October 30th, 2004


You know you're crazy when...

Your school mascot thingy is Colonels. >>;;

And they always put "Colonel's Pride" up everywhere...

And just two days ago...

While we had to watch the stupid channel "CTV", they said "Colonel's Pride" again...

And RoyXPride popped up in my head.


Shoot me now.
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Contacting Arakawa-sensei?

This hopelessly obsessed and sadly naive fangirl has a quick question for all her fellow hopelessly obsessed fanpersons. I and at least one other person I know of want to send fanmail to Arakawa Hiromu, but we have no idea how. Does anyone know anything about how to do this? Would Shonen Gangan have an address to send fanmail to for its featured manga authors or anything like that, and if so, is there any place I'd be able to find it online? Any information whatsoever on this topic would be much appreciated. ^^
DOCTOR WHO martha.jones sitting

Hagaren Volume 9 ->Release Date: 11/22 and....

...A new Hagaren Novel, the 4th such one, entitled 「遠い空の下で」(Tooi sora no shita de) "Under the Distant Sky/Heavens" which has been released just recently (Oct 29th) by I think a Makoto Inoue if not, then Shin Inoue*. Cover illustration by Arakawa Hiromu.

Was browsing Shonen Gangan Monthly's site out of boredem and I spotted that the 9th Volume of Fullmetal Alchemist (which I guess will include ch. 34-37, and maybe/hopefully a new Gaiden?) will be released during Gangan's next Comic Release date which is the 22nd of each month hence, November 22nd.

The December issue of Shonen GANGAN Monthly will be released November 12th. Hagaren Chapter 41 will have yet another full-color center spread. (Well, Gangan being the rough size of a phone directory...it has enough room for alot of color-pages or spreads xD)

*sets of pun alarm* j/k...it has nothing to do with the Shin in my pseudo and I'm no writer. XD;

If anyone wants to take a stab at the name here's the kanji: 井上真 ^_^
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JFP|| It's a brand new day

Winnipeg Cosplayers!

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this here or not but...

Calling all Winnpeg FMA cosplayers! I'm working on a skit for Ai-kon 2005 and I was wondering if anyone going to the convention would be dressing up as Envy, if so please reply to this ASAP if your intrested in doing a 3 minute skit with me and a few other people. Thankies!

And so this post isn't so utterly pointless I give you all some bad art!

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EDIT: I'm also looking for any Winnipegers who might cosplay Scar/Tucker or has a friend who might be insterested in cosplaying one of them. Once again reply ASAP if you or your friend are interesting in partaking in an fma skit.
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allen . ♥♥

Scan : White dress Riza B2 poster from Oct. Animedia.

Yes, once again a scan. Because I am a scanning freak =3.

This link you're going to click actually doesn't only represent Riza Hawkeye in a pretty white dress. Nor does it only represent an originally B2 poster from October's issue of Animedia. It also represents two hours and a half of scanning and editting. To get more precise, two hours and a half of masochism from the Niwa =3.
As you see, it represents a lot of things. That was my random rambling, I now need to go and hit my head against a random wall put there for the sake of my masochism =3.

Have a happy day.

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Finding Aru

I can usually pull off my edits with a straight face. This time, I was grinning like the mad woman I am the entire time; I scared myself.

This was kind of a challenge; but after people kept mentioning the fan-created names in the last few posts, I couldn't resist.

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I have a headache. x_x ::dies::