October 20th, 2004

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Edward Handwriting Analysis

That handriting analysis thing from http://www.handwritingwizard.com has been going around on my flist, so I went insane and analyzed Ed's. :P It's from the letter he was writing in episode 07... and might not be entirely accurate, seeing as the website reccomends cursive handwriting instead of print (and yeah, fictional characterness aside :P). But I was curious anyways, so here's what it came up with:

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I think it fits him fairly well. O.o;; Scaryness.
hamada yey!
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You need this.

Do you like screencaps? I know I do. How about a massive FMA screencap gallery?
Here you go! Have fun!
Kimberly gets his own gallery, since it's his RP journal.
(yes I paid for an RP journal, shut up ¬¬ )

So, I've been trying these past few weeks to decide how best to deal with the complete asshattery that was the ending. I wanted to do something spectacular and venomous, but all I could come up with was this.

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The DVD clips

I posted this in the topic that csakuras posted but since it's at the bottom/on the next page, I thought it'd be good to make another topic:

On the official English page, they have a DVD section and had two clips. They were down yesterday but I was looking at it out of curiousity if all of our pleading/crying/setting selves on fire worked in getting their [stalker FUNi peoples!] attention to fix it. XD

And it worked. =D

the clips

I've been listening to them over and over again to get a somewhat-clear opinion on the English take on the series. Cornello is cool. "SINNERZ!" XD

For some reason, Aaron's voice doesn't seem to fit the picture, though, when I simply listen to it without watching the footage, it seems fine. I guess I make too much of a connection with the Japanese VA with that hunk of armor. Or he was still settling in during that episode.

In any case, I think it's a good dub. I like the energy in it and it captures the spirit of FMA.

::wears an official dub defender button and runs around::

HagaRen dream..!

As a note to you all, I do not do drugs, and all this crazy stuff that I come up with is completely normal... for me.

That being said, I had a rather... interesting dream last night.

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I swear this is my last post in the community for a few days. :D
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ZEPPELIN'D!! - mini fancomic

Hey there!
I'm a new member to the community, welcome me! Bahahaha~ uhh, actually, I've been here for a long time lurking, but finally I forced myself to join. I come here to get more scoop on FMA, heh heh heh. Oh yeah, Aaron's voice for Alphonse is one of the most cutest dub voices I ever heard. Yay.

Anyways, I wrote a little 4 panel comic based on Episode 50.
So watch out for Episode 50 spoilers in here:

And you might need to know a little bit of 'Teen Girl Squad' to actually 'get it'. Sorry, I'm not very funny. AHAHAHA. Oh well.

A sampling of the dialogue changes to come!

Yay! We have honest examples of the soon to be airing dub!
Don't get the wrong impression, I don't hate it or want to make fun of it, (I think it's not bad) but since the Adult Swim video came out I just figured they'd be changing some of the lines. ("Behold the power of science~!" ...Though I thought the re-written dialogue between Al and Ed about the dead coming back to life was the most 'bleh~')

So, for those who are interested, I did my best to copy them as I heard them from the clips (I'm not sure about Cray's first line, eh) then tacked on the original japanese in romanji -and- for comparison purposes, the translated lines as from Anime-keep's sub of it, because their lines are pretty much on the dot, at least in these scenes.

In one or two instances I put my additional translation [in brackets] either to go for a complete literal translation or to clarify an element.

So, on to the Collapse )

Hopefully some people found this interesting/entertaining/sad. It took far too much time ^_^;;
But if people are interested I might do something similar when the first episode airs?
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dilemma! O_O

I just got a brand spankin' new phone (yay mom!) and I'm able to... DOWNLOAD!

...so I want an FMA ring tone, but I can't find any online =_=

Help? Anyone? *big sad Al eyes*