October 19th, 2004

Steve Zissou

Adult-Swim FMA Site

Didn't see this posted in the last couple days so I just thought I'd mention that Adult-Swim now has their FMA site posted. No footage, but they have up to episode 15 posted for summaries as well as the English versions of the titles. It looks like most of them are the same with the ones with more then one word getting a slight spin from what we seen Spoon and Sonchou translate them as.

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I strongly urge you to click on the "characters" page, they did a piss poor job of making the pictures. You can tell they where sliced right out of openers on a lot of them *cough Hughes cough cough Roy cough*. Still I cannot wait to see this on TV and am throughly stoked and un-detered.

In other website news Funimation are still bitches who haven't updated their site since it went hot.

Also October 20th Animerica Magazine will feature all kinds of news on FMA.

EDIT: They also have footage that includes audio of Ed and Al's voices

One more edit, the "Director" of the show is also the voice of Riza Hawkeye.


Yes. Spaztic. Very spazzy. I really should slow them down a little. In the meantime, I present to you twenty seizure-causing Truth icons, complete with X-files reference! Please shoot me, I have no life.

Preview: My icon -Point-

Four of the icons won't fit on LJ, unfortunately, and the full icon as one icon ended up about twenty times too big for LJ...x_x; Even too big for my photobucket! I had to split the icon into four icons to make the cut for photobucket, and then four icons became SIXTEEN ICONS to fit the LJ size limit. Wow. Okay. Second notes: If you're going to take or use, please dear god credit me and mention you're taking them! These took ALL DAY yesterday...@_@; The all day part was actually me getting a good enough copy of Ed's eyes and the shadows around them that show in the Truth caps at first...so I could paste the eyes on all of the other screencaps..><; Might I add that Ed's eyes were ONLY ON THE FIRST TWENTY EIGHT FRAMES. In other words, I manually pasted on Ed's eyes to all of the other ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FRAMES. Hence the all day. Hence why I am adamant about this. And I'm STILL not entirely satisfied with how it turned out...oh well, here's your icons:

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My warning was stated at the beginning of the cut, if seizures have been induced by this message, you can't sue me for not telling you they would happen. Thank you. x_X;

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Pouty Kami

some random fanart

Hey everyone..

Im not much of an artist, but I had a desire to do some fanart.
This is my first and probably last fanart drawing I will do for FMA..
Incidentally, it is also the second time Ive ever used colored pencils, so please don’t be too picky about that ^-^
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chibi fun !!
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Ashita he


Now the official website is updated too!!


*goes to explore*

EDIT: For people who can't see it for some reason. O.o
Cast List Part 1

Edward Elric - Vic Mignogna
Alphonse Elric – Aaron Dismuke
Winry Rockbell – Caitlin Glass
Pinako Rockbell – Juli Erikson
Roy Mustang – Travis Willingham
Riza Hawkeye – Colleen Clinkenbeard
Maes Hughes – Sonny Strait
Lust – Laura Bailey
Gluttony – Chris Cason
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VA Reaction;

Well, I saw the cast list. And Hughes being one of my favorite characters, I wanted to see if I could hear his VA before hand, so I looked Sonny Strait up.

Strait's Major character? Krillin, from Dragon Ball Z.

Photoedit? Got ya' covered.

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[fic] Happy Families 5/?

Title: Happy Families 5/?
Author: girl_starfish
Illustrator: hime1999
Rating: PG 13, for implications and sordid secrets -- it's a murder mystery, what do you expect?
Genre: Mystery / Angst / Drama.
Spoilers: This is an AU, set vaguely in the 1920s and inspired by copious amounts of Agatha Christie and Episode 50. There is only one major spoiler, and it's character wise, not anything to do with the plot of the anime series.

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ME3: Savanna 02

Heh... FMA Best Of


This I believe is the "replacement" for mirkx. Who the hell knows what happened to it.

Anyway the lovely Nipponsei ppl have done us the favor of ripping it. I don't think this includes the DVD portion. I'm downloading it now to check it out. I'll edit this post with an update when I know for sure.

Edit: Yup. It's only the full OP/ED as well as small scale versions of the DVD covers up through vol 8, the cover scans of the CD singles these were all in, scans of the PS2 covers, Drama CDs, and Misc FMA CDs
kapitel: uber dork

Give me a moment to Squee!!!

My FMA Trading Arts V2 Box came in today from Animaxis. Last time with V1 I went with Hobby Link Japan, but for some reason I shelled out the extra $25 and went with Animaxis.

GOD was it SO worth it. So here I am in my room opening them one at a time.

1 Metalic Izumi (bleh)
1 Metalic Ed (Eh..)
1 Metalic Bradley (Bleh)
1 Metalic Envy (Eh...)
1 Metalic Lust (Hmm)
1 Metalic "Extra" and the extra is Ed, Al, Winry all widdle baby kids! *_* So want that in color!

So suffice to say I've gone through half of these and I'm mighty cheesed that they're all the boring metallic. Then I start opening the last half of the box...

1 Color Ed (YAY!)
1 Color Hughes (SQUEE!)
1 Color Bradley (Meh but YAY COLOR!)
1 Color Izumi (Woot!)
1 Color Envy (Meh but YAY COLOR!)
1 Color Lust (YAHOOZAH!)

So yeah... my $100 bucks I think was well spent. Now if anyone gets their hands on a color version of the Chibi's I'd be more than happy to offer any of the metallics up for trade! *pokes at the Metally Sins as bait*

^______^ So yes I be quite happy!
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allen . ♥♥

Image gallery hosting please ?

Heyo. The title says it all: me has many pictures self-scanned from Animedia, Animage and Newtype(rather good quality), and well, relying on image hosting solutions is a bit hard (Since I like good quality scans, many are above 200KB, so it's a no-no fro photobucket -.-;.) and I actually LIKE having a 'real' site up^^; , so I was wondering if anyone could host my image gallery (or well, upcoming to the least) ?
My graphics skills aren't bad-I can always show an example.
I could say I'm the owner of the Armstrong Sparkles fanlisting-but my host being down, that would be totally irrevelent to judge my graphic skills ~.~...

Anyways, thanks to anyone who replies to this ^_^. Sorry to be a bother.
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  • hakura

FMA DVD Questions

Does anyone know when the Japanese DVD release that has all the creditless opening and endings is out? I REALLY need thoes videos on that dvd for my music video @@ Anywhere I can order it from? Thanks for your help XD