November 14th, 2004

summer sucks

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a clean opening?

FMA has a creditless opening on Adult Swim. no wonder it looked so weird.


I think I'm starting to adjust to the voices. If only Vic Whatshisname spoke a little differently, he wouldn't make that bad of an Ed.

Alphonse needs acting lessons.

I like Al's little monologue on the Truth of Equivilant Trade at the end. it was well spoken, made more sense than any of FUNi's other akwardly worded explanations.

And even though it was cut short, I'm glad they kept the origional ending. ^^



What did they DO with Gluttony's voice???? Why does he sound like an 80 year old British pervert???? Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! >.< I despair for the other Sins....

Other than that, the other voices were pretty good ^^. Al is getting more feeling and Ed is growing on me. I'm kind of wary of the next episode though, Ed and Al's child voices sound waaay corny in the preview ^^;;;
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rasengan fixes everything - rainjoybring

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Well, the chat was crazy tonight, and I just had to do it. New community!


The "official" purpose for the community is to talk about the fma_dub and all the hilarity that ensues from it. Sorry for the canned layout. >_< I might change it later.

So go ahead and join!
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New FMA fic....

Just a quick note here...... Just posted the third in the "Virtues" arc that I started a while back, over in This one's Tertius: Faith and is focused on Alphonse. Should be up in a day or so in Scimitar Smile as well; hope y'all like it. Would've had it up sooner, but I've been working my ass off on another fic for the past two months... **sigh**
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Chat strikes back! Dub stuff

I am making too many posts to the group lately.

Vic was bold and brave enough to come back into FMAdub chat room. I have a better edited form of THAT chat. Before he consented to come into chat, he thanked me for not giving out his SN when I mentioned so many people asking for it.


I propose, since Vic, dub Ed, is so accessible for questions, that we compile a list of questions for him right here, in the replies to this post. Then, at a later date, those questions can be forwarded to him, and we can get replies and post them here.

Maybe even set up a PRIVATE chat with just a COUPLE people and Vic for question asking, and a large public chat where a spokesperson from the private chat with Ed shares teh replies.

Go ahead and post questions you may aim at other voices of the dub, and maybe even the voice casting and director people--who knows, maybe we'll be able to talk to one of them too! (Or the question list can printed out and taken to a con for people?)

My inbox is so flooded with reply notices from my first Chat post here tonight... It's just going to get more so now!
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FMA and parents....

i was wondering if anyones parents are fans of FMA...
or if they hate it (which i dont know how thats possible)

cause i know my mom is starting to become a fan and ive talked her into cosplaying Trisha Elric while im Ed X3
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Jigglypuff - Confirmed for AWESOME!


Saw my first episode of FMA last night.

Yes. Thats right..i'm a DUBBIE *dramatic music,thunderclap* ..but I've heard alot about the series from my friend Chibi,who was lucky enough (darn her) to snag subbed episodes of it. Me, on the other hand, had to sit and wait. Regardless, I had high hopes for it.

Let me tell you, all my expectations were met,and then some.

Now, I'm not gonna rant at you cause god knows you don't need to listen to me.. but I like Ed. XD Maybe it's cause his name is fun to say..or maybe it's CAUSEHESSHORT. Or perhaps I'm just a sucker for blondes. He's so cute and funny and huffy, he's quite fun to watch. I officially love the character Roze. I love her so much. <3 <3 <3 she's so fluffy adorable. I'm still having trouble identifying the characters by name..but.. I'm sure I'll get better at it. @o@;

Oh. Yeah. One last thing, don't laugh. I know this is sad and stupid, but I had no idea Al was Ed's brother.... or even ..yano..kid-like. I guess I've seen 'The Iron Giant' one too many times for my own good,eh? XD

Anyway. Just thought I'd say hello @w@;;;
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Wow, lookie

Heh, must be the day for specialty rp community pimpage.

For people looking for an anime-based rp, we're hosting an Ishbal-war Era game on GJ ("greatest journal; more icons than you'll ever need." ;) ) called Broken Eden. The catch is that even though the game occurs pre-series, you have to have seen the entire thing (all the way through 51) to understand the plot.

If you're interested, please check it out ^^
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under_caduceus is the new trendy Fullmetal Alchemist MANGA CANON RP. We have a few characters taken, but we need quite a few more. Remember, this is manga canon, so characters that are anime only can't be in it. Apply at caduceus_ooc, and see which characters are open. And I'll love you forever? :D
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My future technology pairing

odd little connection

anyone notice the similarity between our beloved Ed and Edna from the Incredibles?

I mean...they're both incredibly(ew...horrible pun) short and prone to temper flashes. Not to mention you never see both of them in the same place at the same time....

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gah, subjects.. um, interesting note about Ed ^_^;;

I don't know if anyone's noticed this before so sorry if I'm just repeating, but I just watched the dub of episode 2 and in the previews for ep3, Al says something interesting..

Al: "What I remember most were her lullibies. For Ed, it was her stew, even though I though it just tasted like milk."

I'm assuming that suggested it's an enjoyable thing Ed remembers about his mother. I feel like analyzing that whole situation, but I've had a long weekend and sleep sounds more productive at the moment. ^_^ So I just leave you guys to do something with it...

Eh, just a note since I've never said it in the community before, I'm really enjoying to dub so far. It still doesn't compare with the original, but with new VAs and actually hearing and understanding the language, it's like I'm watching it for the first time all over again. Which is so awesome xDD.
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...attack of the pink chalk...

So you all remember that thing where we go around chalking up our campuses for the premiere of FMA, right?

So I did a few random alchemy signs (human transmutation circle, Al's seal, the flamel) at 2am after a study session on Nov. 5. I even took pictures as proof!

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Robin - climbing over
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i so the lurker

I doodle a lot of crappy FMA fanart, and I did one of Roy tonight. I usually don't share my fanart around cuz they suck, but my caption for this particular one amused me too much---> ( almighty fake LJ cut! ) raaaa~~! hawkeye boobs!

As for other comments, I am thoroughly enjoying watching the dub FMA on television. I want a Hawkeye cosplayer to play with. And, um... Ed is short. I do stupid things when I'm feeling slightly hyper, don't mind me...

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Anime Reactor 2004

Finally got my report up, but I know all you guys care about are the pictures XD Feel free to scroll up if you want to read the report though. It's quite fun, funny, and LONG. For a moment there, I was worried that I would break the word limit ^^;
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Episode 2 Transcription and Comparison - part 1

Another episode, another handful of changes.

In better news, it seems like the voices (of Ed and Al at least) are starting to get into their roles a little better. (Al showed emotion this episode!) If things keep increasing at the same rate they did from 1 to 2, then by episode 7 (Where Vic said he really felt comfortable with the role) it should be a much better dub. On the other hand, who knows how the bit characters will evolve from here out?

So, for your viewing pleasure, here is the dialogue of episode two - in subtitled form (from ANBU's translation), in original japanese (I was tired, so there are a lot more japanese mistakes in this one... ^^), and in english! Up to the commercial break!

Re-translations and snarky comments in brackets.

Last weeks can be found in these posts.
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Episode 2 Transcription and Comparison - part 2

Now for the second half!

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# of "Ed" - 3
# of "Brother" - 5

# of "Niisan" - 6

# of "Jintai Rensei" (Human Transmutation) - 3
# of Variants on Human Transmutation XD - 3 ("create human life," "alchemy on human souls," "human alchemy" -- hmm, no "Human Transmutation" though! ^^)
(So much for what Vic said!)

Apparently official dub spelling of 'Ed and Al's Hometown' - Resembool

Also, I only have Shisen-Sonchou's sub of Episode 3. So unless anyone has any serious complaints with their work, and/or wants to transcribe ANBU's subtitles, then we'll go with that. Otherwise I'll try to keep up with their translation mistakes. ^-^