October 28th, 2004

Esp - Sheep


I want an Ed/Mei fic. Not OOC nor AU, less than PG-13 and more than 1000 words. Will exchance for a full color pic of your choice of pairing. It's equivalent trade, after all. ^_^
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allen . ♥♥

Catherine Elle Armstrong's top 10 in men.

There was once a Niwa that was bored =D. So she decided (upon great self-reflection and deep thinking) to post a useless post in this community...

Catherine Elle Armstrong's top 10 in Men
1.Alex Louis Armstrong [...Armstrongcest!]
3.Sigu Curtis [only in dreamland~]
5.Alphonse Elric
6.Barry the Chopper
8. ...Gluttony? *EEEP*

As you see, the list is not complete and needs major improvements. Any suggestions/comments, anyone?
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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

FMA wins Kobe Animation Award for Best Work, TV category

From Anime News Network:

Winners of 9th Kobe Animation Award Announced

Individual Award: Kenji Kamiyama
Special Award: Shigeru Watanabe
Best work, Theatrical category: Innocence Ghost in the Shell
Best work, TV category: "Hagane no Renkin Jutsushi" (Full Metal Alchemist)
Best work, OVA category: "Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu Final "
Best work, Network category: "Skiijanpu Pea" (official English title: Ski Jumping Pairs)
Radio Kansai award (theme song award): "Danzen! Futari wa Pretty Cure" (artist: Gojou Mayumi)


I don't know anything about the Kobe awards, but I assume it's really important award.

[Edit] Here is the 9th Kobe Animation Award website (japanese)

[Edit 2]Here is another website in english that briefly talks about the Kobe Awards:
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EdoNaru // __akachou

(no subject)

Hi everyone! I'm new here and looking for something!

Does anyone know where to find or have the the original picture used in this icon? I've seen it around. But for some reason, I can't find it when I want it x.x;;; Don't you hate when that happens? I sure do.

The icon of which I need the original picture from:


Much thanks! ^^

sleepy, Rain
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welll, actually, it was oneiroelpida's idea, but heh, she's not a member of the community, so get the job of posting it. like i mind.

looking at the 'alchemy circle on campus' post (i forget whose it was, but it was awesome!), she was like, OMG we have to do that!!!

MY PROPOSAL IS THIS: that between now and the 6th, and especially by the 5th, everybody take chalk/markers/blood/whatever, and write "THE ALCHEMISTS ARE COMING 11.6.04", anywhere they can. include any extra stuff you want - flamel/ouroboros/etc. me and a couple friends are gonna cover the nearest city with it! then take pictures if you can and send them to me (shieldmaiden.guardian@gmail.com) and oneiroelpida and i will create a collage of them and send it to Funimation. the more people who join in the better!! at the very least post a reply here to let me know you're participating, so i can get a count of how many rabid FMA fans do this.

here is a 'poster' version if you want to take the easy way and out just print it off and pin it up all over the place: http://www.ancient-muse.com/alchemists.jpg

join in the cry! The Alchemists are Coming!!

[edit] include your hometown/state/region when you reply if you don't mind. thanks!!
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Just Curious

Hey everyone!

I'm a newbie to this group, but I'm a big fan of this anime. Can't wait for 11-6!! I just wanted to know .. is there a rating limit on the fic that's posted here? I've written several FMA fics (Roy x Ed) and they are, shall we say ... explicit ...

I would love to post them here, but I'm not sure on the rules concerning such fics. Thanks muchly!
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croc: a striking resemblance to the sun
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Happy Halloween Y'all!

Okay, it's a bit early, but I don't care. XP

Anyways; I have come up with the perfect way to create the Philosopher's Stone! How, you ask...?

Collapse )

Anyone else have insane plans for the upcoming holiday? :D
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Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]


So, I had some free time after I got home. What did I do?

Drew BATHSxGreed fanart.
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Blasphemy: Wave to the angry fan(girls), dear!
Greed: kill me now...
note above Blasphemy-against-the-holy-spirit: no, Blasphemy is not drawn out-of-proportion with greed. He actually IS that small. [well, smaller, really, but.]

No one is probably going to get this. XD;
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For those who missed the previews on Adult Swim (ME!), here's a website that has them up for download!

The official site is updated again! This time about a glowing review and the cover for Animerica (which I just bought today W00T!).

*goes to watch previews*

EDIT: Hey, Vic sounded pretty good in that action preview. :D
And uh...the review is glowing all right, but WTF? " Scheduled to debut on Comedy Central's Adult Swim...", "...which spans over 45 episodes...", and a lot of other stuff that are less than accurate. O_o
[seal] I'm an egg

[fanart] Envy

I haven't posted fanart here for a long time, mostly cuz I haven't had time to really draw much recently, but here's a small rough sketch and slightly inked pic.

It's a fanart of...Envy.

Warning, though...it contains spoilers for ep.50

( Follow the fake LJ-cut )
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