November 20th, 2004

[seal] I'm an egg

some small fanarts!

Well, when I'm at work, I am usually very bored to the point where I start doodling while I'm walking around the kiosk. Here are two pics that I got proud enough to ink and post here^^/

These are real LJ cuts.

First pic contains Envy/Hoju (explained under LJ spoiler-cut)

warning: first pic contains spoilers for FMA ep.50!!!!
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warning: contains Elricest and violence!
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FMA 2005 Movie Tickets on Sale Dec 18th & Bonus!

According to the FMA Movie official site tickets for the movie will go on sale on Dec 18th in Japan and as a bonus for buying a ticket you get the choice of an Ed (England ver) & Al (PS ver), or Ed (england ver) & Roy (eyepatch) keychain while supplies last ^_^ Also the subtitle of the movie is shown on the movie site as well "Fullmetal Alchemist : The Conquerer of Shamballa" lol if you didnt already kno ;) Shamballa info can be found here ^^


Just a plug to a new community. XD


If you love Roy and Havoc together too, come join us! <3

Otherwise, I wrote a Wrath drabble. But it, like all my other fanfics, suck, so I doubt I'll be showing it. :D Unless you really want to see it... o.O ...and promise not to laugh. :x
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Hi there ^^ I've been wandering around for awhile, and I've decided to just post a sketch of edward that I did in my own style, different from the style on the actual anime. Comments and Constructive Criticism please.

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I've been lurking around here since the dawn of time (well, at least since spring) and now I've finally decided to UNLURK!! It might not always look like that, but I can be shy. Yes I can.

So, to celebrate the fact I'm unlurking, I decided to link to my journal and my fic'o'doom.

Title: Izumi the Vampire Hunter
Category: Crack, AU- ish, humor
PG/PG- 13 for swearing. Nothing serious at all.
Warning: Not really beta'ed
Link OMG! It's a vampire!

Comments are appreciated, stones will be returned and garlic might scare me. Just so you know.
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The "FMAdub" AIM chatroom strikes again. Crack, yes, but not fic-RP crack, it's discussion crack.

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If anyone makes this icon for me, I would love them forever.

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I visited this community for a looong time, however I didn't have a livejournal account so I never posted here. But I HAD to quickly create an account because I found something I wanted to share with everyone really badly:

They're not the best, but I find the array cursor really nice and it adds to the ones someone from this community made before. ^^= Hope everyone likes them!