November 7th, 2004

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1/BA: Fic Teaser, Site Update and Contest Reminder

Untitled as yet T_T
Authoress: shido

Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist. Hiromu Arakawa, Square-Enix, and Bones do. I do own a few of the theories used, however ^^; …I think o_O
Rating: G [so far]
Warning: Spoilers. Set after the end of the series.
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A delayed site update: Added fanart, and first draft of translation for Hagane No Kokoro. Also, Contest reminder! The Deadline is 21st December and the theme is Falling. Full details can be found on the site ^^
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I dunno if I'm at liberty to say this cause I haven't actually seen the the premier yet. But I'm under the impression that alot of people were a bit upset with the placement of the opening with Ready Steady Go at the end. Whether on not they hacked up Melissa which does sound like a bloody awful crime to me... the fact is in the first episode the opening sequence was placed at the end even in the original wasn't it? I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure this was the case.
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Another Ed/Winry ficlet.

My third fic in three weeks. Has this pairing inspired me much?

This one is more focused on Winry. It, to me, fills out some of the scenes in the anime where I really wanted insight in to what she was thinking, into how Ed's actions made her feel. So, enjoy yourselves.

Unseen Offerings

“You don’t understand.”

“You won’t let me understand,” Came the immediate answer.

“… You shouldn’t have to understand.”

When her eyes rose to his, they were hard and bright. “I fail to see what made you the one to decide that.”

Linked to my journal.
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Fullmetal Alchemist premiere... um... BA?

I invited Sabs, Dan, Dave and Emerald over for a little party to celebrate the premiere of FMA on Cartoon Network. We made cookies and pudding pie. Alex and his gal pal joined us as well. We watched Coupling while waiting for it to come on...

Cornello still rocks. He's got to be my favorite voice so far.

I winced at Ed's voice at the beginning. A 10 year old boy sounding like a grown man just is NOT a happy way to start out the series @_< The scream also made me wince. But after a while, Ed's voice grew on me. I still don't think it fits very well, but at least I don't hate it.

Speaking of hate... I thought Al's voice would be the one I'd get used to, but no... I really dislike his voice. I don't think the kid can do "serious" very well at all. And Rose sounds too old for her character.

Lust is the only one I'm still uncertain of. I don't think anyone else in our party liked her voice, but I thought it was okay... Particularly cause I couldn't for the life of me remember what Lust's Japanese voice sounded like. Ah well. I'm hoping to hear more of her soon.

While making fun of the voices, we were discussing what would be the worst they could do to the characters. The funniest one by far was Scar talking with a lisp. Ed would be rolling on the ground in laughter, and Scar would be like "thtop that! you're thuppothed to ph33r me, damnit!"

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ohayo~~~ i'm new ^_^;;; i wachd full metal allchemist (sp??) tonite on cartoon network cuz ive been looking foward 2 it for a while since i heard about it on an inuyasha-chan forum ^_^. it was really cute~~~ *niko* eddie (i can't remember his last name?? :\) was so adorable i wanted to hug him when he looked so sad. i thought al was sort of stupid because his voice is so cute but he's so big and uglee in that armor thing T_T he was so cute when he was a kid tho!!! ^^; omg but when it was all serius it was sooo lame, i hate serious stuff! LOL
o and wot was that thing in the beginning where eddie-chan screamed? that was weird, i thot they were ressurecting thier mom why wud he b sad? ^_^;;;

the priest is really mean, i think he's lying to rose!! am i rite? i really liked rose she was sooo kawaii with her pink hair!! i hope she stays in the show for a really long time cuz she was my fav char!!!! XD ^_^;;; that would be sooo romantic i think they're perfect for eachother you know? lol but that's just becuz they're are no hot guyz to yaoi him with LOL! if therez a hot guy rose can just die LOL! and ed is my husband neways~~~ @_@ you can't have him......... jk

so yeah wot other animes serie do u guys like i like inuyasha the best ^^
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__kat__ and I went out last night and drew alchemy arrays all over campus! Hope no one will get too freaked out by the warning that "The Alchemists are coming 11.06.04" Also posed for photos with the arrays:

Alchemists are coming with glow sticks!
Formula for lead to gold We drew that one outside the chemical engineering building, it just seemed appropriate. It says Equivalent trade under the arrow.
Glowsticks make for cool looking transmutation reaction
Elf with her flaming pimp hat of joy, the ultimate cosplay accessory
Drawing Roy's circle
Look at my giant watch!

Kat got to dress up and play with her new wig and some glowsticks and I got to use my ULTIMATE COSPLAY ACCESSORY, the pimp hat of flaming doom!


Hey, everyone, remember me? Well, I'm the same, except for one thing.

I'm the new mod 'round these parts. :D But I'm not posting to gloat.

From this post on, all posts subjects should include in the subject "BA", if you were a member before tonight, or have watched the fansubs.

If you've joint tonight, or past this pont, please include a "AS" in your subject line. This is a way to see if people read this post, and after it dissapears, the rules. I ask if a new member does not include "BA" or something spoilerish with "BA", please refer them to here or the many things I wrote up about this issue, and ask them to include it from this point on. If they respond harshly, please refer them to me. Thanks. :D

[If it's a non-spoil post, news, or art or such, include "BAS"]

I don't want there to be more wank then there should be, everyone should have a right to this fandom, whether BA or AS.

EDIT: If you are unsure of the "BA" or "AS", here's an excerpt from our new FAQ.

12. What do “BA” and “AS”stand for? I keep seeing them in posts!

Please refer to the communities’ “Open Letter” for more information. “BA” stands for “Before America”, referring to fans who have seen the series before it aired on Cartoon Network, and have seen the series. “AS” (American Screening/Adult Swim) fans are those who view Fullmetal Alchemist via Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim”. “BAS” is a post that does not include any spoilers to both sides. This is to everyone’s convenience not for people to be spoiled.
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First off, this is wabisuke on another account because LJ is mean and won't let me log in for some reason under the usual name.

Second, I had far too much fun with the dub of the first episode and kaitou_marina and I came up with rather interesting topics to talk about.

Specifically....ED'S HATE OF THE DESERT.

So I made icons. We shall have a cult. The "I hate deserts" cult. Banners to come soon, kthx. =P


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Hope you liked; In case you actually wanted to take one or something, credit wabisuke in the keywords, NOT metal_alchemist. n.n;;;;
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This is a longer ficlet I wrote as a trade with hime1999. So blame her for the plotbunny.

Title: Sidetracked
Pairing: Ed/Mei!
Rating: PG ('cause Ed ain't Ed without a few choice words)
Spoilers?: If you know who Mei is, then you're fine.
Written For: hime1999
Disclaimer: Not mine, not for profit, not for sale.
Edit: Woke up to find that LJ had eaten the whole first third of my story. Gaaah. It's all fixed now. *bows to hime1999 for pointing it out*

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Adult Swim reaction

Meant to post this yesterday but stupid LJ wouldn't let me log in. ><

I’ve been reading the posts at the Adult Swim board, and I’m happy to report that for new people, the reaction was mostly positive. However, so many others were complaining about the dub, I have to admit it got really annoying. ><; Too many pre-dub fans, not enough episode discussion from the post-dub.
To some people, it reminded them of Trigun. Many thought Al was a robot. One person got upset about alchemy being compared to science, when it is so obviously magic (then more knowing fans corrected said person, telling him/her to wait till the end of the series- amen). There was some discussion about Ed’s faith. Many were disappointed that they had to wait a week for the next episode (:D!!).
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Oh, and please don’t mock any of these segments I’ve posted. I just found them cute/amusing, and many of their first impressions made me squee with happiness. ^^ GO FMA!
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Just a question, any help is appreciated.

Does anyone have, or can anyone record, any sound files from the dub? Here in Europe we haven't seen it (and most likely won't for a very long time, if ever), but I'm sure there are more people than just me who are interested in hearing the voices.

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Music Sheets (Endings)

Okie doki. I have got the endings for the music sheets. You can find them here

Enjoy once again~
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Anyways, I'm talking to my friend right now. She's been hearing about FMA (Envy in particular) from me for a long, long time, and she finally saw episode one last night. Then she asked me a question that I can't answer:

How popular was Envy pre-episode 25? I didn't get into the series until about episode 26 - 28, so I can't give her an actual answer.
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two questions

I'll start off with the serious question first, which is also kinda fun. =D

Since FMA's aired on CN and we've all had fun seeing everyone's initial reaction, I want to ask to the older fans:

What were your first thoughts on this series based on the first episode? Any strange ideas you had about the characters (ie: thought Al was a robot)

Mine: The title made me think "oh, Full Metal Panic spinoff. I didn't like FMP. Boo. But it has "alchemist" in it. I'll give it a try." (SHOOT ME) The first time I saw it, I never got to even the title card because it was really late and the whole losing-limbs really creeped me out. I think I stopped around when Ed was chasing Al around in circles. My thoughts? Story about two sets of brothers in alternate worlds. Oh, and that Ed looked like something out of Gundam Wing. Then I just let the file sit on my computer for about two or three months. XD;

The only other thing I could really remember was that I was hooked at the end of the episode and thought [because of the Melissa footage] Roy et all were an evil terrorist organization and that Roy looked "too dorky to be a good leader of such a scary looking group".

Second question:

What type of underpants do you want to see Roy and Havoc wear?

If you're wondering, I'm making a short comic for design class and decided to do a hagaren one that has Riza, Roy, and Jean on a deserted island and both guys are lounging around in their underwear (and then they try to eat Black Hayate but Riza shoots at them). I've decided I wanted Havoc to wear a loose undershirt but nothing beyond that. So you guys have fun trying to convince me to draw your idea.
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I made a couple of new icons to "celebrate" the release of the dub.

Mostly it's making fun of some of the more funni translations.

feel free to take and spread the insanity love

Fixed the spelling error. Oops. *dodges*
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Translations of the FMA OST song : Братья

Hello Everyone!

I searched throught the latest posts and didn't find anything related to this song, so here I am! I hope I won't upset anyone posting this! ^_^;;

Those are my (french and english) translations of the song FMA OST: Братья (Frères - Brothers) ^_^

There is a translit too! XD

I'm not russian and I'm not an native english speaker either. That means those translations certainly contain slight interpretation mistakes. But these were meant to give you a pretty good idea of the lyrics of this awesome song! ^_^

Have a nice evening everyone!
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