November 3rd, 2004

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New icon

3 icons wasn't enough for me. So I broke down and bought a paid LJ account, and I've spent the last day or so playing with image ready. I don't know how to post an icon *in* the post (I'm more or less computer illiterate) so I'm posting with the icon.

Feel free to take, or for that manner if you see something in my user pics you like, go ahead and use it.

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Stuff that pertains to stuff, yay!

Ugh... I can't even draw a proper dragon anymore... FMA has completely eaten my brain. And apparently my muses' brains as well.

Ah.. well. Some muse (Xazato perhaps) decided to hit me with a brick and told me to draw Xaecorus!Edward.

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Forgive me, I'll draw proper human!fanart later. x_x;
Esp - Sheep

(HL50) 50. Journey

I'm an idiot. Really. I'm supposed to be busy. Really. And the deadline is closing. Really.

FMA will kill me one day. Or at least, it's gonna stompt on my grades and run to the sunset laughing maniacally, leaving me crying in the corner.

Hagaren Love 50: 50. Journey
( The Journey began.... )
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[SHINee] blue

kimble in college

hmm... something random i just found out a few minutes ago
at my college theres a "learning lab" (aka,computer lab thingy)
and we have these retarded card things were supposed to use in order to check in
well while i was looking for mine i came across one with the last name of "Kimble"

my reaction "OMG! i hope he dosent make me go sploody!"
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Official Fanbook 5 poster

I've been collecting the Official Fanbooks recently. There are five of them (I have 2,4,5). They all have mini posters at the end of the book, the fifth one had this rather interesting poster at the end. I'm sorry the picture sucks. I took individual pictures of both sides of the poster, but they turned out crappy. I'll get better pictures then repost them.

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allen . ♥♥

Moofy gives you Yoga classes !

One can get to imagine quite strange things while screencapping Moofy falling off a roof in episode 30
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One can get to imagine quite strange things while screencapping Moofy falling off a roof in episode 30 <_<. That is all I have to say >_>.
<a href="">Click for a free lesson :D</a> [leading to her LJ, a tale in pictures!]
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An icon...and something crazy.

Before I post the icon in the post (it's already to the side), I must mention something.

I was tagging whiteboards in my school with a flamel and 11/06/04. I drew it on my Video Production teacher's whiteboard, and she said "Oh! My daughter likes that show!"


So yeah...the story behind the icon.
When Mac OS X freezes, it's called a kernel panic. I kept getting kernel panics today. I jokingly said "Colonel Panic needs to be dishonorably discharged!" (which is my normal Kernel Panic joke), and suddenly I came up with the idea of Colonel Panic. Screencap and improvement suggestions by miss_arel, but I made the icon. Heehee.

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Drama CD translation - Track 1 Done!!

...After a bit of rushing, I have the first track of the newest FMA Drama CD, originally posted here, (and available for download here) translated!

Actually it's not perfectly complete, there is a line missing and there are probably a few errors here and there. If anyone has any comments and corrections please let me know and I'll fix anything right up!

Thanks to the person who posted the original file. (and hopefully will post the continuation in next month's issue? ^_^)

The next track will hopefully be done a little quicker, depending on my weekend schedule...

Oh, one more request before the translation: some of the new names in this story get me. If anyone has a better suggestion than 'Elland' for Eru-land, 'Anjelot' for Anzerotto and 'Angie' for Anje then let me know and I'll change those too!

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Chalk art of DOOM! >_>

... hm... seems the first post didn't go thru (stupid internet is acting up so badly >_< grr)

Anyways... it's been two hours since I finished this project... and I'm STILL shaking from being frozen @_@; gotta love winter. However, it was for a good cause, as I present to you:

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*hides in a sweater... more cold now for some reason, than she was when she was putzin around outside*
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Oracle of Quantico, Plus-Sisters represent!

Just to Tempting

The very lovely wallpaper posted by blutarsky was just far to tempting for a Hell Con banner to be edited in.

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::smacks the Digital Right Of Way site::

I am SO geting a new host! ... ahem ... it's on ImageHost now so it should work.
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Yay for crazy LJ ideas! (Alchemists are coming pics!)

Yes. I am that sad. I fell into the trend...>>;

Here is proof of that falling...XD
Go me, this is my masterpiece, canvas of "bottom of faux wood table at school"...>>; Funny, but nobody even noticed me drawing on the bottom of a table...XD
Closeup of the flamel in the previous image, I think it turned out really nice!
Somebody left Word open on one of the computers...I couldn't help it...
Later, I came back in and it was still on, so I sat down there, and this guy was like "What's 'alchemist'?" and I was like..."Er...I just got here..." >>;
I also entered it in a couple of other computers...XD
I am sad for me.
I am also sad for people that tear up the faux wood tables. Tsk tsk. I just drew on them.
And if nobody notices that I'll be like "'s half the table..."
And then, I asked this guy "Hey, can I draw on your hand?"

And so yeah. I am sad. Shoot me.
Array [Riza Hawkeye]
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icon and a question...

Did anyone else notice that the first ending had Ed smiling at the end only in one episode? I have the screenshot of it, and I made an icon. Does anyone know which episode this is from?

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(no subject)

Hi guys! Hm... I believe this is like my second time posting here... xD

Anyway, I had a question... I wanted to order the FMA Starter set and found that it was sold by both Animenation and Right Stuf. However, the descriptions differ slightly despite the fact that they still cost the same. I'm thinking I'm being excessively paranoid about this, but I wanted to ask you all just in case (since you are more informed than I am, I bet).

Here are the links: this one is the dvd, the artbox and a 'premium item'

and this one says dvd and artbox

And one more thing. What does a Hybrid format mean anyway?

Any insight is extremely appreciated! Hope this question wasn't too off-topic... ^^;;; Thank you!


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