November 8th, 2004

Espurr, Pokemon 5
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30 FMA icons

In honor of Full Metal Alchemist beginning its run on Adult Swim, I went back and made some icons from episode 1 ^^

1. 2.

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If you decide to use one please comment to let me know which and credit to my icon journal ushitora_icons

Enjoy ^^
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(no subject)

Hello I'm new. I actually have been lurking the community. I am reading the FMA manga but have not seen the subbed or dubbed anime. Well, actually I saw the first episode of the Dubbed on Saturday besides that I'm mainly a manga reader. I came across a site today and It's 3 months old so I'm sure someone here posted it but I wasn't a member then.

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Also here is something I'm sure someone posted. Automail. I was wondering if anyone bought this or knows anyone who did. I'm curious about it. Ok well I'm most likely not making sense.
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observations of randomness

I was watching the dub over again (....I'm too much in love with it. XD; ) and something caught my eye after Ed admonishes Al for not stopping when he said and before Al replies to him in the overhead shot.

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I know the bottom portion is the Japanese equivilant for "Eastern Frontier; Lior City", thanks to the fansub but....uhhh...I'm curious to know what the rest of it is (anyone care to translate?). Silly FUNi.

And something in episode 13:

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People sprawled on the roof amuse me for some reason. They'd get hit with debris or something.

I've avoided homework long enough. ::runsa way::
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Alchemy ate my brain

... or simply grabs my attention more than the usual subjects.

[spam] I have this class called "Discovery of Science", which is basicly a history rundown of various discoverers and discovery (Galileo, Plato, Aristotle, etc).

As I was falling asleep in class, my teacher wrote the name "Paracelus" on the board. This name went over my head because well... I was already drifting off to sleep. XD He was talking about Erasmus before hand and I wasn't exacly paying attention.

As he then talked about Paracelus, he asked if anyone knew his real name. Then, of course, I headdesked when he said it was Theophrastus Philippus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim. This immediatly caught my attention because I know his relation with "real-life" Alchemy and the series. XD

Well all in all, I got to learn more about him and how he was the influence for pharmaceutical treatments with his basics borrowed from Alchemy. Apparently he wore his "stained vest of the Alchemist" during his lectures at the University of Basle (which only lasted for one semester before he got kicked out). What also made me go into a giggle fit was that he was gluttonious, and many people from that time sufferered from that too. Hohenheim x Gluttony OTP!

Ehh, I know some of you already know about him so I won't rant on about him any further. XP [/spam]

Isn't it fun to learn about alchemy at school? :3

[Edit] I forgot to mention that he didn't like to undress/change his clothes. That strangely reminded me of the series' Hoheheim (as it's not a good idea to expose certain parts of his body). xD
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Funi pride! - by tailfluff

FMA Premiere party!

Well, since the uproar from the premiere has died down somewhat (and I finally got off my lazy ass and uploaded the pics), lemme tell ya about our FMA premiere party! Henceforth called "Yes, yes, we are REALLY BIG DORKS. And we're okay with that. :D"

My friends and I decided to invite over our friends that hadn't seen FMA yet and have a big party. Complete with cookies! But not just any cookies...FMA COOKIES!

Since the rest is graphics-intense, I'll use dem dere LJ-cuts. :D

The night before the premiere, at a cheerful 3 am, I decided I really needed to draw a human transmutation circle on my friends' front doorstep. Course, the week previous, we'd covered the apartment complex with alchemists are coming stuff (or DID WE? >_>), but a heavy rain had washed everything away. So, pink chalk in hand, I went outside.
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Then, on to Saturday night!
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So, cookies in hand, we went back to the party and...tuned in at the wrong time! Apparently, someone, okay, I got the time wrong, and we tuned in at midnight. CURSE YOU EASTERN TIME ZONE! *cough* Anyway, we knew it'd air again, so we found fun things to pass the time. :D
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That night was so much fun. I wish we could have the same kind of shenanigans every Saturday night for every FMA episode, but if I suggested that to my friends, they'd probably kill me. ^_^;;

(crossposted to my own journal, so everyone can know how insane I am :D)
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Ears - Perk
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Part 2 of my fanfic. yeah. take that.

Titled: Untitled Part 2
Rating: Nothing too bad... for now
Warnings: I don't know if I want to put a pairing in this... maybe Envy x Ed if I feel like it later, but I have no plans for any romance right now. Slight AU, so there's spoilers, but you don't know WHAT is a spoiler and what I just made up! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *ahem*
Summary: As Envy remembers his past, we see the motivation behind his hatred.

follow meeeeee!

Just something I found

Going through a database of alchemy-related things, I found a few interesting things. One is This picture, because hey, it's the flamel! But unlike other ones I've seen, this one has the crown and wings.

Also, small things about Hoenheim (ie Paracelsus)- He was a young genius alchemist as sixteen (sound like someone we know?)And was kicked out of Basle for practicing Necromancy.

Yes, necromancy. Seems to fit. O_o


A friend of mine noticed something that I had never noticed until she pointed it out... In the very first episode during the flashback at the beginning of the episode, Ed is missing the wrong arm. Its probably already been brought to your attention, but lo! For I am the baka chocobo head, so I had to say something.

Blah. And just to be more random: "That was my wrong leg.... but this is my right arm!" XP
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suju ; kibum rainbow

I bring ye screenshots! >:D

As the title says, I bring ye screenshots. It's from an incredibly funny AMV (anime music video) gotten off of Meaning I didn't do it, okay? All credit goes to whoever made the video.

I swear, I have too much time on my hands... *realizes that she should have finished her homework a hour ago* O_O *runs off*

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Episode 1 transcription and comparison

After a full day's work...!

I have transcribed the dub episode as best as possible (with the bad sound quality and grammar...!) and now it's here for everyone's viewing right alongside the original japanese dialogue (romanized and transcribed by me - might be a handful of mistakes sinceI didn't double check my words ;_;) and with subtitles from Anime-Keep's translation, mistakes (Blatny, Sorcerer's Stone, 'missing arm') included.

I meant to do the color-coded comparison as before, but it would be another several hours full of work and it's a little hard to measure all the changes in scope. Hopefully, the dialogue will make clear what was really changed. Otherwise, I gave this one wavy more 'author notes' than the other...

As before - dub in bold, japanese in italics and subtitles plain. Author notes and alternate translations in brackets.

Hope you enjoy!
Collapse ) EDIT: Apparently, the full script is too much for Livejournal. Part two shall be posted in a second post... -_-
[SHINee] blue

Neko-con ness!

Edit: added some more pictures

i meet up with zyraxus at neko-con
i also meet 2 others that new about the lightbulb!Envy XD

and i told you all that i was going to be female!Edo
so here it is!
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those are the only 2 pictures i have right now
im looking for others

and on another note...
we held a mini Hell-con!
yeap yeap
we held it in the lobby of the hotel from the premire of FMA in english XD
i took a picture of everyone together... but the film isnt developed yet ;_;

more pictures to come!

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This might look like alchemy...

...if you're a really cracked out fangirl.

The pic is so small I'm just posting it, but will LJ-cut if people get annoyed by a 6k load:

Alchemy? Weird wizardry? Anybody recognize where I pulled this from? ^_^ Opinions welcome, even if you just want to flame me for being dumb enough to post a random pic that isn't really related to FMA.
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Holy sh-t, you guys! :O

I was just studying for my Chemistry homework tonight, you know... and this is what I found! Let me quote it since my digital camera ran out of batteries at the moment. =_=;

The three types of nuclear change that you have read about so far are spontaneous processes in which unstable nuclides move toward stability. It is also possible to create new nuclides by bombarding a nucleus with other particle nuclei. This process is called transmutation and is the modern-day equivalent of the early alchemists' attempts to turn lead into gold. In 1919, Rutherford became the first to recognize a transmutation while experimenting with how far alpha particles travel in various gases. When he used air nitrogen, a reaction occurred that yielded two products. Careful study identified these products as hydrogen and an isotope of oxygen. The alpha particle is absorbed into nitrogen nucleus, and then the energetic compound nucleus emits a proton to stabilize itself.


Good thing teacher didn't tell us to read it in class today otherwise I would be like screaming literally in class. o_O;

Dude, I want my digital camera to work to show you the page in my Chemistry book! AHHHH!

I feel geeky now too, lol.

Urh, now you guys can relate that to the movie if you want. Maybe that has something to it. o_o;
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My first drabble and "fanfic" in like...8 months? First full FMA one anyways.

first drabble of two for terrierlee in exchange for IzumixArcher.

Pairing: Pride x Roy
Rating: Uh, PG-13.
Words: 107 (it *was* 410, but it was rambling and full of Riza and Black Hayate that didn't make sense so I cut it.)
Spoilers for: episodes 44 and above, including 51. New people be warned.
Notes: uh, it kinda got creepy on its own; couldn't work it any other way with Pride. I promise the other one will be longer.

[Fake LJ Cut!]

Really random MP3 o'the day

My friend sent me this MP3 of Shou Hayami singing the OP to Sailormoon (Moonlight Densetsu) and I personally found it hilarious as I couldnt stop with the mental image of Archer at a karaoke bar. So, um, yes, I share if anyone else is curious or morbidly curious.

(Yes, I know he's a singer but come on, Moonlight Densetsu + Archer still = silly)
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(no subject)

Random thing here...if you could pair a small bit of a song with a character/situation/anything from FMA that was just totally WRONG, what would it be and who would the video be for? Examples: Al dancing to "Mr. Roboto" and singing "I'm a Soul Man." one gets free tickets to hell-con!
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FMA dubbage and Zra's artage!

I'm sure you all heard enough about people's opinions of the dub. (click here if you want to hear mine anyways)

So instead I bring you this idea: An AIM chat room! I shall call it FMAdub. And every night an ep airs on TV, we can flock to it and give our opinions as we watch it together. If no one is on your AIM list to invite you into the room, you can invite yourself by putting "FMAdub" in the chat room name blank, and your sn in the 'invite' box. Tada!

And now, on to drawings I did wile in my Ed cosplay at Anime Reactor a few weeks ago! A couple FMA pieces, a demented Naruto one about Sasuke's sexuality, and a belated sharing of a random doodle that turned into Shuichi from Gravitation somehow. o.O;
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Hello people, I'm back from my absense from LJ... for now....
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