

Hi hi! I'm not new, but I've been lurking in this community for the longest time now. I've finally decided to get my lazy butt off the floor and post something exciting, not really, but oh well.

Fear my crappy 2 second drawing of Ed.. under a magnifying glass. xP
Oh my, what has FMA done to me?

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Let's be Bad Guys

FMAdub chat question

*sobs* For some reason I can't get to the chat! Either I'm really stupid or I'm REALLY stupid, but if someone would be so kind as to invite me. ^-^ I would really appreciate it! My screenname is angelgrl0318 And yes, if you just want to talk to me through AIM, be my guest, thought I doubt you'd want to. ^^;;; So please, someone invite me so I can see if it's really me who's having problems or if it's my computer. Sankyuu!

And just so this post isn't a complete waste, here's some winter fanart! Of Edo!
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2 More Icons

Hi everyone. I thought I'd try out 2 more icons, because I found 2 really cute pics of Ed and Al last night. Again, both are very basic, very beginner. Enjoy ^_^

One of the icons behind the cut ...

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So yeah. Icon time from Treesock again. Usual rules apply -- this is my first batch of Photoshop icons, so there's a fair bit of experimentation.

17 Icons Total

FMA x 14
Hughes & Armstrong (1)
Hughes alone (9)
Hughes and Roy (1)
Hughes and Ed (1)
Pinako Rockbell (1)
Hohenheim Elric (1)

Stellvia of the Universe x 3
Shirogane Jinrai (2)
Shipon and Kouta (1)

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Crossposted like mad, so I apologize in advance for this showing up all over your friendslist if that so happens. XD
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Soundtrack Number Deux

(Yes, I know there was a thread on this a while back, I'm just looking for any updates) --> Fullmetal Alchemist Soundtrack 2

I'm thinking of getting this for Christmas because the music in the second half of the series was so good (Dante's Theme?) but I wish I could know for sure it wasn't just an all vocal album or something. Does anyone have any updated information? Maybe a tracklisting or something?

Oh well, I hope that wasn't too spam-tastic.
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A little explanation here: I'm a foreign exchange student and this is the first time I celebrate Thanksgiving and this being my first time, I decided to get actively involved in all the preparations...which eventually led to this very WRONG piece of crack!fic.

Author: pegasus_01
Title: Thanksgiving Tribute: Brought to you by Envy and his evil mind
Genre: Crack, Thanksgiving, Crack and Major Crack
Rating: Let's say R for the innuendo
Spoilers: Episode 25
Summary: A little stand alone to the Envyoli series. This is a disturbing tribute to Thanksgiving and Americans' obsession with plunging their hands up their turkey's ass... And Envy pretending to be American and having way too much fun with the tradition.

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Heeeey, is there anywhere I can find some big, nice quality FMA images? I've been looking using Google images but I couldn't find much, and I wanna make icons! >.
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