November 13th, 2004

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Hagaren Special

Is anyone interested in getting the downloadable version (.asf format) of the Hagaren Special that was mentioned here? It's about 181 172 MB big. o.O;

If people want it, I could upload it on a Bittorent tracker get it ready by tomorrow. x3;

[Edit] Alright, I have the torrent ready and all but it's 3 am where I live. x.x; I won't be able to seed it if I upload it now, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow morning. Also, I couldn't convert it to an AVI file because I couldn't find a program that would do so.
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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Searching for FMA 3rd & 4th OP/ED singers music videos

Hi! I'm searching for the japanese music videos of the singers of the 3rd and 4th Openings and Endings:

OP #3: "Undo"
Artist: Cool Joke

ED #3: "Motherland"
Artist: Crystal Kay

OP #4: "Rewrite"
Artist: Asian Kung-Fu Generation

ED #4: "I will"
Artist: Sowelu

Is there someplace I can download from? I searched bittorents but the ones I found came up dead. Is there a place I can download directly or through yousendit? Thanks.

[EDIT] I'm not looking for the FMA animation openings and endings. I'm looking for the japanese (JPOP) music videos actually showing the singers like a regular music videos you see on MTV.
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I've got my ticket to Hell-con, how about you?

Special thanks to tasha_mac for the idea. You are an evil genius!!

I decided to make some cookies for some friends of mine who are studying for the GRE (like the SAT so I'm told, only much harder and for grad school)

Well one think led to another while I was borrowing the kitchen of elffromspace and a nice gesture for some friends turned into raving fangirldom. *AND* we took pictures!! Hell-con, here I come!

Roy is SO delicious!! I think Gollum is jealous

Most of the cast I think Roy's got the hots for what looks to be Ed in drag. And we even made a sparkle for Armstrong!

Funny, I don't remember taking any crack.

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Roy & Havoc [by jes_schu]

Crack ficcage

Last night I was trying to write something from the Hagaren 30 Love themes but nothing was working out, so I decided to come up with a different challenge for myself. I wrote down 12 different characters names on slips of paper and drew them randomly from a bag, pairing them as they were drawn. I thought I might get at least one normal pairing, but alas, all of them were completely crack.

Anyhow, I've now written 5 drabbles based on these pairings, and 1 fic that turned out to be much too long to call a drabble. None of them are meant to be taken seriously and are just for fun. Hope you enjoy. =)

Hughes/Al (also contains Roy/Ed)
Ed/Riza (also contains Roy/Riza)
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[PKM] Chatot

Hagaren Special Torrent

Can be gotten here.

I couldn't get it into .avi format so it still in .asf format.

Please seed when you're done! I can't be the only seeder out there. xD Enjoy~

[Edit] Umm.. is anyone else having problems? There have been two cases so far and I don't know what's the cause of it... *_*;
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Mm, dorkiness.

Okay, so in Crafts, we get to do all these projects in different mediums. Our second one was printing a shirt, and our third was a 2D pewter item (the first was a linoleum cutting, if you're interested). And we could do anything we wanted, so naturally, I did Hagaren-related projects =D I personally like the pewter items the best ^_^

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Just noticed something

I wonder how many pairs of gloves Ed goes through. I don't think I've ever seen him remove his right glove before blading his arm. He must be the one keeping glove manufacturers in business.

Not only that, but he usually only destroys the right glove, I wonder what he does with all the extra left gloves...
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Another Saturday is upon us~

And you know that Saturday means, yes? More FMA on [adult swim] tonight! Yay!

I'm going to lurk in the chatroom, the AIM room "FMAdub" all day most likely. And speaking of the dub, I emailed Vic Mignognawhatever (Someday I'll remember how to spell his last name)--English Ed voice--and got a reply today. So I'll share!

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I also drew a cute chibi. I started it as Anime Reactor but only got around to finishing it while I was bored out of my mind in Design class as the teacher went on and on about Contrast in design--he even complained and went "This isn't Drawing class, so put your drawings away." I was drawing to stay AWAKE! x.x

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(no subject)

Heh, 'tis my first photoshop edit (and the quality reflects that, sorry!)

This is completely the fault of my housemate - who knows nothing about FMA - who was watching my Envy-screensaver and laughed at one picture, "aww, he looks so cute, just like a little pixie on a toadstool." So I had no choice but to do it:

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EdoNaru // __akachou

(no subject)

I've been looking everywhere. And I can't seem to find the picture I'm looking for. Does anyone have a picture of Ed and Al's house burning? and then a picture of Ed's watch open? I've been looking for them forever and for some reason I can't find them. *sigh.* Thanks in advance! ^^

the heart of things

(no subject)

Just two today. But featuring Martel, because she doesn't get enough love.

1. 2.

1. "I am not a pretty girl//that is not what I do"
--Not a Pretty Girl, Ani Defranco

2. "you know all of our friends are gods//and they all tell us how to paint our face"
--Peacekeeper, Fleetwood Mac

Comments greatly appreciated
credit to jpegasus in keywords ^^
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59 + Glasses + Uri = HOT!

Card Captors Hagaren ~

You saw the <a href="">Sin Clow Cards</a> no is time for you to meet the ones who will protect this world from devastation and all that kind of stuff: the Card Captors.


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* Dedicated to the Sin Clow Cards xD

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English Ed voice guest in AIM Chat!

We had some excitement tonight. Vic Mignogna, the Engish voice of Edward, surprised us by showing up in the AIM chat room "FMAdub". Thankfully the crack that happened earlier was done with by then, but it was still pretty chaotic. If this every happens again, I request, PLEASE, that people try not to post repeatedly--let the guest say something even if it means we have to stop casually chatting with one another during that time. Ask your questions if you want, but please remain calm. I hope we didn't scare him off.

ANYWAYS, I saved the portion of chat for when Vic was there--I edited out his full screen name--do you own detective work to find it people. *decides to be evil*

Another communication with Vic.

I propose we hunt down the screen names of other members of the English cast and see how many are interested in speaking with fans in a chat room. But no harrassing them--we want them to like us and come back. XD
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Good Lust Cosplay Photos?

*waves hello to everyone here* >_>

By any chance, does anyone happen to have (images/links to) any good Lust cosplays? I've found some on already, but I'd like a few more references to do one of my own.


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