November 2nd, 2004

Al plushie fic. :3

Title: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Rating: PG
Warning: Silly
Author's note: Have seen many versions of Al plushies, both official and unofficial. Have also heard a few of the makers of said plushies expressing the feeling that Al might not like to look so silly. However, I think Al would love to find himself in plushie form. Thus was this fic born. Please don't take it seriously. >_>;

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Someone said something earlier about Ed and Thumbelina. And well, I needed another excuse to not be studying for my midterm. So, crappy photo edits ahoy!

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It's 3 o' clock in the morning, and I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near photo-editing software.
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!!HELP!! Need reference images! (CHIMERAS)

I've searched and searched, as sparingly as possible considering I have limited time online in intervals, but try as I might, I can't seem to find any good screencap references for Greed's chimeras...
(Martel, Dorochet, Law)

I'd be really thankful if you guys could point me in the right direction for the chimeras, I must not be looking in the right places because they just seem to keep eluding me! ^^;;

Sorry for takiing up space, but it would be really helpful! -Bow- Tasukete kudasai!
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Default 7 - Kaya

Some one had to do it, dammit!

Who ever posted these up *coughsdaidoujisancoughs* is dead. lol XD They're icons of every single one of those pictures that was posted up today as seen here. XP Well, on to those elusive icons. lol

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I'm thinking of posting an edit later on. :P Look forward to it.... I dare you to. lol
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Photoshop Edit...

When One is sick from school, has pet chickens, and has an obsession with Full Metal Alchemist, what are they supossed to do?


I really do not know what inspired this. o_o I think it's my medicine. Yes. We shall blame it on the medicine...

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Oh dear, she's back with 2fic.

I'm lazy about crossposting. These are both in my writing journal in the same entry, but separated with the first one first because it's spoilerish. <3

First, the bonus drabble:

Title: Anxiety
Pairing: Liza/Roy
Spoilers: late ep 40s (can't remember exactly which episode), but if you haven't seen the end it won't make sense anyway.
Notes: Too much Everclear causes an emphasis on understatement and an unhappy tone. The muse wanted this to be much different than it is. But I won. Inspired by a piece of J-fanart that I can't find anymore.

( She's under the desk. )

And what I think everyone wants more...I apologize, school and health problems have eaten me. Third part will be out in much more of a timely fashion. XD

Title: Ah! Masuta-sensei! 2
Genre: SCHOOL AU!!eleven
Pairing: NONE
Spoilers: NONE

THE 3VIL CONTINUES..introductions this chapter of Izumi, Bradley, Shezka, Ling...also, extended liner notes this chapter explaining stupid things like name changes that I should have explained earlier.

( 'I think we should be careful. He seems like he'd retaliate. Like-well, you know, like in all those TV programs where the new teacher who everyone hates at first ends up making everyone like him.' )
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xD Since rating communities seem to be all the rage these days, I've come up with my very own. :D For Fullmetal Alchemist of course. =D So feel free to join, fill out the survey and see which character you're most like! [And sorry if it looks crappy now, I'm in a bit of a hurry, but will tweek the layout and infopage up in a few hours. =3]


Sorry if this isn't allowed. ^_^
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Help On Early Episodes

It was in episode 6 or 7 I think, when Edward first went to stay with Shou Tucker, and he saw the first victim of 'Barry the Chopper'. It was a woman with her son crying over her, and when they yanked him away he screamed for her, and Edward passed out.


Well does anybody know ANYTHING about that boy? Do they mention his name or mother's name or anything later in the anime or in the manga at all?

It's for a fic idea.

I'll have your babies if you can help with that or even offer a random plot idea. <3

--EDIT-- (whoops I posted twice, but just deleted it)

Okay I know now he wasn't in the manga.

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