October 27th, 2004


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FMA FOREVER \0/ <---cheering person with arms in air O_o *spams*....
sorry but this is seriously the best series ive ever seen XD....;; and i just want to say how much i love this anime....\0/ <33

and ill have a fanart or something soon =].
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New FMA Ed/Winry ficlet..

I was down, I was depressed, and the rain was beautiful. I have always adored the rain - it's my favorite weather, always.

And it resulted in this. A quiet, contemplative Ed/Winry ficlet. Enjoy.

Glass Tears

Linked to my journal.
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Cracky RP Chat

Okay, I couldn't resist linking this here. It was just so amusing. XD

WARNING: Mature content. It's not that bad, but...

You have just entered room "OMG STRANDED IN ISHBAL."


Believe it or not, my next entry here will not be crack/spam. :O!!!

PS: I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet...
CSakuraS: ?!?!?!
CSakuraS: =-O
Hakai no Migite: I've preordered it already. :D
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I've been reading some posts from you guys about FMA merchandise. I'm kinda lucky coz' I get quite a large variety of FMA merchandise in Singapore. I was wondering could it be cheaper over here? If so, I thought I could help in purchasing those. ^_^ We get like pins, mugs, pillows, trading cards, etc. :3

[Edit]: Wait, the Anime House in fact is located in Singapore... O_o And is a place I frequent... ^^"

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I didn't see any one post this yet... If they did, I'm so sorry! (T__T)

Anyway, I finally got my Newtype today (I'm subscribed.) and guess what's on the cover in big bold letters... FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST... XD There's Ed on Al's head as the picture. :3 In side there's the feature with all that great stoof, including voice actors for the American dub (Ed's voice actor looks all wrinkly lol) and a small episode guide so I can goggle my eyes at it since the show's going to start when I'm in France. *cries* They also have damn cool pictures and lots of things that'll help you out with the main points of the show.... (*__*) They even have a picture of Lust and Glutters! XD

Also, there's a little FAQ. I found this one answer interesting, so I'll type it up for you. :3

"The first volume of Fullmetal Alchemist goes on sale January 18, 2005 and comes in two forms: a $29.99 disc-only edition or a slightly pricier disc-plus-box Starter Set that includes a special bonus. Fullmetal's 51 episodes will be released on 13 discs, with an additional two collector's boxes to be included with volumes 6 and 10."

I'll pay extra just to get anything Fullmetal! *cries* There's about two or three full page ads for the rest of the Fullmetal stuff and they even tourture me with show you the Fullmetal Alchemist plastic set that are just $6 a piece. The articulated versions of Winry, Ed, and Al are coming late March '05 (just in time for some one's birthday *shifty eyes*) and will include removable items... Ooooooo. lol

Anyway, there's my bit of fandom. (^__^);;; Just one more thing:

You Know You Are Addicted To FMA When You: run from the mail box, hugging your Newtype-USA, all the way down your dangerously sloped drive way, run inside and immediately tear the plastic from around the Newtype and hug it harder.

(Ignore it. It'll make you feel better.)
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Animaritime 2005

I know this came up in a little comment thread a while back, but I thought I'd put it out in a more public area.

There's going to be an Anime and Gaming convention in Sackville, New Brunswick (Canada ^_~) on Feb 25-27th. Pre-register for $20 before Nov 15th and you get a free t-shirt! More info and details can be found at our website or I can answer questions here.

We've got lots of stuff planned already, loads of fun, showings, guests, vendros, artists alley (for all you artists out there, tables are compltely free. We don't charge table fees, or take percentages of sales ^_^) and panels.

Which brings me to why this isn't horriably OT ^_^
We're looking for people who are willing to run panels, or even suggestions of panels that people would like to see or would like to run. If there's enough people who want a "History of Alchemy" or "Scar appreciation" or whatever panel, we'll do our best to make that happen. There just needs to be enough advance warning that we can do the necessary reserch/arrangements =P

And also I'd love to set up some sort of FMA photoshoot if there are going to be enough people there ^_^

Plus there's a fanfiction contest, more info in the contest thread of our forums, and it'd be great to see some FMA related stuff entered there ^_^
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Fandom and school sometimes don't really mix....

Thanks to kaitou_marina's post about the FMA love at college...Here, a few friends and I decided to also try to promote FMA fandom through walking around as characters. Here are the following results...

For those of us who dressed as Edo: "What's the symbol? A cult?" (popular response)
"Is it Marxist?" (guess some people don't know their history...)
"What are you exactly?"
For those of us who went as Izumis: no response. She's normal...unless she starts yelling at the Edos..
For all who went as military personnel (one Hughes, one Roy): "What country does your uniform represent?"
"Is it some statement for Iraqui soldiers?"
"Is this a new military division in the US?
...are you recruiting?"
For the Al plushie: "Why does that doll look like a condom?" (poor Al...first called luggage, then condom?)

So yeah. What can you say...sometimes people just don't understand anime fans XD;;;

[edit] Mucho thanks to wiccat for the coat ^__^. Every FMA fan who did know what was going loved it, and a few passersby said it looked very nice :) [/edit]
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FMA Drama CD (from GanGan Issue Nov2004)

I've recently join this FMA community (mainly stalking) but I've been a huge fan of FMA and Ed ever since the anime started airing in Japan. Anyway I happened to be able to buy the November issue of GanGan Monthly Comics a week or two ago (those phone book size comics usually found among the magazines) and it came with a FMA drama CD. XD So far I've ripped the CD, zipped all the files (included a few scans) and have uploaded it temporarily for the any FMA fans that would like to hear the CD but... of course all of it is in Japanese and I don't understand a majority of what's spoken ^^; the best thing I like about the CD so far is hearing Ed complain and scream =D LOL! but what would be even better is if someone can translated the CD and post the translations. I'm sure there are FMA fans out there who would like the drama to be translated too. ^_^

This is a URL to downloading the CD:
The link is temporary and it will expire in a few days after the day of this post so grab it as soon as you can~!
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