November 21st, 2004

FMA dub caps anywhere?

Hi, everyone. My apologies if there've already been posts about this (or if it's just a really stupid question :\), but... does anyone happen to know if there's anyone who's been doing caps of the FMA dub that Cartoon Network has been running? ...and, if it's available somewhere, would anyone mind linking me?
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Winry's dub voice actor. ^^

Well, everyone is discussing Travis's introduction as Roy Mustang tonight in the dub. I was very impressed myself. Vic is growing better and the scene in which the human transmutation went wrong was wonderful. Great job conveying the emotion by Ed and Al. ^^

I also really loved Winry though. I think her introduction was great, and I believe she'll improve even more as older!Winry.

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More Roy/Travis--TROY!--chat clips

I'm sure someone will eventually post something more fleshed out than this somewhere. I'm too lazy to redo this, so I'm just going to copy/past from my own journal.

*starts the paste*
The dub cast of FMA is AWESOME. It makes me less critical of how well they might match the character, or a few not perfectly delivered lines (script is a totally different department).

Why do I say this? THIS MAN.

The aim chat rooms--yes, plural, apparently 36 people is the cap on AIM chat rooms--he went to last night after ep 3 of FMA aired... They were full of crack and love and he contributed muchly. Much luff to Travis, the dub voice of Roy Mustang!

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This Will Happen Every Week?

X-Posted from my LJ

Tonight/This morning was fun. There were three AIM chat rooms open for everyone to talk while watching Fullmetal Alchemist #3 on Cartoon Network, and I invited him to them. I had to make a schedule and everything...when we would visit this room, how long we would be in that room. Of course, I like organizing things, so I didn't have a problem.

Crack ensued. And then more did.

And I was a dumbass and didn't save the transcript, but somehow I was labeled as his Hawkeye. And then I ended up with the nickname 'Sir Riza'. As much as it broke my brain, I had to make an icon.

I love fangirls. All of you who melted and screamed and sparkled over him...thank you for giving me such an amusing night, I swear to God. XD

And also, I think Travis did an awesome Roy. Very sexy voice. In the sub, I love Ed more. But in the dub, I think I like Roy best.

Sorry Vic! You are a good VA.

And Travis said he might do it next week if he has nothing better to do, you lucky gals.

--SIR Riza--
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(no subject)

Okay, if this is crack-induced, I'm sorry. <_< But...let's make Roy's miniskirt army :D With the whole community. Make any character in a miniskirt, post it here, and then we'll put it together into the army. Anybody want to do it? (Sorry Travis. <_<)
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Random Thought

after reading the chat with Travis
i had a really random idea
what if we found out what cons he was going to be at...
and a large group of us wore the military outfit.... but with mini-skirts
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Just got back from Sugoi-Con and I return with many pictures and an unforgetable experiance! First, we stopped to get McDonalds. While still in our Edo-kun costumes and we got many strange looks, all of which we were proud of! XD Then we went to the hotel and there were old granny panties in the bathroom O.o; It was odd... Then off to the con we went! Before we had even managed to buy our badges, about 5 people had already taken pictures of us, and we had already found another Ed! In all it ended up that there were 5 Ed's total. Then as I was about to buy a pin with the flamel and a 'I love yaoi' pin I descovered I lost my $55. I freaked... but in the end I got it back. Which was incredible! Everyone was so nice and helpful! Expecially someone dressed as Bakura who gave me $20. I'll never forget him, thats for sure. I attacked a few water fountains yelling 'MIZUMIZUMIZUMIZUMIZU!!!" confusing everyone which amused me. All in all it was the best birthday I've ever had in my life, despite the fact that since I yelled so much I can't talk at all today. So heres a few picture, I plan to upload more later.

Ed on Ed Action XD (I'm the one on the right) -
Edward x4 (I'm 2nd to the last) -
Fellow FMA Cosplayers -
Eds sitting in the window (I'm the one in the Yaoi shirt XP) -

Sorry that they're all deviantart links. I don't really have time to upload them to my domain because I'm getting kind of sleepy...
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I do believe in phosphorylation! I do!

Shameless Community Plug (tm)

Because I've seen plenty of communities get pimped here without anyone throwing some sort of massive hissyfit, here goes another spawned of the fangirl-filled goodness that is the FMAdub chat:


To quote the (currently very brief) userinfo, "The Miniskirt Army, of all of us fangirls (and fanboys) dedicated to Roy Mustang, his cause, and his love of miniskirts (on other people, mind you.)

Join the insanity, you know you want to ^^"
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Hello and wallpaper~

Hello everyone! I've been posting here in replies from time to time but I've been reading over this community for quite a while now. I finally decided to register myself in there! Short introduction: My name is Sandy, I'm a female, 21 and live in Belgium. I watched all the serie when it was still aired in Japan and I'm a total Ed lover XD.

So as I promised a few days ago, here is my last wallpaper based on the latest Newtype scan.

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Envy Pictures from Envycan.

First, let's start off randomly.There's something wonderful called Christmas in this world :3. And there's someone wonderful called Unerasable_sin in this community . And this great goddess has sent to my saddening little self the rawks0r Envycan(Can containing various Envy related goodies, of which I'll post piCtArZz of later on if no-one minds :3). The thing is, there are cute and hawt Envy pictures in it. In fact, it makes only two, but heck, they're Envy so they're hawt.

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