November 1st, 2004

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alchemy ate my brain

sorry for one post right after another... but heres something interesting for you

im attempting to write a paper for my psychology class...
but im not getting anywhere with it
for one reason

when i start thinking of it... i keep accidently using the word "alchemy" instead...
so its like "Alchemy is a science, even if some may argue that its not" instead of "Psychology is a science, even if some may argue that its not"

curse my fandom....
if i fail this paper
i blame it on Edo -_- ........

who ever has the avatar that says "alchemy ate my brain"
its all to fitting right now...

the paper never got past the first page....
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Stupid Things I've Noticed

Stupid FMA observations:

-the phrase "Fullmetal Alchemist" has no letters that go below the bottom line.
-neither does "Edward Elric"
-"Hagaren" or "Hagane no Renkinjutsushi", however, does have that type of letters.
-When fitting the AkeepANBU subs on a data DVD, it splits exactly into the two halves (1-25 and 26-51) when totally optimized.

no I'm not trying to avoid cleaning my room while I'm at heh.
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Ficpost: Unsettling Affairs (Plus a desperate plea for RPers)

Before I post the first revamped section of my RP turned fanfic, I'd like to announce that there are still many FMA character roles we have yet to fill. Please check hagaren_rp to see if the character you might want to play has been taken or not! Character list is on the userinfo page.

Need I repeat how desperate I am for the rest of the Sins, Hughes, and Winry?! We NEED Gluttony, Pride, and Lust!

I'm also looking for a replacement for Riza Hawkeye, as our Hawkeye has yet to contact me regarding the role, which makes it rather difficult to make a full bodied fic, when your characters are MIA.

Now, for the first fic part!

Credit goes out to rinkori for the portrayal of Roy Mustang.

Title: Unsettling Affairs Part 1/?
Rating: PG(13? For one kiss...cursing...etc..?)
Pairings: Implied and impulsive RoyxEd.
Warnings: I don't own FMA. This fic will contain strong language, descriptive intimate scenes most likely between two or more men. Why yes, Ed IS a minor, thus making AnybodybutAlxEd most likely to be interpreted as shota, although thanks to innate I have been informed that sixteen is the age limit for consent in Japan, making it perfectly legal. If you don't like this, don't read. SHOUNEN-AI/YAOI AS WELL AS HET AND POSSIBLE SHOUJOU-AI/YURI. Lemons included, not suitable for children under...whatever...I always hated age limit things, it's your decision, but you've been warned.
Spoilers: If you squint I suppose end of series spoilers, but I've completely rewritten half of it so yeah. It's mostly just me.
Setting: Roy's office at Central HQ.
Timeline: About a week after the end of the series, and no, things aren't exactly canon.

(Unsettling Affairs, Part 1: Smoke and Tinder)

Yay for fake LJ-cuts. And if you've seen this particular title before, it's because I scrapped the original section and replaced it, so no, this isn't a repost.

Random Art post ^_^*

I did a survey a little while ago on my DA page on which was everyones fave Sin, Lust seemed to be the overwhelming fave (which totally surprised me cause I actually dont like Anime-Lust, Manga-Lust I love(d)) so I finally got off my duff and did some artage of her.
Its a little weird but like...I like experimenting with new styles XD
Checkit out if you likes:
Lusty-wusty XD
Armani, Adam Dachis

Trouble with the Watch

Does anyone have the FMA pocket watch? I just got mine in the mail today and I can't figure out how to set it. I assume the back opens up but I can't seem to get it open easily and I'm afraid I'll break it if I try too hard. Can someone help me out?

kapitel: uber dork

Sims 2 Ed!

Okay.. I was bored and fiddling with the Body thingie for Sims 2. Since I went out and bought a legal copy of it... *cough* I've been having a lot more fun with stuff.

A thread on long hair for men got me to thinking about all the men with long hair in anime who are being neglected. Anyway... After doing something just for shits-n-giggles for myself with the Body Shop... I decided to do something for one of the communities. ^_^

My first choice was this one!

So I bring you...

Edward for Sims 2!!

It's a modification on one of the pre-existing outfits in the game. I had every intention of fully detailing Ed's arm and leg but I got lazy so I just changed the color of it to look like washed out metal though be advised it looks nothing like the articulated automail. Couldn't get the braid in, so I left his hair down using one of the hair models from here. I did go through the trouble of making my own eye color for him dangit!

Some limitations on this though. It's only for the Teen Male. Don't let him get fat or he'll lose his automail and become fully limbed, another thing, don't let him age cuz once he becomes an adult he'll regain his normal limbs. Heh (Kinda funny that Ed could have skipped the whole PS thing by just gaining an obscene amount of weight or just becoming 18!)

Sims 2 Edward Elric

It's just the image if anyone actually wants the package um... drop me a comment and I'll figure out how to actually *get* the package out of my computer into a format used by the program!

Edit: Found the file! Now I can distribute!
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Edward Doll

I don't know if anyone's posted this little doll before, but I thought it was really quite neat.

The detail in the Edward doll is stunning (if you're wondering before you click; no, this isn't a dollfie =P). The expression, the boots, the auto-mail, clothes, hair... the more I look at it the prettier the doll is. Even the scenery around it is really well done ^_^

I don't know if it's for sale or whatnot (the site's in Japanese, I can't read kanji worth chit), but if it's someone's hobby XD I wish I was this tallented.


EDIT: Apparently I'm having dumb moment of the day #352 o_O;; it's actually not a doll, but a person... in an awesome Ed costume, wearing an Ed mask o_O;;... yeee, cripes... x_x *crawls away*
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Read or Dream

Tentative drabble post: Cat Nap

Riku suggested I post this here, so here I go.

Title: Cat Nap
Rating: PG13 (Or higher? I'm bad at rating.) for implied Al/Kitty wrong-ness.
Pairings: AlxKitty, with a side of scarred Ed.
Warnings: I don't own FMA. This is . . . probably not a good drabble for the innocent-yet-imaginative.

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ME3: Savanna 02

Ima sheep I tell you!

I swore I'd never do a photoedit until I could so something that looked at realistic as possible. Thanks to that link earlier today with the "life like" Ed photos. I was finally able to make one. It was especially fitting when I saw this bit of spam in my inbox.

Sooo.... I bring you....

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Very mad world


SO. Today, during our double spare (w00t!), kimmycat and I decided to do a little FMA symbol/array sidewalk-chalking. Okay, we didn't just randomly decide, we had planned this on the weekend and we're NOT obsessed...just devoted. According to kimmycat

In case you were wondering, this was done on our school's abandoned tennis courts. It's a pity nobody saw it and made a fuss (it would have just been funny).  PLUS, it's raining all night and tomorrow. ;_;

To the fake LJ-cuts! Just kidding.

Collapse )
This thing took 15 minutes and I ended up using a WHOLE lot of red/pink chalk. >_<;;

Collapse )
Only took her 10 minutes and hardly any white chalk. o_o;

Collapse )
This took an HOUR with both of us working on it. Yes, it's a tad bit lop-sided and NOT TO SCALE but we're still proud of it. >D;; I'd like to see somebody try to draw a perfect giant circle using chalk. :P We ran out of white chalk in the middle of it, so we had to used other colours instead. >_<;; I took about 8 different angle pictures. XD Lucky for you, I'm not going to act like Hughes and show them all.

It says "vitani92 and kimmycat" on the bottom cuz we don't want our new alien principal finding out who did this. And yes, we've got to wear ugly uniforms.

By the way, Oakville, Ontario can be crossed off the list.

Tell us what you think~ :D

[EDIT] I just remembered that there's parent-teacher interviews tonight. And because our school has tiny parking lot space, parents will most likely have to park in the tennis courts.
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well, this was fun.

Your FMA Horoscope (Girls version) by Ryo_Hakkai
Your username
You will fall in love withAlex Louis Armstrong
Person you must avoidThe hohoeinheim.
Beware ofA fat guy who is currently munching onto your letterbox this very minute.
Money issueFilthy rich. Filthy filthy rich. No wonder, you're a high ranking national alchemist.
LuckGood! You've actually found a way to revert yourself to human again, without having to sacrifice people!
My adviceMake friends. Be friendly. Why, be like Hughes do. Introduce your perfect family to EVERYONE. And i mean EVERYONE. World peace, everyone!
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Strangly enough, if i changed the capitalization of my sign, I fall for Al and then I end up broke and chased by homunculus.