November 22nd, 2004

[SHINee] blue

Crack Sins!

those of you that where in the fmadub chat room today have heard me talk about the crack sins

so i want to share with you the list of crack sins XDD

Gluttony = Buttony
Pride = Pine
Lust = Gust
Sloth = Goth
Anger/Wrath = Angel
Envy = Navy
Greed = Spleen

and after talking in the chatroom and some people dieing...
we have a list of who is a crack sin XDD
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and then, i decided to copy all the parts that people died and came back at...
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derpderp blob

[fanart] Miniskirt!Ed (as a result of Finni on crack)

Well, I don't think I've posted art here before but hey! Beware teh Finni arts!
(stolen from my journal)

... because crack is contagious, I swear it is.
Well, mostly inspired by the chat logs I've seen with Travis of which there was much miniskirting. And miniskirt!Ed must have been done so many times before but hey, I'm not complaining >D


.... mwahahha
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hey moon sticker

Fullmetal Car

I brought my little '96 Saturn, Hotaru, in for repairs today. As part of my insurance coverage, I get a rental car for the three days it'll take to repair my baby.

I was supposed to get a dinky little car, but by some fluke, I ended up with a black '05 Kia Sorento.

Now I have to name my cars, whether they're rentals or not. I named this one Alphonse. He's big, metal, and looks downright intimidating...but the interior is so nice and soft and pleasant!
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(no subject)

A multiperpous updaye!

First of all, Adult Swim has a clip of episode hour to watch. Nothing to significant to watch, but, hey, it's episode four. XD

Next, IGN has some new screens up from Broken Angel [The first PS2 Game], up. And the langauge is a bit.. strange.

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I also made a Thanksgiving picture for you'll. Enjoy the crappiness.

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I delurk and bring fanart more offensive than you can shake a bunch of swastikas at!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since I wanted my first post to be more than the ordinary "Hay guyz, sup?", I got something for you ... +wink wink nudge nudge+
I consider my piece of fanart as far too ... "special" to pass it up. +snerk+

Roy Mustang, darling fascist of the right wing! >:D


Let me know what you think. I'm curious, really.
Insult, spit, flame, squee, flip, just post away! (I think I just signed the contract of my slow, painful death. LAFF! D=)
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raiel upsidedown

miniskirt!Ed cosplay

Welp, I did what I said I'd do. Cosplay Ed in a miniskirt. I even tried to be in character about it! Now behold the 6 pictures I took...

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And then someone posted a picture of a character that looked alot like Hughes on their own journal. *horrid at remembering names* Well, you know who you are. I forgot the character's name, but I decided to make him look even MORE like Hughes!
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Winry scan

Remember that poster which came with Animedia some months ago? I found a card with the same picture on the November issue and I scanned it ^^
You can find it here.
Enjoy XD

I may be mistaken, but I think that these cards were randomly put in each magazine, so is there anybody who got the Ed or Roy ones? I'm just curious >3

(no subject)

I have a question. Who is the red head in this picture under the LJ-cut. I might be stupid for asking but I know that (from left to right) it goes:

Riza Hawkey, Alex Louis Armstrong, Roy Mustang, Kain Fuery, Jean Havoc, ?????(redhead), then Maes Hughes. Do any of you know? (sorry if this is a stupid question but this has been bothering me)

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Al-kun is not a robot!

Tonight I was having a conversation with a friend on MSN. Here's what he said to me:

Multiple choice accounting strange is that? says:
FMA chracter

Multiple choice accounting strange is that? says:
i thought he was a robo

Multiple choice accounting strange is that? says:

Kay-chan says:

Multiple choice accounting strange is that? says:

Multiple choice accounting strange is that? says:

Kay-chan says:
He's a soul connected to a suit of amour by a blood seal his brother created while trying to bring their mother back from the dead!!

Kay-chan says:

Multiple choice accounting strange is that? says:
oh i was gettin close

Multiple choice accounting strange is that? says:
that was my nxt guess

I want to start an awareness campaign! People should know the truth!

Poor Al-kun *huggles*
The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Otakon 2005: August 19 - 21

Hi everybody,
I know this is not really FMA-related, but I figured this is important since a lot of people here go to Otakon. Today, Otakon announced that the 2005 Baltimore convention will be on August 19-21 at the Baltimore Convention Center. However, there is some bad news. For the first time, they will limit membership attendence to 22,000 due to safety and crowd control (i.e. Otakon is getting too damn big). Also, they made changes to the membership policies. Membership fees will notbe transferrable, nor are they refundable. In addition, they will no longer offer one-day memberships.

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