November 16th, 2004


Fic: Namida (No spoilers what-so-ever!)

Title: Namida (Tear)
Genre: Err...angsty smut? o_O; Mildly PWP
Rating: R, definitely. ^^;
Pairing: EnvyxEd
Summary: All that Edward wanted was time to himself after having arrived in Central. What he received however, was an unwanted visitor with a different agenda...

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Comments? ^^;; Be gentle!!

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Fanfic contest!

I'm gonna keep this short and I hope this isn't to spammy, but I know there are writers in this community and I love judging fics based on fandoms I know, so, here we are ^_~

Animaritime's fanfiction contest!

All fandoms welcome. Basic rules are: 3000 word limit, due by 9am on Feb 18th, 2005 (GMT -4h) and no NC-17s.

More details can be found here

Thanks and please help spread the word!

*sits back and waits for distractions fanfiction to arrive*

One ticket straight to Hell-con for everybody in this RP.

On the day following the airing of the second dub episode of FMA...all chaos broke loose.

It began as a chat between bored fans in the AIM chatroom FMAdub...and it all went downhill from there once a certain xkesshoux decided it was time to turn the room into a ball of crack!RP...

THIS is the have been warned...

Elricest, playing of DDR...that can be taken easily the wrong way, Moofy jumps in, Sloth is too much like Trisha, Roy doesn't want any part of it, Black Hayate is a Homuncuinu, a flesh-eating virus ate Winry! AND MAGICAL KYOUDAI ERURIKU!

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I'll try and go back to writing more serious things now...but hell, I hadn't done crack in forever...I just HAD to...XD

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Don't know if anyone reads this, but after I saw the post of Hiromu Arakawa's official art of the older characters "Mafia" style, I remembered of this piece of FMA artwork I drew a while back before I saw that picture and even before the series ended.  It's in black and white because I forgot to CG it and included all the same characters, except for Den, and also a similar theme (though I based mine more on the Chicago era)  Anyway, it's already a fact that my drawing is nowhere near as awesome as hers, but I just thought that it was quite an interesting coincidence ^_^;


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New music video

hello coming again out of lurkdom to come and present you all with a new music video i have made, i'm very happy with how it came out overall, this video is basically about the series overall though i think the video focused on the brothers a bit more than I had planned lol, and it's more of a LONG trailer to the entire series

to all the noobs who have just found out about the series through adult swim you may want to stay FAR FAR away from this video as it's has ALOT of Spoilers anyway only members of the site can watch the video for now, i might have my friend host it later on

hope you all enjoy it!

if you want to see it and can't wait just IM me on msn or aim which can be found on my info page


Some might remember this. And some might remember me asking people what underwear they wear.

Yeah, it's that comic. And it's finished. Read from right to left. (first time I succeeded doing i this way. x_x)

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Whee. Wasn't that fun? And yes, that is the flame array on Roy's boxers. XP;

Fanfiction for your night :D

Well... once upon a time last month I wrote a fanfiction to continue on with the FMA anime plot line. It was "Chapter 52", like episode 52, blah blah blah.

So now I present Chapter 53 :D as I continue on with my quest to avoid homework mission to continue the FMA anime story line. ^_^ It's really... really long *SWEATDROPS* but I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 53 - A Stranger's Face


It's littered with Series Ending Spoilers
You need to read 52 to understand 53 o_O

My shameless plug for the night is done!
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Fanart and other things ^_^

Hiya all.

I've been lurking for a while, but I thought I would come out and post a few little art things.

Behind the cut:
3 fanarts (2 Ed, 1 Ed and Al)
1 "Friends Only" banner
2 icons (1 Ed, 1 EdxRoy, and 1 Ed and Al)

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If you take icons or the friends only banner, please credit. Thankies Hope you enjoy ^_^
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Scans from Animedia Dec 2004

Hooray! At last I have something to contribute to the community ^______^

I just bought the Dec issue of Animedia (the one with the HEEEEEEUUGE Al poster, wheee~!) so I thought I'd scan some (well, most) of the FMA-related stuff.

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Phew~ and that's all from me ^^ I'm gonna try to scan that Alphonse poster later. If it turns out nicely I'll post it at the comm ^^
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