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Shido Tôyu
21 October 2004 @ 01:02 am
First, I can't speak Japanese. I'm trying to learn *by myself* - and these lyrics have been translated from the Kanji with a great deal of difficulty on my part. If anyone who can speak Japanese can help me with the translation, please do TT_TT
I've spent a lot of time on this - and I'm no where near done with the translating. It's made a lot more difficult by not being able to find some of the Kanji used in my dictionary, but here's the first draft for anyone who would like to read it ^^;

Hagane No KokoroCollapse )
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Yesterday, a friend of mine has alerted me to a website "Cosplay Memories" that has downloadable videos from Otakon 2004. I have only downloaded one of the cosplay interview videos but it appears all of videos are high-quality and perfessionally-done. They cover different aspects of the con from the opening cermony to the line-of-doom for the L'Arc~en~Ciel concert. However, I have to warn you that videos are kind of big (for 56kers) as they range from over 40-80MB in size and 20-30mins in length.

Here is the listing of videos:

* Opening Ceremony
* Angela Concert Videos
* Cosplay Contest Videos
* Cosplay Fashion Show
* Halftime: Para Para Dance
* Halftime: Piano Squall
* Awards Ceremony
* Cosplayer Interviews
* “Human Pyramid” Video
* “Line for L'Arc” Video
* Piano Squall Solo Concert Video

You can download them here:

By the way, Otakon 2004: Cosplayer Interviews (Part 3) contains an interview with my friends as FMA cosplayers. :)

Sadly, they don't have footage of the actual L'Arc1~en~Ciel concert due to the "No Camara, No Video" policy. But all is not lost, it turns out that Tofu Records is releasing the L'Arc~en~Ciel Concert at Otakon on DVD in January 25, 2005. There will also be a japanese version too, but I don't know if there's a difference between the US and Japanese DVDs.

From Anime News Network: (Yes, I know it's old news)
L'Arc-en-Ciel US premiere DVD (2004-10-12 16:08:56)
The Japanese Homepage of L'Arc-en-Ciel has put up some information regarding an upcoming DVD of the first North American concert for L'Arc-en-Ciel, which happened at the Mariner's Arena in Baltimore on July 31st. The Japanese DVD is set to come out on 12/8/2004, at a cost of 4515 yen (including tax).

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21 October 2004 @ 03:12 pm
For French class today, we had to get in groups and draw a comic. My group decided to make one about two people stranded on a desert island (influenced by a Tin Tin comic), but we were at a loss as to what to name the characters. Suddenly, I shout, "Edward and Alphonse!"
My group members stare at me, then shrug. "Okay."
So in our comic, creatively titled "Edouard, Alphonse, et l'ile," our two protagonists stand around on the plage for the first few panels complaining about how hungry they are. Four days pass, and they are looking considerably skinnier. And then...
Ed: "Hey, Alphonse, we've already done human transmutation and incest, one more taboo couldn't hurt."
Al: "What do you mean?"
Ed: "Let's try CANNIBALISM." >D
Then Edouard proceeds to chase Alphonse up a palm tree.
Al: "Non!" D:
Ed: "Oui!" :E
And after another day of running around, they make it to the other side of the island and discover a hotel. There they feast themselves on yummy food, and live happily ever after.
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21 October 2004 @ 09:11 pm
This torrent is big enough to include BOTH the mp3 and the DVD portion.



Make sure you're using one of THESE torrent clients: http://tracker.danomac.org/clientlisting.php

I just got myself banned from it for using G3 and I won't be able to access it for a week, by then it'll be dead so.. *sigh*

Fuckers. >.
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21 October 2004 @ 09:13 pm
FullmetalAlchemist.com has been updated with the second part of the cast list (as well as stating that Vic will be attending Oni-Con this weekend.)

Sir Cornello – Andy Mullins
Rose – Colleen Clinkenbeard
Trisha Elric – Lydia Mackey
King Bradley – Ed Blaylock
Gracia Hughes – Lauren Goode
Nina Tucker – Brina Palencia
Shou Tucker – Chuck Huber
Basque Gran – R Bruce Elliott
Scar – Dameon Clarke
Absolutely no decorum.
21 October 2004 @ 09:32 pm
So, I'll contribute my little post of weirdness...the last one in date was the bad shrimp joke^^;.[with wonderful edits though]...

...Yes. Envy's closet. All the shirts he never shows anyone.
Graphical cheapness, done in MS Paint in 15 mins time-invent some too?

Edit: the 'too sexy for this shirt' is of course inspired by DarAzriel's AMV 'I'm too sexy' which I very much recommend.

AND...Sin beauty products advertising campaign!
[Wiccat's icon is responsible for the Envy toothpathe and Lelldorin is responsible for the Gluttony Air Freshner]...Originally drawn for...err.I don't remember what the initial post was about-but it wwas drawn for Wiccat and Lelldorin ~.~.

CLICK ME BABY. The other picture is big, so it's behind a cut.Collapse )

Me? Drugs? Why, of course not.
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