October 31st, 2004

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Hi to everyone~

Hello to everyone here~

I'm a 'new' member, I suppose, but I've been watching this community for some time now. :3

I have a small request yeah right... does anyone know where to get the FMA creditless OP/ED? I tried both torrents (Hakura's conversion and the original one), but both say 'tracker is down'. I've searched for it, but I cannot find it anywhere.

Thanks in advance to those who can help in any way~ <3


Here's a question for FMA fans: We just gained one hour. What do we have to give back?

In other news...
Me: Hey mom, can we go buy some chalk?
Mom: Why?
Me: *explains why*
Mom: What? No! That's the kind of things preschoolers do!
Me: Pleaaaase? It's Halloween!
Mom: *sigh* Just who came up with this? Who else is doing it?
Me: Uh...university students from all over North America...and then some.

I love my fandom. <3

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My roommate wytwolf and I had a dork attack last night.

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The flamel was most tricky and it almost got ruined because I'm a retard sometimes. They're not bad for people who've never engaged in... GOURD-CARVING. :D Thanks to whoever made the FMA_sigils PS brush, as that's what we used for the flamel stencil. We traced the ouroboros off of some magazine scan and made it a new brush, cuz the one I had wasn't that good. I'll post that in a while.
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[F] clockwork man
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Title: Memories
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Author: kaltia
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama
Warnings: I have no idea where this fic cropped up from. Spoilers up to episode 50, and some random speculation.
Word Count: 1,343
Pairings: None

( They race each other through the fields and back home, the cornstalks bending under their feet and yelps of laughter ringing through the mountains. )

*Dead* X-posted to the fma_fiction, sorry for any spammage of friend's lists. ^_^
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

D00d~! Lightbulb Ed

First off, I have a question for everything:

Assuming the FMA manga gets licensed, and we all know it will be, who would you want to publish it?

Del Rey is my top choice. If Del Rey gets it, I will run around happily.
Tokyopop is okay. They have quite a few things that I dislike about them, but they're my second choice.
If Viz gets it, I will mutter darkly, but I'll still buy it.
If it's CPM I will cry, curse and refuse to buy it. Sorry to any CPM fans.

Now, to give you a gift. From the person who actually made an Envy!bulb, I bring you another one.
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Fic: Perfect

I've decided I officially hate titles. They are annoying things.

That said, here's my latest story. It's called Perfect

I'm getting stranger and stranger. That's all I can say.

NaNo starts TONIGHT! *runs around screaming* At least my novel will be FMA. *still panics*

Someone shoot me. Ignore anyone who says they would stop you. All they want is more fic.

*dies from lack of air*
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