November 12th, 2004

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Automail attachments

This was born in last night's chat...

Apparently I'm not the only one who's wondered if Ed's automail has utility attachments, like a Swiss Army Knife.

What kind of attachments would you like to see?

For some reason, I'd really get a kick out of tweezers.
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Wall-E & Eve [1]

Game help.

I've been playing the second GameBoy Advance game for Fullmetal Alchemist lately. I used an item that I don't know of, and now the battle scene is going very fast. o_O; No, it's not only for one battle. All the battles are going fast. o_o; It scares me and want to restart the game because of it.

And there is this one part I don't understand because it's in Japanese. T_T; I can read the Kanji, but I don't quite understand it fully. I know I need to make a bridge to cross the broken path, but to which card and ratio do I need?

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