October 29th, 2004


Fic: Regret

Thought I had all the angst out of my system. Apparently not. I blame this on pissy customers and Lust's excellent fic he's helping co-write. I'm off to read the fic some more in order to put myself in a better mood.


Word of warning, ansty in the same way my last ficlet was angsty.
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Chrno and Rosette | me

[BAS] system no longer needed

I thought the system would be ok, not for division, but to prevent spoilers for the newer fans. But I guess the system /is/ annoying, and not worth the effort. Not to mention it'll be more and more chaotic if the community continues to grow. (Too many rules like that complicate things)

updated rules on the sidebar =3=

if you're looking at this from friends journal:

1. Please READ all the recent entries before making a new post.
2. Comment if there's been a recent post about the same topic. Don't go and make another one.
3. Give your post a title related to the content of the post.
4. Check the memories section before you ask anything. You can find out where to get the manga in the "Important (please read!!)" under the memories section
5. Please use lj-cut! If it's a large picture, or a spoiler, put it behind one of those. To use an lj-cut, just type: (replace [ and ] with < and >)

[lj-cut text="insert text here"]
spoilers and large pictures and err stuff goes here XD;
6. No inconsiderate entries. What I mean by that, is something like "EDO IS MY HUSBAND >=O!!!" isn't needed in the community.
7. If there's newer fans of the series discussing about a theory or something, fans before November 6th can NOT ruin it for them with a spoiler.

(sorry for flooding anyone's friends page TT_TT;)
RoyxEd [by nalavashi]


I was looking at a website of my favorite actress Kyoko Fukada this morning, and a randomly stupid thing crossed my mind. In Kyoko's latest TV series Minami kun no Koibito she plays a girl who one day suddenly becomes 6 inches tall. Throughout the end of the show she even rides around in her co-star's shirt pocket.

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Much Apologies ...

I meant to post this here yesterday ... I accidentally posted it to my own personal journal in my haste ... *sigh*

I want to beg a thousand apologies of kimmycat. I was going to give credit in my first post and it *completely* slipped my mind. I am *so sorry* about that. Yes, when I was perusing all the posts when I first joined, I saw the amazing icons kimmycat had made and fell in love with this one. Please forgive my unintended rudeness.
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After three or four hours...

it's updated. First time I had to update twice in a month. You guys are crazy.

If I didn't include your edit, I probably didn't save it. Please give them to me so I can save them and put them up next update. And if I credited you wrong, tell me so I can fix it. x_x;

EDIT: ALSO, does anyone know how to disable hotlinking? Thanks! =)

And who thinks this site is overdue for a new layout? I need ideas. =P

New Promo

New promo on adult swim's site. If you didn't like the music from the first one(I didn't mind it) or hate classical mixed with techno, THIS one will kill you.

Edit: And uh....Nina's in it for 3 seconds. WTF @ Bard's scream.

I personally thought this made absolutly no sense at all. I liked the first "techno-y" promo. Shut up. XD
[angel beats] this thing called end love
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(no subject)

Heh, the official FMA website has it's own poster/banner/signature lines for promoting the premiere of the show on adult swim. Peronally, I like the "The Alchemists are Coming" ones in this post better, but that's just me. Also, encore of the first episode on November 11th at 12:30? Yessss! Excitement!
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llegas aquí para brillar lo tienes todo;
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OMG ROY1!!!1

So, SO sorry if this is spam XD Which it is.

I have caller ID on my phone.

Imagine how thrilled I was when the name showed up as Roy M.

Keep the faith, fangirls, he's somewhere out there X'D
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allen . ♥♥

Animage Pictures : Poster, Ouroboros Envy! 51/Movie -Ed and more !

Coming with one of these great big titles worthy of a Naruto episode, here it comes again: the picture post! This time, it's for the November issue of Animage.

If you wonder about the title, well, actually, it's all about the character sketches. There were basically all character sketches , and oh-does Sloth's dress looks like Morticia Addams' O___o. I didn't scan the full pages of character sketches, only what I thought was new..but if anyone has a special request, please ask.
Anyways, onto the pretty pictures!
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(no subject)

In reference to the Elricest screenshot of eps 4 with the "mistake"...

Though I'm not a supporter of Elricest, I was re-reading Chapter 36 when I came across a scene that was...Collapse )
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Three drabbles that I wrote over the course of the last week and finally typed up and posted tonight.

(Ep. 51 spoilers)
Edward does not depend on anyone.

Higher Power
If asked, Edward Elric will tell you that god doesn't exist.

Once again
(Spoilers for 51)
Edward is most disturbed when he sees someone he knows, and they do not know him.

All of the drabbles are(Here. (Fake cut to my own LJ))
Wall-E &amp; Eve [1]
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Okay, here's the story since most of you aren't on my LJ friend list can't read my "friends only" entries. :)

I dressed up as Edward Elric today at school! :D Keep in mind that the cosplay is only 75% done because I only spent two months with MAJOR procrastination on it. I don't have yellow hair or wig either. Anyway, A few people were like: "OMG!" And this girl was jumping up and down when she saw me. XD Then there was this girl that told me there's this other girl that dressed up as Edward too. o_O; She told me how she overdone it with her hair. It turned out to be white instead of yellow-ish. o_o; Ehh, good thing I didn't do that to my hair. I knew that'll be bad anyway, thanks to YOU GUYS! I OWE IT A LOT TO YOU!

But ON A SUPER RANDOM TANGENT, there was a Halloween costume contest today at lunch. The category of "most scary" came up, and there was this guy (named Josh) had a mask of GEORGE W. BUSH! And he won the category of "most scary." XD He's also in Orchestra! So our teacher was like: "You don't have to tune us today, first chair. Let's have our president tune us." Everyone in class started laughing and applauded. XD Then while tuning, everyone couldn't stop laughing for fifteen minutes straight. XD Ahh, it was great.

Remember to change your clocks for daylight saving time. ;)

Cross posted on fma_cosplay and fm_alchemist because I just love you guys. <3
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